April Fool Special - How I made fool of my Husband 😊

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We Indians celebrate April 1st, as April fool’s day and try to make fool of everyone.
It might sound insane but actually very interesting, especially when you make fool of someone who treat himself as smart one.

Last April, I tried to make fool of my husband and succeeded very well.
So, let me share how things were planted.

My husband is a software engineer and he carries a personal laptop to his office. On March 31st Evening, I asked him for his laptop by saying that my laptop battery is drained out and I need to do something urgent. He gave me his laptop in unlocked state.

I went into “Startup” folder and put some media files there, like an MP4 or MP3 (Can’t recall exactly).

Next morning, he had a scheduled meeting in office. So, he reached office quickly and entered meeting room directly.

Here the fun begins – As soon as he logged into his laptop, a high voltage music turned on itself and everyone in meeting room was staring at my husband. Somehow, he handled the situation 😊

Later that evening, I had to do so many efforts to make up his mood but It was so funny that I can never forget.

Windows10 "Startup" Folder Path -- C:\Users\User-Name\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

Thought of the day -- If you have friend as weird as you, you have everything.

~Priya Sharma (@Priya888)

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