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This will be my beginner's guide to My Crypto Heroes (MCH), an Ethereum Based online MMORPG game where you fight your way through quests, battles and tournaments in a parallel mysterious Japanese universe. By leveling up your heroes and weapons, they'll become your very own assets tradable for Ethereum or GUM (the in-game currency). Your heroes? Your favorite historical legends like Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Plato, Satoshi Nakamoto and even Astro Boy! Your weapons (extensions)? From fruits and jewels, to animals and objects to everything in-between (think of a cream puff).

I made the guide in Spanish as well for the Spanish/Latin American community out there.

If you have never played a blockchain game before, this is definitely a great one to familiarize with concepts like smart contracts, non fungible tokens and digital wallets, while having a great time playing the game. This combination of fun, creativity, humor, challenging gameplay and blockchain technology will shape the future of gaming as we know it. Is no surprise that you find double (the guys behind MCH) as the #1 blockchain company of the year. 

So let's dive into how to enjoy the game and grow your gaming portfolio!

To start playing the game all you need is a desktop or mobile Ethereum wallet and creating one is pretty simple. Luckily, the MCH mobile app has a built-in wallet to get you started in no time. 

Understanding The Game Assets

There's 3 types of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT). Heroes, extensions and land. 

1. Heroes 

These are the main characters of the game. Each hero has a unique active and passive skill.

  • Active skills – They can deal damage and debuff enemies as well as heal and buff heroes.
  • Passive skills – Each hero's passive skill is different, but they can produce one time effects, trigger effects every turn or or give you the chance to trigger an effect.

Hero's Base ValuesWhen fighting, each hero has 4 attributes:

  • HP (Hit Points) – Related to hero's health.
  • PHY (Physics) – Related PHY skills, healing and Hero's strength. 
  • INT (Intelligence) – Related to how hero's receive and deal damage as well as with healing.
  • AGI (Agility) – How fast your hero will trigger a skill.

Understanding how these attributes interact with one another, from hero to hero and against enemies is key to develop a successful strategy in MCH. 

Art Edit

By changing your hero's art, you can replace the hero's default active skill with a better one. This concept is super fun and incites artistic expression. You can do this by changing the dominant color of the hero's artwork or modifying it in a specific way. By changing your hero's default art you will also alter the parameter growth as well. This is incredibly useful to do it as soon as you get a hero because this parameter growth will determine your hero's strongest attribute. 

Let's say that you changed Sun Shanxiang's artwork to a predominantly cyan version. This will unlock a new art skill which is "Cyan Forest". This decreases the PHY of the forefront enemy by 10% of this Hero's INT. In addition, your parameter growth will change and as a result, your attribute ratios will change. You could end up with more INT and less PHY for example.


The stamina determines how much energy your heroes have to enter a battle. The more stamina, the more battles and quests your heroes can play. 1 stamina point recovers every 5 minutes or you can buy 1 Stamina point for 2 GUM. 

2. Extensions

Extensions are the items you equip your heroes with. You get 1 additional active skill per equipped extension. You can equip 2 extensions per hero. Each extension affects your heroes attributes differently. 

Rarity of Assets

Heroes and extensions have different rarity types. Each hero type has a maximum reachable level and a maximum amount of stamina it can use to fight. Each extension has a different maximum level. The supply of each hero or extension type is also determined by the rarity. The rarer the asset, the less supply there is of a particular NFT.

There's also replicas, which are heroes and extensions that can't be leveled up, sold and they expire. Nonetheless, they are still useful to advance in the game by trading them for TOKU points or can be used to test new strategies and play harder quests and battles. You can buy Replica Heroes for GUM or find replica extensions in quests and battles. 

3. Land

Land lets you own and share GUM rewards generated by the members of that land. You can also play in an exclusive land node and get land extensions. Even land sectors have a rarity level as well. There's different roles in lands:

  • King – Top 3 owners who owns the most % of land and sets reward distribution.
  • Lord – Owners of land that will receive a reward.
  • Knight – Top players in the land by ranking high on knight battles.
  • Maestro – Assigned by the King(s), can also earn rewards.
  • Citizen – The basic member of land. Doesn't earn rewards but can participate in land nodes and battles.
  • Cryptid – think of it like the god of the land. The more citizens that “dedicate” Crypto Eenergy (CE) to the cryptid, the stronger your heroes will get.

