3 Unexpected Habits Can Make You Successful

in life •  2 years ago

How's it going steemians?

Have you noticed the habits of successful people?

They do different things than other people do.

It is from these differences that success comes.

Today I want to share with you 3 behaviors of successful people that you can apply in your life.

1. Listen To What People Have To Say

Listening to other people is a powerful tool. In addition to showing interest and affection for people, listening to them opens up a great possibility of learning for yourself.

Think about how many people have stopped to listen to what you have to say lately?

Listening to what the other person has to say is extremely rare.

You can use this to your advantage. Notice how well-behaved people listen to what others have to say.

Imagine an entrepreneur who does not know what his customers and users want. One of the keys to success is listening.

2. Learn How To Sell

Being an effective marketer is one of the essential tools for being successful.

Great leaders are also great salespeople.

Robert Kiyosaki, entrepreneur, investor and writer. Best known for his book 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad', reports that a lot of people with a lot of knowledge, exceptional academic background and many other qualities ask him "What do I do to succeed?"

By noting how qualified the person asking the question is, their answer is summarized in "Learn to sell."

Because from his point of view, people already have all the tools and assets, now they need to learn how to sell what they have.

3. As That Famous Brand Would Say: Just Do It

Separate what you feel from what you do.
If you wait and feel good to do something, you will rarely do it.

Successful people do what has to be done and often do not wanting, not feeling well.

Align your goals and targets and go after them, even on sad days, even on days when you are not excited.

Many times change comes from the outside in and not from the inside out.

Just do it!


These are some of the 3 things that really successful people do.
Would you like to add something? Leave in the comments other attitudes and habits that you find essential for success.

Tim Balabuch
Designer & Cryptocurrency enthusiast

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I loved your post but I am a very good seller, just not here on steemit because I dont know how or what to do, read all the posts but think to late for me.
I can sell anything I have in my hands, but things like bitcoin and these comlicated things I can not do must be to old now to learn.

Thanks for sharing the 3 habits :) I think the most important habit is the 3rd which is taking action, I think too many people, me included, tend to dwell too long in the planning stage and forget to take action.

Really enjoyed reading this. "learn how to sell" is so important, no matter how good the product or service is you still need to sell and in these days with so much competition we have to be sales magicians haha :)


Thanks mate! Sale is is a topic I'm focusing on now. glad that you like it =)

Really an inspiring article you have here @timbalabuch . Learn how to sell and never change your determination are the keys to success.


exactly! =)

Hey @timbalabuch

Great and inspiring article and you revealed really the secret of successful people here. I will like to contribute on your number 2 point which is learning how to sell.

Few people succeed in business without mastering the art of selling. Robert Kiyosaki is known as bestselling author and not best writing author.

The problem with most entrepreneur today is they focus too much attention on building and the creation of things/products and forget to remember that it's learning how to sell that brings in the money and sales.

Thanks for sharing this great lessons and also thanks for giving me a tip, i am now following you and resteemed this to my followers


Hey @bania
Thanks for sharing your ideas.
And this is true:

Robert Kiyosaki is known as bestselling author and not best writing author.

I had never seen him that way until you spoke now.
following you too mate.

agree with you, and would like to add Patience - it is also very importsnt in many fields


totally agree with you! thanks for your comment =) following you. great content btw

Because from his point of view, people already have all the tools and assets, now they need to learn how to sell what they have.

Reminds me of the rational people buy the why you sell


Well noticed. Do you know Simon Sinek? Author of Start with Why


Sounds like the person I was originally referring to

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Hi @timbalabuch!
I'd like to thank you for the SBD you gave me.
I see you have a great post, I'd like to add something.

Through my readings, observations and documentaries I've watched successful people still maintain their simple lifestyle (despite all the glamour that we imagine them to be doing), they are early risers (they just don't want to waste their time and to keep them disciplined), they don't talk about gossip rather they discuss ideas and how to make them happen - and into money of course, and they also keep on learning from each other (surrounding yourself with successful people could influence you to thick and act like them).

Thanks for sharing me your post! Have a great day! :)

wow amazing! great post, very interesting, greetings :)


Thanks Hector!

Haha, we have the same post, basically. You earned yourself a follower
Whose your source!

Btw, follow me, I think you'll like what I have in store


haha cool! Topics 1 and 3 is inspired on Tim Han youtube channel, topic 2 is my own. Following you to bro! =D

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