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In order to get you ready for the Axie Infinity landsale I prepared you a little summary of the actual and future gameplay of this awesome game!

The actual gameplay:

---Breeding / Collecting---

At first, the only activity we could do in Axie Infinity was to collect axies and breed them to try to discover even more awesome axies.

There is few combination that you want to get when you’re starting to collect axies. Here is an exhaustive list (with my personal achievments):

• Double anemone: (unlocked)
• Double peace: x
• Triple nut: x
• Triple owl: x
• Different Body shapes:
    ◦ Fuzzy (unlocked)
    ◦ Spiky (unlocked)
    ◦ Curly (unlocked)
    ◦ Sumo (unlocked)
    ◦ WetDog (unlocked)
    ◦ Yak (unlocked but sold it to buy land)
• Pure class: (aqua and plant unlocked)
• Secret class
    ◦ Moon
    ◦ Nut
    ◦ Star
• Mystic (unbreedable)

It is a lot and the team developed a complex algorithm involving 1 dominant gene and 2 recessive gene for each parent. Which make it really difficult to get what you want.

How the algorithm look likes:


How it looks like thanks to the player freak who reverse-engineered the code:


And you only have to breed good fighters in order to xp your teams and win tournaments. Here are some famous combinations:

• Tank (high hp + high defense → tank part tierlist)
• Dps
• Support: 
    ◦ Double healer [+poison] (unlocked)
    ◦ Double backdoor: (unlocked)


--Fighting (PvP)---

To earn exp for your axie, you have to send them to battle. You can send them 3 times every 12 hours (loss: +10 exp, win:+30 or +18/+36 with the exp bonus). Experience is necessary to breed your axies. You can breed them 7 times in total:

1st Breed: 700 exp
2nd Breed: 900 exp
3rd Breed: 900 exp
4th Breed: 1500 exp
5th Breed: 2400 exp
6th Breed: 3000 exp
7th Breed: 3000 exp

Once you bred good fighter it is possible to play in tournament; either official or community-driven:

Personal achievment:

• Official tournament:
    ◦ First kotaro: Lost first round 
    ◦ Second kotaro: Lost second round
• Communuty tournament
    ◦ RCTech tournament:  3rd
    ◦ Next one 4th february

Here is an overview of the bracket for the next community tournament:



The additional land gameplay

---Fighting more (PvE)---

You will be able to fight against chimeras monsters that will drop ressources, items and blueprints to build structures on your land.


---Ressource gathering and crafting---

With resources you will be able to craft new items or structure. Landowners will have the first right to any resources spawned on their land.


Players will be able to host structures on their territory. Using the blueprints dropped on chimeras and the ressources collected in your adventures, you will be able to level up and expand your structures over time.



In addition landowners will be able to upgrade and customize their territory to host shops/markets, and even act as access points for dungeons!

In addition, Independent developers, content creators, and companies will be able to install launchpad for their content. The possibilities are infinite!


---What about the price---

Here the different land and their associated bonuses:

-Savannah chest: 0,05 ETH (1 savannah land + 2 rare items + 8 common items)
-Woodland chest: 0,16 ETH (1 wood land + 10 rare items)
-Arctic chest: 0,45 ETH (1 arctic land + 2 epic items + 3 rare items + 5 common items)
-Mystic chest: 1 ETH ( 1 mystic land + 1 mystic item + 3 rare items + 5 common items)

There will be a discount of 10% the first day and this discount will decrease of 1% each day.

Additionnaly for each chest there is a chance to get an extremely rare genesis land.Good luck to find it !

And if youhave no eth to spend you can still participate in the bounty campaign ( to get a land for free !


To check on the amazing animated chests and buy lands:

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