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Far Cry Primal

Imagine taking your best first person shooter, then jumping into the DeLorean with Doc Brown and time traveling back to 10,000 BC.

That is pretty much what Far Cry Primal is all about, there are no heavily armored tanks, or even the idea of a gun, there is pretty much nothing, only the vast wilderness. I'm sure many of you gamers out there are very familiar with the Far Cry series by now. This would maybe be their sixth or seventh main game in the series, and the reason I might sound a little doubtful is because this is actually classified as a spinoff game.

Far Cry Primal is a well thought out primitive twist on what we have come to love about this series. The prehistoric element of the game works really well and feels rather authentic, especially when it comes to the weapons and gear. Everything you need must either be gathered or hunted for, and you will be spending many hours tracking down the right animal to improve or better your gear.

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The story revolves around Takkar, a prehistoric hunter with a real man beard; none of these groomed hipster beards that are found in the trendy inner cities.

He is part of a fractured small tribe known as the Wenja, who are predominantly hunter gatherers. The game starts with Takkar and some fellow tribesmen on the hunt for food, not just any kind of food but the woolly mammoth kind. All seems to be going well with the hunt when all of a sudden things take a traumatic turn, when his hunting party is ambushed and killed by a saber-toothed tiger. Takkar, now barely alive, needs to find a means to heal, as well as to gather some form of weapon, if he is to make the journey alone to the land of Oros. Along the way he meets Sayla, who happens to also be of the same tribe. They then travel together to this promised land. Upon arrival Sayla informs him that many of the Wenja tribe are scattered and homeless throughout this land.

As he arrives, Takkar discovers a cave that becomes a home for his tribe. His goal now is to find the lost tribe and bring them together in this vast, beautiful, but very dangerous world. Oros is not only inhabited by savage beasts but also two other tribes, the Udam and the Izila, who are deadly, blood hungry war tribes, and will have to be defeated to secure any resemblance of peace.

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I have always been a huge fan of the Far Cry series, as the games are all an absolute feast of beauty for the eyes.

The environment is what we have come to love about this series, from the deep lush forests to the inhospitable snow and icy mountain areas, which are wonderful to explore. I really loved the environmental effects in the game when you eventually get to brave the cold, the temperature up there is not the only thing to be weary of. If you have played it before everything feels very familiar, but at the same time quite different. I tend to always get side tracked with all the side quests, in order to improve my character to the maximum, before continuing with the main story.

One can get really engrossed in the crafting aspect of the game, every tool in your bag of tricks will have to be tracked down, from your arrow tips to the string on your bow. This is where hunting also plays a huge role, the more rare the animal hunted and then used to create either your clothes or weapons, the better they become. You are seriously going to need everything at your disposal when you take on an entire village of enemies by your lonesome, the way Rambo would.

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"The Wenja are a dark-skinned tribe that were formerly nomads before they settled in Oros. In comparison to the Udam and Izila, the Wenja are a peaceful tribe that simply wish to settle down and thrive in a village. The player character, Takkar the Beast Master, wants to gather Wenja scattered across Oros to reunite the tribe. "

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I easily spent about 25 hours on the the main mission alone, and I would say close to the same on the side missions.

The only criticism I would have of Primal is that it lacks that epic villain, like that of Vaas from Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 4’s sadistic Pagan Min. The bad guys in this game are not really that memorable, they do however make up for this with the new element of adding people to your camp. Each new addition to your camp unlocks brand new abilities, as well as a series of quests to embark on.

The best of Primal definitely has to be the animal taming, this was the cherry on the cup cake, the liquor filled center of the chocolate, yes it's that good. There's nothing better than taking your time in tracking down a rare Bloodfang Sabretooth, it is supremely strong and incredibly fast, one wrong move and you're dead. It's best to get the hang of taming smaller animals first like a wolf, before trying to take on a bear or even a honey badder, those are pretty vicious. The added bonus is you are able to ride the bigger animals, which greatly improves getting around the huge map. Last but by no means least is your trusty owl, your eye in the sky and great for getting a lay of the land or finding out where those enemies are patrolling.

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Far Cry Primal is an action-adventure first person game which was created and developed by Ubisoft Montreal, the amazing folks who recently brought us Assassin's Creed Origins and Watch Dogs 2.

