Axie Breeding Session #3 - How to breed a Sumo axie

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Hello everyone and welcome to the Axie Breeding Session #3: "How to breed a Sumo axie !

Today we will try to breed a Sumo axie. I introduced in the session #2 the 7 shapes that exists in Axie Infinity until now.

A sumo is a really big axie that might be abusing on the food in order to be stronger!

Here is one of mine:

This axie, in addition to be really big, is a near-perfect support for tanks. It has two healing moves , 1 poisoning move and one debuff move -> You can click the axie above to discover the move effect in details.


To breed a Sumo axie, you will need an axie withe the pattern 3 on his body and a spiky axie. As for the wetdog and secret classes, the standard probability to get it is 33%:


Here are the axies I choose to breed together to get the sumo:


I pick these two because as you can see there is a possibility to get another double-healer sumo but not only ...! When we use freak tool to discover their genes we get the following:


The first thing you can see is that my aquatic axie also has the sumo shape in R1(Recessive gene 1) so there is already 9.375% more chance to get a sumo for a total of 42.375% chance!

An other reason I picked them was because I would like to breed axies with dominant, R1 and R2 gene being exclusively shapes.

I’m not sure about the following probability because I only calculated the probability for genes to go forward but I think there is also a probability for genes to go backward. Feel free to correct me if you know about it ;)


Let’s start with the calculation:

For dominant: chance to get sumo(42.375%)+ chance to get spiky(37.5%) = 79.875% chance to get a shape
For R1: chance to get sumo(37.5%)+chance to get fuzzy(9.375%)=42.375%
For R2: chance to get fuzzy = 37.5%

Probability to get an axie with exclusively shape’s genes: 0.799 * 0.424 * 0.375=0.12. We have have 12% of chance to get it which is not so bad!


What do you think? Will I hit the Sumo? Or maybe the axie full shaped? Or maybe a double healer?

Give me your thoughts in comment to get upvoted!!

Rendez-vous in 3 days do discover the result :)

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Also, I decided to write this serie in English so it's available for more people but if you're french and need advice/ tutorials to get started with Axie Infinity don't hesitate to contact me!

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