Savage Worlds Ultra Multiverse: Team Dank Meme Dream

in gaming •  5 months ago

This is a tale of the Pokémon world.
On this Day, we have conjoined forces and trained by hunting and fighting wild pokemon just north of Vermillion City. The first of which was a pack of Vulpix! At first there were too many to fight, but Tomachan used Ghastly to scare the group apart and then scared a few back together! The battle was hard fought: all, save for Orre's experienced trainer, Xiste(WhiteWolf) and his "Froakie", Leveled up today! Keti's(Player) Litten, Dominique's(NPC) Minior and Tomachan's(Raven) Ghastly helped Xiste's Froakie win the day! They also caught a few of them and now added vulpix to their teams!

Then they ran into a pack of Growlithe where we had to leave our heroes for the end of the session. May these Persons be victorious!

After the day was spent fighting hard, (last session) after getting a decent rest a new hero convened in the pokemon center.
Affected more directly and not given a new memory set(Origin) or body modification, named Angle(Justin) had interacted with the psionic heavy character.(Xiste(WhiteWolf)) This caused him to be able to tap into Xiste's ability to broadcast messages. They had then proceeded to mentally broadcast a Heavy Metal song from our world throughout the city of Vermillion. About half of the effected were terrified, a quarter were indifferent and another quarter of the affected were enjoying the music, the entire percentage of which was roughly 3/4 of the town being mentally broadcasted to. This caught the eye of the government, whom immediately moved in to recruit the team.
After some minor blackmailing, the team was given the mission to find and investigate or capture team rocket members in town, whom have been seen in increased activity. This includes accosting people and stealing pokemon, among their other swindling, impersonating and intimidating operations. Team Rockets majority of forces were psychically tracked to their base in a "Game Center" located in Vermillion, after a hefty Spirit Exertion by Xiste, Tommachan(Raven)'s ghastly and the new psionic Angle. They were successful in remaining inconspicuous while entering the newly opened game room, to the regular staff. They were quite brutal to the Team Rocket guards, though.
Opting to just knock-out and capture all the Team Rocket thugs, instead of investigating what their activities were. Who could blame them though? They were sent to spy on and defeat a ruthless gang of miscreants, right?

Discovering that the "Game Center" were also home to possibly stolen pokemon and cashes of items from examining the shipping manifests. With this knowledge, they stealthiy took themselves back down to the first floor, boarded the elevator and headed to the basement. After quietly knocking out many Rocket thugs guarding the basement with ambush tactics; They were then thrust into fighting two groups of rocket grunt. Three of the grunts in the second group were off-colour. In the team Magma and Aqua variety! They haven't had a chance to really interrogate anyone, but all the stolen pokemon have been freed. Now; all they need is to get back to floor 3 to take care of the kingpins of the Team Rocket base and their Mission is Complete.

They had no time to do much after the battle, as the fire alarm was tripped and they felt the best measure was to make an escape. They were not noticed by many when extricating themselves from the elevator, then blended in with the evacuating crowd who were soaked from the fire alarms setting off their sprinklers, dousing the entire building in a water solution to put out and keep from causing electrical fires. While outside, they noticed 4 rather more experienced gang members quickly leaving the building, then blending in with the crowd so well, none of our heroes could follow.
Back at the Pokemon Center, dried off and acclimated to dinner, they had a brief interlude and spoke a bit about themselves. Xiste(Rue) had ran fisticuffs upon a Walrein and it reminded him of a time much similar to it previous where his life depended on it, back in the Orre region. Tomachan(Raven) had spoken of his desire.(Cannot recall, edit later) Angle(Justin) had spoken of a loved one left behind, his little brother whom he cherishes above all else.(appearance as "Mokuba" from YuGiOh) Then their socializing was interrupted by a tall, dark suited figure again.
It was the Previous Government Agent who had hired them in the first place. He Congratulated them on a job well done, handed them a fine amount of Pen/PokeDollars and spoke about how they reminded him of when he was their age, in terms of vigor and strength. He picked at an abandoned meal from another patron, while offering further work in the near future, then bid farewell after leaving them a means of contact. That night, as they all settled in, their dreams brought them to the "SpaceTime Metro" whence they were congratulated for finishing the first step on their journey in stopping High Organized Gang activities in the Game Center, before even stepping foot in a Pokemon Gym. Quite a Feat in this Planeswalkers' opinion. They were rewarded with the "COSMIC WAREHOUSE" as well as the use of the Pokemon Token outside of that jump when visiting other worlds! May their Adventures prove fortuitous on their path to Planeswalker-hood!


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