Thank you for stopping by :)

Hi @jungleonion

I've noticed that we're both playing holybread and it seem that you were on my way :) (I play as @project.hope)

Hope you're enjoying playing holybread. I found this game quite entertaining. Perhaps it will get boring soon, but right now it's still loads of fun :)

What's your impression so far?


oh I think I've seen your username a couple of times in the arena :)

The game is really fun and super easy to get use to the game mechanics and such. I love all of it, even the weird low budget art haha in my opinion I would love to see professional artwork for the heroes and items and overall design of the game, this could give a better first impression for new users.

I like what they're doing with breadcrumbs, there's lots of potential for the "currency" and we'll see as the game develops further. I think that playing in the arena should give you XP but I can see how people would trick or exploit this, they are already doing it with multiple accounts so that might impact the game in the long run.

I think in order to not get the game boring they should get ideas from MCH like collectible weapons that you can level up as well as your heroes. The current model where we get weapons depending on our level is good too but I would like to think of it like in ranges. Depending on your hero's level, you get to find weapons of different rarity that could be level up to make them stronger.

what I'm glad is that the team is active and might gives us surprises in the future which is exciting to think about. For now I'll hold my breadcrumbs ;p

It's me again @jungleonion

I just realized that I never actually thanked you for your comment. Big thx.

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Thanks :)
Yours, Piotr

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