This is one of those old but gold titles, and was released in February 2016, if you haven't played this then you're in luck, because you'll be able pick this up for next to nothing. The game is available on all your regular favorites platforms, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows, it's the predecessor of Far Cry 5 coming soon in this month, it's also the first Far Cry game set in the Mesolithic Age.

I give Far Cry Primal a prehistoric rating of 8/10

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In case you missed it, here is the previous game review

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Thanks for popping in, hope you liked the post. Please leave me your thoughts and or opinions in the comments below, have a beautiful day.


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good ! voting it~

Ok, I agree with you on this one. Definitely an 8/10. I was a little worried about not having my usual AK when playing Far Cry but the use of animals and the story really made up for it. Can't wait till the end of the month when Far Cry 5 comes out!

Yeah same here, was pretty hesitant about it with no bad ass weapons, but then remembered you've always had the bow in most Far Cry games. I really wanted to do a pre-review of the next one coming in end of the month, but decided no, so I pre ordered.

Very nice post. I have also enjoyed this game a lot. My expression right now :-) ...1n9gb9.jpg

haha I read that with the accent

Far Cry .. Legendary game. I have been playing Far Cry 2 for a few days. I even upload. A few of the scenes I played today. Thanks to Dtube ... for this beautiful sharing. @adsactly

Yes a very brilliant series, never played a Far Cry game I didn’t love!! Cheers for the comment good sir!

Thanks for nice comment :)) I'll share it in about 10 minutes. If you want to watch menun session :)

Are you guys excited for FarCry 5 :)

Absolutely. But I think my computer is pretty tired and old for it. : DD

You should maybe check out police auctions for a newer graphics card ;) I find them super cheap on there. Well depends where you live I guess.

It makes a lot of sense :) :) The most important factor in computer crime is definitely the video card :) But in my country I think I can not do it :) For this reason I started to accumulate money for a new computer here. I hope someday I will. :)

The graphics on these games just keep getting better and better. You almost feel like you could be right in there. I loved the original Far Cry games. The story was a lot of fun. This looks even better. Might have to give it a try. Thanks for sharing!!

Over the next 5min you will experience the harshest time in a history of mankind. THIS IS FARCRY DOES THE STONE AGE!

I just love the trailer. This game must be pretty addictive if we take in to consideration this great adventure, amazing graphics...the deadly weapons. This game can pull you in so much that you could become confused whether it’s real or just a game. I love all the interactions you can have with the landscape. I mean, how can you not have an awesome time when you're RIDING AROUND ON A FREAKING SABERTOOTH TIGER THAT YOU JUST TAMED? This game has already pulled me I just by reading your post and watching the trailer which is excellent. Great review!

Thanks @milano1113 for the great comment, I thoroughly enjoyed this Game, I even went as far as getting a platinum trophy for it, super stoked with myself. Was sooo worth the effort.

i think Battlefield was way more better than far cry

The game is a reference in terms of atmosphere.

a little less for the scenario virtually absent ...

This is not a problem, so we will naturally immerse ourselves in this universe and act as if we also had long hair rotten teeth and a pony breath.

The game is pretty easy (too much?) In normal mode however it becomes literally juissif in advanced difficulty ...

Each action, each exit, each encounter becomes a potential danger.

The game is finished in about thirty hours but without really seeing them pass.

very very good game so ... which will have for a moment at least (lack of online mode) the same function as a GTA for example to know the ultimate name "game of galley"

The kind of game that always comes out when we have toured all the others so his universe is pleasant ...

The scenario is not very interesting but gives a small motivation to advance in the discovery of the world of Oros. We are far from the richness of a game Besthesda (quests and scenario) with a similar gameplay but the pleasure is there in a universe that is rarely developed in video games.


At a time when video games in general bored me, Far Cry Primal was able to give me the desire to play. His universe, his graphic style, his gameplay, the different weapons and the possibility of improving his village are different qualities that seduced me!
In addition, once you enter, you enter the prehistoric universe completely and you do not come out anymore!

Hi I am new in steemit. happy to know you. TY

Buddy, please don't copy and paste the same message to everyone, this is to not go about making friends and followers. #freeadvice

Hey guys, So ive been recently told about far cry, And ive seen gameplays of it, like this one, and I really enjoyed it, But ive never played it before, and I heard it got a couple of expansions, like far cry 1, 2, 3, etc...Im a PC gamer Do I gotta buy and play them all to know the story? or can I straight buy far cry 5 on release, and enjoy it? I wanna buy it on Steam if possible............

