How to Qualify for the Shit Post of the Day Award

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A few thousand of you may have seen this fancy piece of shit floating around the trending page.

Shit Post Award.jpg

Everybody Poops

And we all publish a shit post from time to time.

If you haven't published a shit post of your own yet, you should try it, for it feels really good.  There's nothing wrong with taking a little break from your regularly scheduled high quality awesomeness to have a bit of fun or take the day off but still publish something at the same time.

Many bloggers work their asses off in an attempt to make the big bucks each day.  Sometimes that effort may lead to disappointment:

I worked my ass off all night and I only earned fifty cents!  What the fuck kind of scam is this place!  Why doesn't anyone notice me!  I'm special and my posts are the best on the platform!  Screw you guys!  I'm going home!

But when one takes a moment to shit post:

Wow!  This post only took a half hour to put together, I barely used my brain, I didn't expect a damn thing from anyone, was just having some fun, trying to kill time; and look!  I made a dollar!  This is so exciting!  I might do this again sometime but not everyday because people might think I'm lazy and that's probably bad for business.

Should a Shit Post have $700 Next to It?

Fuck no.

Over the past many many months, people, including myself, have expressed concerns over some instances of poor quality content reaching the front page of our newspaper here.

It's not all bad!  I'm not the content police and for the most part I truly don't care how others run their blogs here.

Every now and again though, like clockwork, some noob will spend hundreds of dollars to self-vote their shit post to or near the top of the trending page.

Then my left eyelid starts twitching!

My face turns red!  Veins popping out!  Steam coming out of my ears!  Triggered!

NoNamesLeftToUse - Drama.jpeg

I'm joking.

These things don't piss me off to the point of insanity.  It's just fun to act like that.


The bidbot abuse to push shit to the surface has been negatively impacting morale around here.

People are upset and there's no sense denying that.

And yes, thousands of us know those shit posting noobs spent money to get there, but millions around the world do not know that, and might assume the curators here are half-baked vegetables picked fresh from the lobotomy department.

In other words: one shit post on trending has the potential to make us all look bad.

I want to see the best of the best rising to the top.

Does that make me a bad guy?

I prefer to see people succeed.  Success starts at the top and trickles all the way down.  Nobody wants to be covered in diarrhea.

So we have down-votes and words.

Nearly every time I've used my down-votes, I've been treated like a thug.  People bitch and moan and act like the whole world is against them because I chipped $2 away from their $1000 shit post.

When it comes to words, we often see these shit posts receive many comments.  Take a look inside and it's fifty people all bitching about how this shit post doesn't deserve to be where it is.  They're right, but everyone looks like assholes, the negativity is contagious, more assholes enter the fray, it turns into a shit-show, and nothing changes.

Then underneath all that mayhem, we have a hoard of zombies:

Wonderful information!  Me love you long time!  Please upvote me I upvote you and follow follow!  I hope to see posts like this again in the future!  Wow!  You're amazing!  BEST HUMAN ALIVE!  Please don't forget to visit my blog for I need help as you can see!  Now off I go to kiss someone else's ass!  Please don't forget about me!  I will never forget about you!  I think I'm in love!  Such wonderful post you have here!  It makes me hard!  Ta-ta!

The Shit-Poster Receives Mixed Messages

They think the assholes expressing concerns are just simple trolls and take sides with the zombies...

So, they shit-post again, and boost it straight up to the top of the goddamn trending page, again.

We're setting them up for failure.  Nobody is telling them the truth.  People are complaining about bid-bots instead of looking directly at the shit-poster and saying:

Hey man!  What the fuck were you thinking?  This is shit!  Total shit!  You can do better!  Why would you spend hundreds of dollars just to show everyone how fucking lazy you are!  Are you on glue, sir?  Did a donkey kick your head when you were a baby?  Don't listen to your mom if she said, "Good job son," because she's lying to you!  Your own mother!  She doesn't want to see you cry again!  That's all it is!  So come on!  Pull up your socks!  Get with the program!  You can shit in a toilet for free!  Why would you spend hundreds to take a shit here on all of us!  I don't have a shit fetish!  I don't remember reading any fine print stating you will shit it my mouth and I'm to enjoy it with a smile and a complementary paper towel for wiping up later once it all stops coming out!

Yeah, yeah. I know, I know...

"Calm down @NoNamesLeftToUse.  You're making a scene."

