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We teased this in our last post but here's a full picture of the character model. This is our first time using a freelancer and we are pretty happy with the result. Bento Cesar (gostbento) created the model/textures/rig and did some starter animating for us.

We are now playing around with it in Blender. Putting on some polish and working on learning Blender's animation system. So we'll continue to update this guy going forward. But thought it'd be cool to show the full model.

What do you think so far?


Pretty cool looking 3D model and quite original as well as creative of you. Nice job! love the gloves

Thanks! Glad you like it. After digging into the model some more, we are doing a lot of updating so will probably have another revision to show soon. Really want him to be as close to our vision as possible since he is the player's character. :D

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