There's 9 lands in the game: 

  • Ocean
  • Strawberry
  • Tangerine
  • Lime
  • Graphite
  • Grape
  • Sage
  • Blueberry
  • Ruby

Understanding Game Modes 

The main idea of MCH is to set up teams of 3 heroes and equip each with two extensions. There's different game modes.

1. Quests

your heroes fight against enemies in lands called “nodes”. Your heroes and extensions level up by accumulating crypto energy (CE) when you complete the 3 waves of each quest. Each node can be played in different difficulty levels. Each completed node quest rewards you with an extension. These can be replicas or originals. Your chances of looting an original extensions greatly increase at higher levels.

Just as your heroes have skills, your enemies can trigger conditions that affect your heroes like confusion, sleeping, poison and fear. 

2. Player vs Player battles

There's currently various types of battles in the MCH world

  • Arena – anyone can create an arena and invite players to participate in tournaments.
  • Colosseum – A new battle concept being currently introduced.
  • Land Battle – There's knight battles, G5 and flag battles.
  • Duel Cup – Official tournaments where you can loot cool extensions.
  • Raid – Occasional fights where you dedicate CE to defeat an enemy and loot limited time extensions.

Other Important Features  

1. Prime Membership

MCH is definitely a fun free to play game. However, if you want to be competitive and advance faster in the game, while increasing your chances to loot rarer extensions, the prime membership will be a great one time only purchase. These are the perks of being a Prime Member:

  • Free daily GUM (35 GUM a day with 1% of getting 300 GUM) Claiming daily you can collect up to 1,300 GUM a month, enough to renew your membership as long as you want. 
  • Double CE in quests - This will be incredibly useful to level up your heroes and extensions faster. 
  • Increase quest teams and quest templates from 3 to 6 - This lets you test different team setups as well as configure teams for more heroes. 
  • 5 revivals - lets you revive your team in case it's defeated in a quest. Pretty nice if you don't want to waste any stamina. 
  • Limited quests for prime - There's a prime node and prime levels in normal nodes.
  • Free replica hero and a novice hero (until march 2, 2020) "Sun Shangxiang" Getting a novice hero like Sun Shangxiang will become crucial if you want to advance faster in the game. 
  • TOKU Bonuses - Each rank in the TOKU season gives you additional GUM. 
  • CE Auto dedication - this is such an awesome feature. It lets you dedicate CE to the cryptid automatically after your extensions and heroes reached their max level. 


TOKU is a proof of play concept that acts like a loyalty program, rewarding players for their accumulated CE during certain periods of time called Seasons. You can see dedicating original heroes and extensions as a sacrifice to the god (cryptid) of your land. The more CE you dedicate, the more TOKU points you accumulate for rewards, and the stronger the cryptid's boost will be. You can: 

  • Dedicate to cryptid - You can trade the CE accumulated in original heroes and extensions for TOKU points. This means depending on how much CE you dedicate, your hero or extension will be leveled down accordingly. you can also trade replicas for TOKU points. And completely dedicate an extension to get even more TOKU points but you do lose ownership of the extension when choosing this option.
  • Absorb extensions - You can pretty much absorb the CE of one extension and transfer it to another one. 

TOKU points rank you higher in the TOKU season. Each rank rewards you with either heroes, extensions, GUM or tickets to be exchanged for rewards. 

3. The Market 

The market is divided in 2:

  • The shop - This is where you buy the in-game currency GUM, original heroes, replica heroes and the prime membership.
  • Trade - you can trade heroes and extensions with other players. 
  • OpeaSea - This is where you can buy and sell Heroes, Extensions and Land for ETH.

4. Art

Last but not least, the art section. Here, you can upload your very own pixel art masterpiece and sell it for GUM. You don't only get to express yourself artistically, but you will also give a valuable active skill to the player that decides to buy your art. This is a synergetic relationship between artists and players that can spark interactions between digital art and gaming with no precedent.  