For anyone who has truly played a little far cry :)

That's a superb game.I just liked it very much.Graphics of the games is also very high standard.Far Cry Primal is one of the cool games.Thank's for sharing such content.1521942_671173352943629_386755236_n.jpg

Hi I am new in steemit. happy to know you. TY

Prehistoric Farcry? Need to play this ASAP. Always been a fan of Farcry and prehistoric games. Putting both in one game is orgasmic😅

Hi I am new in steemit. happy to know you. TY

I have been playing from last 2 months. A great game.Ultimate graphics. Really excited for Far Cry 5. Thanks @adsactly

I love this game so much it's look interesting!!

The game is a reference in terms of atmosphere.

a little less for the scenario virtually absent ...

This is not a problem, so we will naturally immerse ourselves in this universe and act as if we also had long hair rotten teeth and a pony breath.

The game is pretty easy (too much?) In normal mode however it becomes literally juissif in advanced difficulty

it seems to be more unhuman . i dont like games like Farcry ...yukkh :P


Oh my! I've played far cry 3& Primal ..... I can't wait to lay my hands on it. One thing about the far cry series that I enjoy is the creativity in the storyline. Also the flexibility in terms of game play. It's a game that's highly intellectual and cerebral. I just finished shadow of war. And now presently taking my time to enjoy every bit of the hacker's life in watch dogs 2. Ubisoft is really awesome. T
Thanks for this review post

I loved this game so much and I spent a lot of hours playing it. The environment is amazing.

Hi I am new in steemit. happy to know you. TY

Hello. DQmSEtXf2E1bZ1rXxhKXtktY4GPVFNPZj8Ko3HGbzRtczoj.jpgThat's my platinum trophy Far Cry Primal

upvoted and followed excellent article!

Hi. Welcome to steemit family.

the graphics are amazing... your review is just perfect didn't miss a thing to mention, i agree with a villain part, they are not as catchy as the previous ones were... but the game is still an addiction

your reviews are just amazing, i read your posts on a regular basis, hope to become like you someday... learning from you is great :)

Thanks for the comment, yeah this game was very addictive.

Uff el gaming es lo mejor @adsactly ese farcry primal es tremendo juego

I'm such a big fan of playing video games! I had a blast reading this post!


Well thank you so much, glad you enjoyed it

Soli review farcry is by far one of my favourite games cant wait for the next one

My love for this game is much that I play it almost everyday. You did well analysing and giving a detailed review about it.


Great review @adsactly.
It looks like the perfect gift for my 6 year old niece, right?

Yeah maybe not for a 6 year old, its far too violent. Ratchet and Clank would be perfect for your niece.


No, I was only kidding, besides I already bought her a set of throwing stars as a gift.

I'm thinking best game of 2018

Top 10 of 2016 in my humble opinion.

Muy interesante.

Oh, God. this will beat the presence of World of Craft? But I do not think so. Because every game has a reputation for every player. For gamers, there is nothing wrong to try all the battles! Nice post !!! Thank.

Probably not, WOW pretty well populated.

Hi. I am new in steemit. Happy to know you. Thanks

Done. and thanks for the post.

Love the graphics, the game must be superb!

I post good quality memes, to entertain The Whole Community, check my timeline!!!

I post good quality memes, to entertain The Whole Community, check my timeline!!!

this game is so amazing... & graphics are also lovely.👍

these games and remarkable comments, thanks for sharing

Game yang sangat saya tertarik, game itu membawa ke zaman belum ada teknologi canggih tapi kekuatan dan keindahan manusia tidak bisa di pungkiri,,, sungguh permainan yang luar biasa

There is an easy way to take out many of the enemy's outposts in stealth (more points earned for stealth too), but you need to play the game a bit in order to achieve certain abilities/skills.
I have been very successful by using just my Sabre-toothed Tiger (ST) and the Owl. There are a few combinations to use with these beasts and I will just outline my favourite.

  1. Fly the Owl over the area I want to clear to ID the enemy.
  2. Use the Owl to command the ST to attack an enemy or two. NOTE: beware of other enemies nearby that may join the fight. Too many may kill the ST.
  3. Judging by the amount of life the ST has I would either have it attack again or return to me in order to heal it.
  4. Repeat!