Yes, I'm well aware of this world I live in now where everyone wants to be cuddled and thinks their participation award is just as valuable as the gold medal.

I think part of the reason we have bidbots was to cater to this crowd of:

How come I'm not getting anything! Where's mine whine whine whine whine whine!

So they buy $50 worth of rewards and earn nothing just so they can sit with the cool crowd who actually earned $50 for doing something awesome and working hard for two years so they could get somewhere in life.


If we're not honest with these people, we're setting them up for failure.

They need to know the truth.  If being honest makes me an asshole, so be it, that's just a sign of the times.

If I see my best friend doing something stupid like picking a fight with a guy that looks like he could kill all of us with one swing, I'm going to say something.  I don't care if it hurts his feelings because his face is going to hurt one hell of a lot more in a few minutes if I don't step in and criticize his self-destructive behavior.

Everyone needs a good kick in the ass sometimes.

We've all seen those people on television throw a hissy fit after being thrown out of the audition room by three judges who all thought the singing performance was the worst thing they've ever heard.  It took twenty-five fucking years for someone to finally put that entitled crybaby in their place.  All those judges said was, "No. Not good enough," plus a few other things, and they were right because that person should not be singing.  Who cares if someone finally told them the truth.  They deserved it and now they can move on with their life hopefully doing something constructive and setting goals they can actually achieve.  It's a good thing.

I could spend hundreds of dollars

to boost this picture of a lion up to the top of the trending page.


Those zombies would treat me like a god and tell me I'm the best artist in the world.

Not because the "art" is good, but because there's $700 next to it.

Those zombies are the main reason why I don't push my good work up there.  It's like paying people to clap for me when I push the button that says it's time to applaud.


I'd just end up spending five hours telling each one of those individuals to stop kissing my ass and learn how to be honest with people.  I don't want a fake reaction, and that's all one gets when they fake their rewards.  That shit would drive me crazy.

So I've Been Experimenting

Putting my ass on the line and seeing positive results.

I've paid a visit to a few shit posting trenders this past week.  I lay into them, apply the Shit Post of the Day Award, they're probably embarrassed, I don't care.

A few hours later I revisit the post, I see improvements.  I know the next time they post will be better than the last.  I'm sure others see how some of us aren't afraid to be honest anymore, so they too will want to do a good job.  Now these folks can move forward instead of in reverse and hopefully succeed.

So, basically, if you'd like to enter your post into the running for the Shit Post of the Day Award simply:

  • Be lazy as fuck
  • Boost your bullshit near the top of the trending page
  • Embrace the fake zombie response
  • Act like you're famous and everyone loves you

Then I'll come over and pull a Simon Cowell on your ass.


Getting on the trending page is the easiest thing to do on this platform.  A trained one-armed circus monkey could do it blindfolded and dehydrated so just being there does not make anyone better than anyone else.  Do a good job if you want everyone to see you.  Do you wear your fucking pajamas with the shit stain running half way up the back or do you at least put on some jeans and a hat when you go out in public?

Please don't forget life's basics when you decide to park your ass on the trending page.  Have a shower, brush your teeth, comb your hair and put on your best suit.  Is that really too much to ask?


Have a nice day.

All art and images seen here were produced digitally, by me.
"Making steemit awesome, one shit post at a time."

Images © 2018 @NoNamesLeftToUse.  All rights reserved.

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What a rant buddy, I laughed my ass off with this one. your right about the shit on here, there seems to be more than ever recently but with an upvote-downvote of about 0.09c there is nothing much other than not wasting my vote on them.
I think you right with people taking the piss with bid bots, There is a time and place, and I think the bid bot owners should monitor the posts they up-vote. or even the people who delegate to the bid bots should take back their delegation until the bot owners do something about it.


There absolutely is a time and a place. I don't see the need to promote every single post I publish, but after a month I might have a few highlights I'd like to promote and show off, you know? Bring it all together and truly shine? Unfortunately, that market seems overrun by zombies and from a business standpoint I currently don't see a benefit in performing in front of them. If the place was cleaned up, maybe I'd see some potential and feel like dishing out some money.

As for those "promoters" and how they run their businesses: I honestly don't care. I'm not here to hold their hand and tell them how to make some real money by cleaning up their act. Chances are they won't listen, which is fine. If I was a "promoter", I'd only look for quality acts, otherwise my business looks bad and lucrative venues will not want to work with me. That's how it is in the real world. These folks don't really know that, so they open the floodgates and attract sometimes the worst of the worst. So be it. If that's how they want to work, that's how they'll work. Someone will come along with a faster car and blow their doors off.

