Improve your Typing Speed With This Browser Game

in game •  2 years ago

How's it going steemians?

Today I'm well run with my work, so I don't have time to write a more elaborate post (like the others I write). 😒

So I decided to share something simple (but cool).

Have you thought about improving the speed you type? Neither do I. I do not really care.

But it has a really cool game to help you with this: ZTYPE

The game is very simple, you have to attack the enemy ships, they form words, with every right letter, you destroy an enemy ship.

At each level the game becomes more difficult, with bigger and more complex words.

The game is simple but very addictive.

You can play in the web version or download for Android.

Just so you know, I write others things too: 😎
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Tim Balabuch
Designer & Cryptocurrency enthusiast


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Nice and interesting one man, thanks for sharing as always


Thanks mate!

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Oh christ, I'm going to lose hours to this.. It's so addictive! Damn you!


haha I needed to share this little vice

Interesting, makes me think of Typefighters even though it doesn't play the same, it also aims to be more at ease with writing (even though it's for pc and not for mobile). I'll try it some day, thanks for sharing !


I just google typefighters. Very interesting.