Things to remember:
You can also use the Owl to attack as well, but keep in mind it does take time to regenerate.
As you level up you can even drop a variety of bombs from your owl. My favourite is the Sting Bomb as it has a wide affect radius (and I like to hear the enemy scream). Then there are the Berserk Bomb and Fire Bomb.
Beware that sometimes the enemy catches on to your strategy and will seek you out. If that happens attack them with the ST or the Owl or both, or fight them yourself.

Most importantly, have fun!

Wow! This is great!

Hi I am new in steemit. happy to know you. TY

Hello, thats great, l wish you wonderful experience on steemit.

incredible story that will perfect the plot, I wait for your next posting ..
best compact greeting.. @Adsactly
Legend game

Quisiera poder jugar Fra Cry, lo triste es que no tengo dinero para comprarlo ni pc buena, pero algun dia lo jugare, gran publicacion!! =D

This game would be madness for my children. I would have to take it by the feet so that they do not take off from the emotion like rockets.
Nothing else, that's why I'm your vote number 399! :-)

The game's graphics are amazing, addictive! Ubisoft has exceeded every limit!

Ubisoft doesn't have the greatest rep right now, but they did a good job with this and the upcoming FarCry game :)

Sangat bagus tentang postingan game anda kali ini di steemit saya sangat menyukainya.
Semoga lebih berkarya lagi dalam mengeluarkan ide ide yang bagus kedepan..
Semoga sukses..

No idea, try using google translate.

good post, I really like, good luck, hope we become good friends

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If we tolk about the Fun And story of the Game Far Cry, The Far Cry 4 is best and intresting and with high realistic graphics than Far Cry Primal. In Primal the Game Boundary is very Limited

it looks like borderlands:)

Much better than Boardelands in my humble opinion.

This is just explosive! The developers did a really great job putting such together. I mean the scenery, action, story etc are just seeming on point and interesting. This truly is impressive and we say kudos to them.

dope!!!!!! thanks

worst game in the world

Aww come on, seriously? What's your kind of game?

That's a really good game.Do not forget to follow me..!

This is a better game to play,I really like the background and the environment,the graphics too is authentic. Thanks for sharing @adsactly

For me "Far Cry Primal" is a solid, open-world action game, there is no better word to describe this Ubisoft concoction game.

The courage to move against mainstream currents and back to the 10,000s before Christ with the technological limitations of the time created a unique sensation of action game experience, packed with an open-world mission and mechanical scheme that already feels so familiar.

But the main strength in Far Cry Primal lies in Ubisoft's ability to blend his world-Oros so optimally, that you believe that your "playground" is indeed a world where rock and wood are the only bastions to survive against atrocities nature and society are present without rules.

A mi en lo personal este tipo de juego , me va muy bien me gusta la idea de tu mismo adquirir , tus armas e ir avanzando , muy bueno juego amigo saludos

good writing~ voting complete

Im new Visit mi Blog pls n.n

Great game, looks really entertaining as a good break, thanks for sharing!

wow... it's great

oh it is helpful for us , thanks for share....!!

Great review! I've never played this game but I might have to check it out. I just joined steemit since it looked like a great place to share my knowledge of gaming and my newfound passion for live streaming. Would love to be a part of the community and perhaps contribute some content if you guys would like! I've played WoW for 14 years and know the game inside out, so I think I could provide a lot of valuable insights for those that may be interested.

Looking forward to your next game review - following you guys for future posts!

The new Sloth on the block,

Slothlordd the Rogue

look interesting. nice graphic shot.

Loved this whole series, and Ubisoft did a great job of keeping the survival theme of the Far Cry series when they came out with Primal. I've been playing the series since the original Far Cry game. It was really the multiplayer modes of the original series that drew me in though, along with the built in map editors that allowed you to create the maps you played on yourself. I hosted thousands of matches for this series starting back in 2008! I hope they keep this series going for the foreseeable future!

Excellent review. Can't wait to play. Thank you man

Correct me if I'm wrong: But it wasn't the Far Cry Primal, the game that had exactly the same map of Far Cry 3?
I haven't been able to play the game yet, but in a near future, I plan to play Primal, 4 and 5. Since the news of the next game seems to be very interesting!

I found your article very well done, and glad that you did! It made me even more willing to play it!

Keep up the good work!

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