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It is that time again. Back toward the end of February we decided to start doing monthly recaps. A couple days into April now, so a bit late, but figured a March recap is in order.

March was all about learning Blender and getting our main character (whom we have decided to give the working name Eddy) modeled and animated.

The original concept can be seen here for those that are just seeing us or have forgotten. We also tried out a freelancer that did a pretty good job. However @mimerr decided to start from scratch and rebuild it for various reasons. And we finally got Rigged and Running a few days ago.


Pretty proud of the progress. Cha ching. 😁

This recap is going to be a bit short because we didn't really post a lot. There were IRL challenges but also just lots of internal learning going on. Which brings us to a topic everyone struggles with from time to time. Consistency.

When we first started this adventure the goal was to post at least once a week. More if possible. It is true you can only post things if you have things to post of course, but there is a lot of unseen passion going on here so we thought staying consistent would be easy. It has sadly not been.

But we really want to try to meet this goal. No promises but keep watching and maybe things will pick up!

So what is next?

Our main April goal is to get an actual project going. Now that we have an animated character model, we want to see it truly "in-game"! Getting him running around a scene, maybe jumping a bit.

The programming and project architecture phase has begun! The first thing we are doing is researching possible ECS options. There are a few available in the existing Haxe Libraries. However, we are discussing building our own to have full control and understanding over this crucial part of our game's foundation. Will probably have something over this weekend actually. But if anyone has any good resources or advice on this, we'd love to hear it!

Other than that we have a few more designs that need fleshed out, so there may be some art worked in at some point. But our main focus is the project itself for now.

We are posting on a few platforms trying to gauge interest, experimenting with alternative social media platforms, etc... and honestly, things are going better than expected. On all platforms except this one!

Is anyone seeing this? Are we doing something wrong here? Does anyone have any advice on how to reach more people here? We'd love to hear any input on this. Or is Steemit just a dead platform? We really do not know at this point. Should we continue posting here? Anyone? Is anyone alive out there? :D