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in #gamedev2 months ago


Last post we showed a model. After messing with it some we decided to just start from scratch and build it ourselves this time. Not that the other one wasn't cool, it just wasn't exactly what we wanted once we got closer to it.

This experience overall has been great though! Explored freelance possibilities. But starting over let us learn a lot more about Blender. Our artist hadn't done much 3D so it was great experience to start over and build the mesh and texture it.

Very pleased with the result. It looks so close to the concept art don't you think? :D

Next up is rigging and animating! That'll be fun. We were thinking about starting a channel on LBRY and/or 3Speak and/or To continue our 'alternative' social media experimenting and to show more than just a gif. Do any of you use these platforms or know of other video sharing options (besides the obvious big 'normal' sites?)

Hope you like the new model! Let us know what you think and follow us for future updates. :)