Upside Down Caccoons

in #future4 years ago


It's been a minute,
Since a had a little time to kick it,
So the choice was made for me
to get back up and finish,
What I initially intended and set out to do,
The very same passion I'm tryna get outta you,
Led out in groups,
We crossed the desert on a camals back,
Forgetting the past,
We never asked for those sandals back,
Cowboys and Aliens,
Texas has the saddle back,
Wow boy imagine that,
How did they establish that?
Simple, your distracted ass,
Was too caught up in fads uncertain,
Most of us never thought,
To peek behind the curtain,
To be honest everybody,
Is really busy working,
Chasing after broken dreams,
Suffering and hurting,
Ask yourself,
Who your purpose is really serving,
Standing in the city,
It's a pity that it's burning,
Gather around until its ashes,
This is everybody learning,
Cause deep down inside
We all have that yearning,
To return earth back to its beauty...
Thats a sure thing,
Butterflies inside,
Caccoons are all squirming,
About to take flight,
The monarch fly's into the night,
Until it returns back to the Golden Temple
In a different light....

-Tyler Deva


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