Future of Blockchain Gaming: A Dream

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Maybe not tomorow, maybe not in the next 10 years if not a distant future, but I can see it, a decentralized universe! I may not be able to summarize it here, but I'll try my best to create that picture :D

As soon as you turn 16, your parents buy you a Full- Dive Virtual Reality Headset, after the day's over, you head over to your room, lie down on the bed, turn off the lights, put on the headset and Wake up.....

......in "Bitizens" Lab run by "BitGuild". You make your online avatar and step out in the default planet of the many provided by "ExoPlanets" and "0xUniverse" - Earth.

The Sun is shining very bright today (looks like it's owner has tuned up its brightness today). You feel your avatar like it's your new body and venture out in the virtual world made possible by "Decentraland".

You start walking and a bot from "Etherbots" comes up and introduces itself as your guide. You both start walking in this fantasy but very much real world you were always dreaming about since you got to know about it. Remembering that article in history textbook about those lucky people who bought out plots in decentrland early on. You see a guy come out of "Gods Unchained" shop with a pack of cards from the newest expansion wearing an exclusive "Dapp.com" shirt, very rare! Maybe that guy can even afford those insanely priced genesis cards, you think.

Etherbot- You know, yesterday I saw a guy with three diamond legendary cards!
You- Damn! Aren't they worth......
Etherbot- More than me? Yes :(
You- ahh...... Awkward Silence
Etherbot- The GU world championships is just around the corner, buy some packs of cards to try your luck out there, but most probably you wont make it past the prelims, the competition is just too much!
You- Don't worry, My dad put up a "Mythereum" deck in my inventory, I will play that for now.
Etherbot- Wow, lucky you! Mythereum cards are much rarer and worth more than.....
You- you?.....
Etherbot- Hey! That is mean! >_<
You- .....
Etherbot- Anyways, let's get your companion first :P
You- Yess!

You walk with the bot in the "Axie Infinity" store and pick up triple Toothless Bites, they all jump in your arms and you cuddle them.
Etherbot- Awwww.... They are cute, will you take part in this year's Kotaro Invitational?
You- Yep! Check their moves, they are not only cute but meta- destroyers too!
Etherbot- Wow, you are not as stupid as you look!
You- You definitely are :)
Etherbot- :(

Etherbot- Well then, where do you want to go next?
You- I wanted to see the "Chibi Fighters" Arena!
Etherbot- That is cool but its quite far, I don't have any rides :( My last EverDragon flew off.
You- Sad.
Etherbot- Why don't you check your inventory? Maybe your dad put something there too.
You- Last I checked, there was only a deck.
Etherbot- Let me check
You open up the inventory and a screen pops up in front of you"
Etherbot- Why have you turned on the 'card' filter?
You- I don't know, a mistake xD
Etherbot touches the car filter and a single car appears
Etherbot- ...
You- ...
Both of you- ...WTF! A War Lambo from "War Riders".
Etherbot- Who is your dad?
You- I.. I.. Don't Know!! That thing is worth billions!
Etherbot- >_<

You both start your ride to the arena and on the way pass by the museum of famous legend "John Orion Young" and check out his awesome artwork!

Etherbot- You can find other types of paintings and art in the sea for more affordable prices.
You- What sea?
Etherbot- Just wait and watch :D

You reach the arena and check out the latest fight against the "Minotaur". It was interesting, you then check out the "War of Crypto" fight! You are having a lot of fun!

Etherbot- Well then, we have seen many games for now, lets check out other things that a beginner needs to see and I need to show before I lose my duty :(
You- lol ok!

The etherbot walks you to the dock, there you both board the ship and it starts moving. You see out, there's no water, but Goo from "EtherGoo" and you see various stores, individuals and market bots selling various items on large and small ships. "Cryptokitties", Pandas from "Panda Earth" and "Blockchain Cuties" had their own respective islands provided by "Aftermath Islands".

Etherbot- Welcome to the "OpenSea"! You can buy anything here, even things you won't find in shops!
You- Wow!

Incoming Message
From: Dad
Dear, when you complete your sightseeing, tip the bot and come over to our house in 'Athos' ExoPlanet, House no. 47 in "MegaCryptoPolis". Have Fun!

You- Wait, another planet!?!
Etherbot- What kind of bot am I? Did I not tell you about this, Damn! Come with me.

You both walk over to the nearby Space Centre and inside you see various people charging different prices for transporting using their spaceships from "CryptoSpaceCommanders", "ParsecFrontiers" and "CryptoSpaceX".

Etherbot- I guess its goodbye then tears welling up
You- Goodbye! It was so nice meeting you :P Here, take 5000 PLAT for your awesome job today!
Etherbot- .......woah, that is 500 PLAT more than my price tag!
You- Wow, why don't I buy you then, you will be my guide for times to come!
Etherbot starts crying
Etherbot- Why yess! I will always serve you faithfully!
You- :D

P.S- A nearby onlooking "Cryptobot" starts crying on witnessing this happy moment for his brother
He captures the moment by making a "MarbleCard" and gifts it to them.


You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

Maybe not tommorow, maybe not in the next 10 years if not a distant future, but I can see it, a decentralized universe!
It should be tomorrow instead of tommorow.

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I enjoyed this. Really clever, and actually quite possible!

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