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First Contact

Young Cthulhulian caught on camera on a reconnaissance mission

Deep in interstellar space exists a star, dim and cold. The humans call it TRAPPIST-1, a red dwarf in the constellation Aquarius over 39.6 light-years from home. It's many planets, once thought to be devoid of life, are far from dead.

In the each of the inner planets is home to a unique alien species and biosphere. Like earth, these planets have complex biospheres, and like earth they are home to a plethora of creatures both fierce and docile. On the furthest rocky planet from it's star a space fairing race exists. Given the name cthulhuilan by the first humans to make contact, their true name is unknown.


Adult Cthulhulian in low light.

The Cthulhulians are your typical scifi alien. Their language and technologies are foreign. Their society complex and steeped in ceremony. The only thing humans and these creatures have in common is their life cycle. It is up to the players to decided how they handle the relations with their new interstellar neighbor, and those actions will undoubtedly effect the future missions of the Herman Weyl and its crew.


I use blender for all my 3D work, and though I've been dabbling in the software for many years I still haven't mastered things like lighting, rigging, or even texturing. However, I think that as this game progresses my speed and technique is improving. Here are a few shots from blender.

Screenshot from 2018-08-26 22-16-03.png

Screenshot from 2018-08-26 22-16-07.png

Screenshot from 2018-08-26 22-16-16.png

Screenshot from 2018-08-26 22-17-08.png

As you can see the model is rather detailed in places, but I find that the texture that I've used loses a lot of the detail. Hopefully, when I can find the time or the artistic help, I can find a cohesive style to run with. I'd also like to note that this is probably not the final draft of the creature as the story lines that I have been working on have them using various weapons that I'm not sure would work with such a physiology. Then again they are meant to be alien so maybe I just need to think more like a Cthululian when making their weapons.

What do you think?

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I'm currently asking for support to get the game finished within the year. I would love to have your support in this endeavor as the game will be free once released (assuming you don't need replication support) and will be connected to the STEEM network to award writers for creating story-lines and campaigns for the game.

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