Store, levels of Rarity & new Creatures being released exclusively on Discord — community update, June 22nd 2018

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In this week’s update I will be covering some awesome features and some news on the Augmentors creatures! I hope you enjoy the read.


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The datasphere

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We are excited to announce that the Store has successfully been added into the game and will be available for Alpha. The Store will have a variety of Treasure Portals and Daily Deals available for purchase according to the players needs. We’ve structured the price of the Treasure Portals to be proportional to the value of the items it contains (and every time a player purchases a Treasure Portal, they’ll receive a proportionate amount of Emeralds in return!). Here’s how the various elements of the Store will work:

Treasure Portals

There will be six different Treasure Portals for sale. Each portal will contain some Emeralds (the premium currency linked to Databits), Gold and Cards. As the price of the Treasure Portal increases, so the value & Rarity of the contained cards increases. The amount of Emeralds, Gold and Cards in each Treasure Portal will increase incrementally. For example, the cheapest Treasure Portal will contain a set amount of Emeralds, Gold and cards, whereas the most expensive Treasure Portal will contain the most amount of Emeralds, Gold and Cards, plus four Relics and a guaranteed Epic Creature.

Daily Deals

Within the Store, there will be a Daily Deals section where there will be three randomly selected deals that are changed every 24 hours. These Deals will have specific Cards that players can buy directly at a lesser price. This aims to assist players that only require one or two more of a specific card before they can level it up.
Ability to Buy Gold using Emeralds

Gold is the secondary in-game currency, and can be used to upgrade Cards and to play in certain arenas. Even though Gold can be earned from winning matches and by opening Reward Portals, we will also allow players to purchase additional Gold with Emeralds.

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Four levels of Rarity

There are four levels of Rarity in Augmentors, which apply to new Creatures, Cards as well as the free Reward Portals. These levels of Rarity are Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary.


Whenever we release a new set of Creatures they will fall under one of the four Rarities depending on the finite number of each Creature available. For example, there could be 1 Million of a specific Common Creature available, and only 1000 of a specific Legendary Creature. All Creatures that were sold as part of the Token Sale fall under Legendary.


The Cards in the game will also fall under one of the four Rarities based on the cards power level, for example a level 1 Legendary Card will be comparable to a Common Card at a much higher level. So, whenever a player opens a Reward or Treasure Portal they will receive a large portion of Common Cards compared to the Legendary cards, which will be very scarce.

Reward Portals

After winning a battle, players will receive one of the four types of Reward Portal. The Rarity of the Reward Portal is based on the amount of Gold, Cards and Emeralds it contains.

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New Augmentors creatures

Last but not least — here’s the exciting part! Over the next few weeks, we’ll be unveiling brand new creatures that will be available in Alpha. If you want to have the first look, you’ll have to join our official Discord server, as we will be exclusively revealing them on Discord — one every week!

WinYourSkin reminder

A huge thank you to those who have already participated in the #WinYourSkin competition! We’ve been so impressed with all your entries so far, that we just have to see more! The submission deadline has been extended to Monday the 25th 24h00 GMT. You can win your own skin plus 150DTBs. If you want to know more or even get inspired, have a look at the competition rules and information here. So… what are you waiting for? Get designing!

For those who missed Token Holder Alpha make sure you sign up for Alpha today!


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