I've been thinking about boosting this over 1k

What do you think? I think my fans will like it.


I've been tempted many times to write some satire and boost that shit all the way to the top as well. I've even had offers from people saying they'd help pay for it, they want to see me tear the place to shreds... but damn. I think I'd go too far. This place isn't ready. LOL!


It is, it is! :-)



I will :))))

The turd needs to be more graphic


Don't be afraid to make your own award! LOL!


I will follow your trail...



^I don't know but this looks satisfying to me...... lol

Getting on the Trending page will be interesting to see in the future when ROI drops because of competition. The only people that can keep play that game then is people with deeper pockets or the ones who use proof-of-brain to bring more value to the marketplace which majority enjoys.


Yeah I've heard this line before. I think it's just the happy-happy don't worry don't ask questions about it because it'll fix itself so relax and do nothing let us handle it obey obey obey propaganda.


Yes it will fix itself I think but it's also helpful with the people that call others out and say stuff for example when they dislike something that is being boosted! For example you do great posts calling out things you see and it helps to Balance the whole Steem Network. I can go in and read to see if you have spotted something that I haven't.

You have found a great niche to fill in and reminds me about an artistic version of @taskmaster4450 haha. I can take in something great you said and feel like there is nothing more to add that your observation is already so spot on that nothing more needs to be said! Since you pay attention to things I know your observations are usually very sharp and accurate. :)

Just as in a tribe people find a place where they feel they can do great stuff. So some are more vocal while others more try to keep things stable. I think humans are very good at creating stable tribal networks. We love to add on some drama of course since gossip is very satisfying and entertaining. Stuff is happening :D


It takes all types to make a community. I get it.


too bad I don't use bid bots... I would love to have one of those awards, can you maybe make an exception ? :D


I might be able to do that for you! Maybe the Shit Post of the Day Participation Award? LOL!


Same situation for me with the bidbots. Shitposting ain't easy

... mmh I'm just a mannequin blogging about weird stuff... I don't know if it's s*it, but there is a lot of plastic fantastic.
I don't know if I ever gonna be in Trending... it's hard these days... and I don't pay, haha.
Big Plastic Hug
Steemitri The Mannequin


You know what? I thought I was already following you. Whatever the fuck you're doing sounds interesting to me. Don't worry about making the trending page. Just have fun.


I just celebrated my 1-year anniversary on Steemit... and I had fun the whole year, and still enjoying it a lot :-)
Have a great weekend!

Your right, but there is one thing you din´t say... Some curator accounts likes shitposting! Yeah, that´s right, they want to be witnesses or they already are, so to get more votes to climb up that ladder upvotes shitpost daily.


Yes, I've dropped the Shit Post of the Day Award in some of those places and nearly got flagged to death but it was worth it! LOL!


xD Sadly I can't do that! I depend on those, so if i do something like that is like commit suicide with a toothpick. You know, a slow and painfully dead.

That's a creative and humorous way to deal with a problem. btw you make more on your shit posts than I do on my good ones, not my great ones, just the good ones.


Yeah well I could also stop shit posting and upvote ten of my own shit comments per day and sometimes earn more. LOL! Be happy I share those votes with others when I can. And yes, this is meant to be a combination of brutal honesty and humor. A flag doesn't seem to be sending enough of a message but a big piece of shit really helps drive the point home.


I think it's great!

I have never reached the trending page yet so I wouldn't know...


I got there a couple of times, organically. These days that's nearly impossible. Even the best, whoever that is, probably won't get there, so don't worry about it! All people do now is spend a bit of money and buy votes to get there. In reality, many of them on that page are some of the lowest earners on this platform. It's really not that great of a place to be. But if you do something awesome and the community gets behind you, it feels great!.... just don't expect it to happen.


