Game of Sales [S01 E02] – The Games Are Mine

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Unfortunately, it’s a little late because it took longer than I expected. Have a nice sale and remember: A game is not a slave! Treat yours well or Gaben might send his children for you.

Having been reborn as Lord Gaben, he advances to the Game Factory in the hope of conquering it.

After I rendered the final version, it had a clicking sound in the right ear so I rendered it again. The next time the controller symbol over Winterfell set in too late and after a look in Video Deluxe I realised that it’s still there, its just invisible at the beginning for no reason. I tried taking the animated controller image from the episode 1 intro but that one changed the exact same way. The only way to correct it was to use a part of an older already rendered version of episode 2 where the controller wasn’t invisible. 6 hours later that was done as well but in the controller part the sound sounded weird and the clicking sound was back again. Then I gave up and just used the version with no clicking sound but with the controller appearing too late. I hope you don’t mind. Just remember that it’s actually there, you just can’t see it.

Expenditure of time: 102.5 hours (12.5 of those to adjust the intro to the episode)

Programmes used:
Magix Video Deluxe Plus
FL Studio

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Discord server:
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Background gossip by Coldmirror
Controller symbol by:

Music used:
Ramin Djawadi – Main Title (Game of Thrones)
Half-Life 2 – Hazardous Environments
Team Fortress 2 – Three Days to Live
Team Fortress 2 – The Calm
Counter Strike: Global Offensive – Main Menu
Patti LaBelle – Ready for a Miracle
Team Fortress 2 – Stink Lines
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess – Ilia’s Theme

ss (2014-01-20 at 08.47.32).png

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