As a player, I definitely think is important to be familiarized with the concepts of a complex game such as My Crypto Heroes so you can actually enjoy all of it without feeling overwhelmed. I hope this post has been useful to you and helps you start your journey in MCH. To show you how easy it is to play such a challenging game, I made a quick video where I show you how to setup your account in the mobile app, a quick tour and how to start playing right away thanks to the smooth user experience and user interface of the app.  

Bonus Tips! When I first started to play the game, I followed this guide by another MCH player to speed up my progress in the game. It will require you to invest minimum 0.15 ETH and it's the best way to make your investment worthwhile. Follow these steps: 

  • Get the Prime Membership. This will give you lots of benefits to speed things up and a novice hero (until March 2nd) 
  • Buy 500 GUM to buy one Level 60 and 5 Level 1 Common extensions.
  • Dedicate the level 60 extension to the cryptid. You won't lose the extension, you'll just trade the CE for TOKU points. This will let you claim 2 novice heroes from the TOKU season.

These 3 steps will let you assemble two different Teams, and equip one team's heroes with extensions. You can modify the strategy by investing in rarer extensions and buying more heroes but 0.15 ETH should be a good start. I hope this guide has been helpful. Following the core concepts of this guide, you will also be able to start your journey in a new title by double called Brave Frontier Heroes (BFH). These two games will demonstrate the interoperability nature of your MCH NFTs. The game just started on January 30th, 2020, so considering the success of MCH, BFH seems very exciting. 

You can find this guide on


or other blockchain based platforms like



Sapien Network




You've done a wonderful job documenting the instructions on various aspects of this game. Your indepth step-by-step procedures on how to accommplish tasks is impressive. I commend you. It seems like you were thorough in covering the basic aspects of play. Although I've played RGP's before in the past, I have not played any blockchain games.

You aptly named it corretly as the ultiamte beginner's guide. That is what I would need if I attempted to play any time of blockchain game. Thanks for sharing your knowledge @jungleonion.

Thank you for appreciating my efforts! I made this guide with a beginner like myself in mind :3 The first time I heard of MCH I was kinda overwhelmed with all the info but once you go over the basics it becomes enjoyable and friendly. If you have time feel free to play it or any other blockchain game in general ;)

This is a very interesting description of the game. Thank you for sharing all your experience in it. Regards @jungleonion

Thank you for stopping by :)

Hi @jungleonion

I've noticed that we're both playing holybread and it seem that you were on my way :) (I play as @project.hope)

Hope you're enjoying playing holybread. I found this game quite entertaining. Perhaps it will get boring soon, but right now it's still loads of fun :)

What's your impression so far?


oh I think I've seen your username a couple of times in the arena :)

The game is really fun and super easy to get use to the game mechanics and such. I love all of it, even the weird low budget art haha in my opinion I would love to see professional artwork for the heroes and items and overall design of the game, this could give a better first impression for new users.

I like what they're doing with breadcrumbs, there's lots of potential for the "currency" and we'll see as the game develops further. I think that playing in the arena should give you XP but I can see how people would trick or exploit this, they are already doing it with multiple accounts so that might impact the game in the long run.

I think in order to not get the game boring they should get ideas from MCH like collectible weapons that you can level up as well as your heroes. The current model where we get weapons depending on our level is good too but I would like to think of it like in ranges. Depending on your hero's level, you get to find weapons of different rarity that could be level up to make them stronger.

what I'm glad is that the team is active and might gives us surprises in the future which is exciting to think about. For now I'll hold my breadcrumbs ;p

It's me again @jungleonion

I just realized that I never actually thanked you for your comment. Big thx.

I would need to ask you for little favour. Recently I've decided to join small contest called "Community of the week" and I desribed our project.hope hive/community. Would you mind helping me out and RESTEEM this post - just to get some extra exposure? Your valuable comment would be also appreciated.

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Thanks :)
Yours, Piotr

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Nice post, if you don't mind me asking... how long does it take to recover your initial investment and how much time would you say is necessary to play daily to get the most rewards?


Sorry for replying late. Until now, after a month and a half playing I haven't recovered my initial investment mainly because I haven't sold any asset. It all depends in your strategy. I'm personally still "farming" higher rarity extensions than the ones I have to then sell them in OpenSea. I currently have 8 common extensions and 1 uncommon extension. That would be worth around 0.10 ETH.

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