Yeah..not expecting it any time soon..just trying to share my life experiences over here...
Do go through my post when you get free time and provide any suggestions :)


You're young and you have plenty of time to figure this shit out, so don't rush it. Try to work on something every single day. If you see a shortcut and think that's going to help you get ahead, you'll probably fail. Try to earn a valuable following that appreciates you and what you have to offer. Just look at me, I have 3800 followers and might see 100 votes on this post, if that, and I didn't pay for them, so that's what you can expect. Take what you can get, try to build up your account value in the form of Steem Power so you can give more, and earn more at the same time. This won't make you rich so don't expect to get rich but there is money to made here provided you don't spend it all. Think long term and just have fun for now. Treat yourself later. Other than that, I dunno? It's your blog right, so do your own thing. Get to know people as well and don't expect everyone to like you. That's life.


Yes..I really don't have any expectations from anyone...and I am working hard to build my reputation...I know it will take time but I know it will come one day...
Thank you for these encouraging words :)

Good post my friend. I suppose we all get lazy from time to time but I try to have something of substance in each post I write.


I assume if you were going to spend money to promote your blog here, you'd do everything in your power to make that post shine, correct?

So you know how to make art of shit. Impressively disgusting. Did it take you about 24 hours like the rest of us?

I was eating dinner while I read this. The complementary towel bit almost made me lose my dinner. Your point was made.

The Seal of Shit. Sort of the opposite of the steemit board badge things.


The shit shadow was a fun learning experience. Usually I produce cartoon style stuff and that there is nearly photo realism (but not really). The floor looks good... but no, it didn't take 24 hours. Maybe two, if that, including a few breaks.

You know, it's weird. Where I come from this form of humor is somewhat common and not so shocking or disgusting... and I always forget about my neighbors to the south, their typical humor, and the fact they might be eating as I'm sitting here slamming keys and saying the first ridiculous things that come to mind.

Oh well.


Lol. No worries. I've got a weak stomach.

I think I leaked a little piss while reading the 'hoard of zombies' comment in quotes. I think my laughter has an interesting affect on my body.

PS: I saw that 'piece of shit' floating around on the trending page too. It looked like a particularly nasty piece of turd. The poster might have actually popped a vein in his head trying to get that out.


I was hoping to get a few piss trickling laughs out of this mess. Of course I'm not being dead serious here but I think there's a solid message between the lines. A good one.

We'll probably see the shit again, but I'm not going on attack. Just the worst of the worst what the hell were you thinking moments qualify.

Dude you speak the truth this whole platform needs to be plugged into. Then again I can't even remember the last time I went to the "trending" or "hot" page to find something to read.
I rely on resteems and mentions from the bloggers I enjoy: which is how I stumbled across you.
Let the zombies have their trending page.
Money will always flow along the path of least resistance.
In this scenario, that is between the ears of individuals without brains.


The thing is, many of those folks aren't making any money. They're spending money, then they can't accept producing a $10 post after placing $700 next to the previous posts, so they keep doing it again and again, going into debt for no reason, then stop blogging and the money was wasted. It's brainless, I won't stop them, they're responsible for their own decisions. Then the noob accounts waste time kissing butt and voting for those posts. They'll never see a reward, and nobody tells them that, so they're not making any money either. Oh well. It looks like that's where the money is, but it's misleading people. Thousands of new accounts complaining about not making money, and all they have to do is vote for each other instead of the people pretending to be famous. Whatever....


But I need to drive a lambo!
Okay, I've only been into crypto for two years and haven't made a penny, cause I suck at it, but so many other people are getting rich, I don't want to look like the stupid one!
Well shitballs, this lambo looks kinda stupid sitting under a car tarp in the gravel next to my grandma's single-wide: I need to buy a house in a country club too!
Shit on a stick, I feel so stupid answering all these collection calls on my Nokia flip phone: I need an i-phone X! With a custom case to match my lambo and my designer shades!
Fuck me, hookers get expensive! I am having so much trouble trying to convince starbucks baristas to come home with me and have sex with me on the mattress in the living room in my country club house, I don't know why! Don't they see the lambo? They have to hear it: I grind the gears all the way out of the parking lot and up the street.....
(from the soon to be new children's book: "if you give a douchebag crypto")

Oh Gosh. This post is awesome. You are such a brilliant individual! You made my clito hard!
I'm rather pleased.
Let me pretend to be famous.


What's up Hollywood!

Damn... I saw you on the feed and thought: "nice, going to have a nice couple of relaxing minutes reading his post" and then BAMMM, a post full of info, not used to this type of things from you tbh xD

Where to start:

People who use bots to upvote their stuff don't get anything in return... yes they might get a big payout, but they paid for that payout the profit is negative! I think some people don't understand this tbh...

