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WayFinder Studio

Note: WayFinder Studio and the Fleet Command software I speak about in earlier posts are the same thing. Though the mission of the project remains the same I wanted a more generic name for the creator so that more genres could be added at a later date.

WayFinder at its core is a decentralized version of popular RPG tools like Roll 20 or Hero Lab, but unlike those software's the data for the stories, art, and any other assets will exist on the blockchain and ipfs. This will allow proper attribution to be given to any story writer or artist that helps create the game as well as giving the entire universe the permanence that will be needed for the software to be successful.

WayFinder when finished will be a set of applications that work in concert. The two below are what are currently being worked on.

The mobile application will serve as a clean and intuitive interface for the users, as well as giving ambiance to the games locations. When finished my hope is that it will find a balance between "doing everything for you" and not restricting actions that the players want to attempt for "in the moment" story telling.

And the WayFinder Studio, which is where the GMs as well as other creative members of the community can create, save, and publish their works and get rewarded for it both in the form of likes to the posts, but in the form of direct contributions to the creator that will show up in their wallet when someone downloads the scenarios or art. Below are some earlier images of the Studio, when I was still working on the product for Path Finder and the group I was playing with. Most of these features are slowly being reworked for the new style and system, but I thought it would be a good idea to show what we have so far, and what you can expect from the final version.

Scenario creator

For writers and GMs alike this section is all about making the story and maps for your encounters. Each map can reference another map so that if your crew of brave adventures decide to go off in another direction you can quickly render maps to them and have the stats for the creatures they will encounter at your finger tips. Even if they aren't in the same story! (assuming you give the software enough to connect the map data of course)

Story Select

WayFinderStory Selection.png

New Story



Quickly and easily make maps based on a grid system that is inline with most gaming systems. Various pallets are available for people that need more varied terrain and there is (though not shown) the ability to add enemies and items to the map.



The Codex was the last features we added to the software before setting it aside while I considered the next step of the project. It pulled the entire database from Paizo's site and created an encyclopedia of searchable things. This is one of the largest challenges, in my mind, to the "All original" system we are creating.


Artist Store and Gallery

Art is really what makes game books shine, and with WayFinder we are creating a way for any artist, anywhere to make their way on the network. If a GM marks something "Needed" an artist can find, and produce art for them and if the art is chosen, the author will reward the artist and the art will be included with the scenario. This will be done automatically to avoid cheating and proper attribution will go to the artist within the work. Of course it will take due diligence on WayFinder's developers and support crew to weed out copyrighted material, but that is just a part of the job.

Also it is worth noting that we will also try to setup some sort of fund for artists so if the Author doesn't have the STEEM to give then the artist still gets paid. A message will pop up on both users machines informing them that that is where the money came from.

Artist Setup




WayFinderGallery 3.png

Back story

The WayFinder gaming system has gone through several iterations before its current science fiction spin took shape. When it first began I was attempting to make a utility software in order to make the show some friends and I were creating on you tube more exciting.The show was called SoPTA (Society of Part Time Adventures), an episodic pathfinder show that my good friend Chris Shenkir would run while I manned the cameras and sound. After the group began to break up, as they sometimes do, WayFinder changed focus. It became a software for writers, GMs (Game Masters), and artist to come together and work toward a common goal. After getting the software to what I deemed "play test ready" I approached Piazo requesting information on licensing their game system (most of which is under the Open Gaming License) and its items, creatures, and other data. They declined my request. So without the needed background data I saw little use in continuing the project until sometime last year I picked it up again and began working on it in its new form.

Final words

We'll be posting every so often about the conversion of the studio and the mobile app to the new style AND the decentralized framework. we've got several ideas that have been floating around about more innovative game mechanics that I hope will make the software and its network shine. Please take the time to look at the other posts and spread the word.

Thoughts, comments, ideas are always welcome. Thanks for reading there is more coming soon as I continue to work on the project.

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That looks really cool. I like especially the function for artists to create stuff and get paid for it that is a really good idea.
Hmm cant give an upvote bc I was too late damn

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No worries. thanks for the re-share. Just getting it in front of more people is important at this stage.

Love the idea of this. Let me know if you need testing, feedback, or other help.


Thanks, right now I'm in the slow tedious process of merging the various software's into one and then figuring out how best to get it into the block chain and IPFS. Follow me or @v-entertainment if you want to know when I have updates. (I'm splitting my Development and my personal stuff into too accounts.)


Done! Looking forward to seeing some updates.

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