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It has been about a month now since we introduced ourselves so we thought it might be a good time to do a bit longer form blog entry to kind of recap what we have shared so far and share a bit of insight to where we are going.

Our introduction was pretty vague. Intentionally. We are in very early stages of design on our first game as well as working on other aspects of our brand and studio. Our website exists and you can make donations but there is not much there yet. Just getting it up feels like an accomplishment though! So we wanted to share it. This is one of the things that is not part of the actual game that should be progressing soon.

We also shared our main character design. Not much has been said about the character yet, but we thought it'd be a good start to show some visual imagery.

To further add to the visual presence we put up magma imp and magma walker designs. These are some basic enemies the main character will have to overcome in the first (and probably demo) level that is being laid out at the moment. It will have a magma and rock theme to match the enemies. More about this will be revealed as it gets created.

Then finally our latest post was to reveal that we are going 3D. This was the first hint at the game design itself. Going 3D is a big undertaking. As such we plan to potentially hire some freelance help as needed. Probably mostly for 3D assets. But we will see how this goes as time and funds permit.

So where are we going from here?

First, the character model is starting to take shape and we will show all the awesome details soon. For now check out this progress shot!


Also, we have decided to experiment with the 3D engine Armory3D. We really like the idea of building the game with Blender. As a small studio with at least one open source enthusiast as well as just generally trying to keep costs to a minimum, Blender is an obvious choice. So being able to work on the game itself inside Blender is, in our minds, a huge advantage. Armory has a lot of potential and even though it is in an unstable state and the lead developer seems to be focused on a separate project, we think it still has a strong core and hopefully it will continue to grow as we grow. However, using Armory is just an experiment for now, so things could always change. But we are hoping for a good experience.

If you enjoy this longer style recap or missed other posts by us and think this was helpful, let us know! We plan to do this about once a month. Not only to show everyone more stuff, but also to help keep ourselves organized and on track. We will of course still be posting regularly as well with updates.

So stay tuned in for more and more! Subscribe/follow and give us some likes. It really encourages us and we appreciate it so much!

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