The Ultimate Guide To Being Twice As Creative

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How's it going steemians?

Some studies have shown through tests of creativity that people who practice physical exercises regularly perform better than sedentary ones. Throughout the many routines working specifically with design, undoubtedly the ones that I felt more willing and prone to solve problems with ease, were those that included physical exercises in my day to day.

Ideally, we would all have the opportunity to exercise daily, especially those who spend the day sitting. Unfortunately this is not the reality for many people.

So we are doomed to the sedentarism and the possible creative blocks that this can bring us?

No way. To solve this problem is a habit that can help you a lot: walking.

Being twice as creative

How many times have you been stuck at a specific point in a task? Many people even question their own creative ability when they go through these situations.

Instead of looking for 'inspiration' in Dribbble, Behance, and the like, just going out for a walk can be a much more effective solution.

Walking can help you significantly in finding solutions to specific tasks. In a survey conducted by Stanford University, it was found that a person walking produced twice as many creative responses as compared to a seated person.

The experiments were based on divergent thinking, which is nothing more than, seeking the maximum number of possible solutions to a problem.

During and after the walk

The walk helped to develop creative thinking during and after the act of walking was still felt waste from the creative drive in the participants of the tests.

In general, after a walk, people have a habit of going to rest, taking a shower or anything else that you have in mind now.

Try to go to the task with which you were having difficulty. There is a great possibility of new ideas and options that you did not see before.

Another important tip: usually we do not leave our smartphone in the walks, but try to leave it in airplane mode and only pick it up if it is to record an audio of a great idea that you had. For this, be open to your thoughts and ideas during the walk.

Indoor or outdoor environment

Having said that the walk is a great booster for your creativity, maybe we can think that this walk has to be in Central Park or on a beach in Floripa. Because then, there comes creative thinking.

However, an interesting point raised in this same survey was the fact that a person walking on a treadmill indoors obtained results similar to walking outdoors. Remembering that similar does not mean the same result.

In other words, you felt difficult, you have the feeling of blocking and you can not go out for a walk in the park or a back in the court that is. Take a walk through the office itself, go to the hallways or stairs if possible. Allow yourself to get up, stretch your back and get out of that chair. Who knows, this can help you in the creative process.


When we feel uncreative our tendency is to doubt our ability or seek inspiration elsewhere. It is very likely that many times the answer was with you. All that was lacking was that impulse, which can be provided by a simple walk. Perhaps the solution you are looking for now is in your next steps.

Good Walk.

Tim Balabuch
Designer & Cryptocurrency enthusiast


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Great article!

I used to exercise a lot a few years ago, especially before work, and I cannot describe how much that helped me. I was energized, I was ready to work, and I had more ideas than ever. Besides that, I was learning things much faster.

It's really amazing what a good walk can do for you and for your brain, and that's why I believe implementing sports in your life could significantly improve it.

Another "technique" I use to boost my creativity a little bit and have more ideas is writing down 20 ideas every single day, no matter how bad or how good. I'll write an article when I'll get to 2000 ideas, but it's a great way to make sure you always have new things to work on.

Anyway, great article, thank you for the donation, and best of luck!


I do something similar about writing ideas. But I use the trello app and whenever I have an insight, I already write it down.
Thank you for your comment. It motivates me to write more.

Ola @timbalabuch, como vai voice? i definitely agree with you, sometimes after writing my screenplay for a few hours and i get a writer's block, i do yoga or High-intensity-interval training which instantly makes me feel better. I think the misconception most people have is that we have to exercise for hours instead of minutes to have any gains. Whereas in my opinion its not how long you exercise but how hard and how intense.



I think the misconception most people have is that we have to exercise for hours instead of minutes to have any gains.

I think you summed it up perfectly. I believe that the consistency of the exercises is more important than the intensity.
thanks for your comment mate

Fantastic the content of this post, the way and how you developed is very nice to read, is a good topic, excellent way to conclude. I give my upvote @timbalabuch


Thanks for your support mate! =D

Omg, those currencies...
timbalabuch, we need more people like you on this channel.
Btw. you can find out about yourself at this terminal, I found you based on what the machine thinks I like about you, haha.

excellent .. thank you!! :))

I agree, a good walk to the woods or even the park helps to clear your mind in a lot of perspective. I am lacking my 10,000 steps a day I will need to get that when I head off on a short trip tomorrow. With my D90!
Thanks for posting this good advice. Will sure to check you out once a while @timbalabuch ! Keep writing!
I like your banner. Good job on that!


Thanks for the support and feedback! =D

Excellent article!!
Thank you very much for the contribution, also very true. In my case, stop work and go to the park to running is one of the best moments of the day.

Then everything is perceived more clearly, and the creative solutions are more complete


I do the same as you. Glad you like. =)

Hi thanks for your comment and little gift... I totally get this. Walking is like meditation. It recharges your batteries. I write books, blogs and am a student so to take time out to walk, play sports etc if wonderful to get your mind back on the creative. Great Post!


Sure!!! I am writing an article right now talking about meditation and some of the benefits it brings, especially when it comes to creativity.
thanks =D