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Meet the Crew!


The style for the pieces in WayFinder have gone through several revisions. The prototype pieces were meant to be fun stylized versions of the "astronauts" and their enemies. As you can see from the image below they work really well for a board game format.


However, the pieces look and feel are a far cry from some of the story lines that have been written for the game. So I began working on much more human like characters. Whether these will be used as the pieces or just as theater of the mind images within the application remains to be seen.

generic male and female.png

As you can see these are much closer to the standard human physic. Using these models I was able to create some more realistic characters by creating 3D versions of peoples faces and attaching them to the models.


Of course in the final version of the model above we would fix the skin issue on the back, and when the helmets are off the tube will be retracted. However, this does give a glimpse of the quality I'm trying to achieve in the games narrative. I would also like to point out that, that is indeed my head on that space man. I have several other faces of friends and family that I'm currently perfecting before adding them to the roster, and of course there is the ability to get yourself added to the game as one of the characters if you opt for THAT level of funding on my fundition campaign.

Currently we have 5 classes:

  • Commander
  • Engineer
  • Medic
  • Security Officer
  • Science Officer

Each have their own kit, and abilities and in the current flow of the game each person picks their piece based on their class and race, the sex and look / attitude of the character is determined by the character they select.

So what do you think? Should we focus on having "friendly" pieces and atomically correct images for the roster or should we try to create pieces that match the characters you play? Feel free to comment here on your opinion or any questions you might have on the process or the project.

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I'm currently asking for support to get the game finished within the year. I would love to have your support in this endeavor as the game will be free once released (assuming you don't need replication support) and will be connected to the STEEM network to award writers for creating story-lines and campaigns for the game.

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