I've seen some good posts on the trending page upvoted by bots... but it's like finding a needle in the haystack!

I think we should get a flagging bot, where everyone would pull their resources and flag shit posts on the trending page... Yes, we can all do it individually, but there are people that don't want to poke the big whales/orcas because they are afraid of getting flagged back! I'm one of these people...

Just a few days ago someone got all their posts revenge-flagged, 20 bucks worth of payouts got flagged to 0... 20 bucks was his whole weekly payout!

I never once used a paying bot...

I use qurator which only upvotes my content if I source all images and they are free labeled, I use minnowsupport daily and only on my good posts, and someone got me some shares in sbi... that's it, I don't like using bots, organic growth is much better! slow and steady wins the race!

The best advice that I can give to any new steemian is this: To grow on steemit you first need to network! Talk to people, be funny, no need for "sir" or "madam" or some ass-kissing, we aren't stupid we can all see asskissers a mile away, networking brings in the viewers to your posts! Good posts are what makes them stick around! these 2 tips plus time is what makes an account grow!

BTW your lion drawing skills suck... not worth 700 bucks, I would put it on 500 bucks though xD

Kisses and hugs


I'm always changing things up here. If you see one style, don't expect to see that everyday. Change helps keep the audience coming back for more or at least curious.

Yup, I know people waste money on those bots. For some reason spending money is more valuable to them than a few bucks pure profit that adds up over time and would allow them to earn every more with a self vote and curation rewards. They don't get it. I know. In most cases they don't take good advice either so they're on their own.

Sometimes those flags piss people off but usually the problems can be sorted out through words. Unfortunately, some people choose to be assholes and start pushing buttons, which almost always leads to those flags you speak of where someone lost their potential earnings. I personally think we need to create a culture that isn't so easily offended over a few downvotes. Like I said it's annoying being treated like a thug for knocking $2 off $1000. When many individuals use their own minds and make the same decision, then we're treated like a gang of witch hunters but in reality, everyone is making up their own mind, on their own, without anyone forcing them to do it. Those are simple downvotes and people need to relax.

The best advice that I can give to any new steemian is this: To grow on steemit you first need to network! Talk to people, be funny, no need for "sir" or "madam" or some ass-kissing, we aren't stupid we can all see asskissers a mile away, networking brings in the viewers to your posts! Good posts are what makes them stick around! these 2 tips plus time is what makes an account grow!

That's good advice.

And I'll just ignore that last line LOL!

But why on earth do you look at shit posts? - They are shit...


I curate content. I don't know if it's shit until I look. At least I'm willing to look at potential shit, right?

Sometimes I go out in public without anything on. People never say anything about it but they always walk on the other side of the street.


That's why they made crosswalks! Don't be afraid to use one.

i luv shit posts if it's funny ;)


I like shit posts too, but those are for fun not fame and fortune.


fun is more than enough

I like these words, and your turd is really artistic.

More people should see them, take heed, and act accordingly!


An eye for an eye, a shit for a shit.

So do you only get on the trending page if your post is making a lot of money, or using bots? I feel a good chunk of the content I see on that part of the platform is generally not great content...but maybe I check at bad times or something. Usually only find new users by others resteems and sometimes an interesting comment.


Yeah the trending page is only showing the recent posts with the highest reward value beside the post. Many who get there use bots and all that means is they are paying for the high value votes so technically, in many cases the rewards on the trending page are actually showing how much someone PAID to be there. They're not earning that money. Some break even, some lose. If they get other larger votes added to the post, then maybe they'll make money but not much. Some of those folks are the lowest paid bloggers here. It's all just a flaw in the design of this place and they exploit it. Most of the folks I talk to don't even look there anymore. It's like the slums. Just a few bot addicted bottom feeders scurrying about. But not all. There's some decent advertisements there as well, but not really. I mean, they're well written, but that's about it. Paid programming. Just like late night infomercials. Then you get the odd post that got there organically. Some folks are lucky and they protect their support, for lack of a better term.


Interesting you say that, I felt a lot of my high school trendy kids were bottom feeders haha

Damn, another award I can't afford.


Damn, another comment I missed from four days ago.

I wonder what it will take to get this place cleaned up. I am fairly new, and to start with never really expected to make any money.

However, I have to admit that I was a little frustrated when I noticed that the people who seemed to be making the most money on Steem were those who were posting one photo, with some random statement about it. "Check out this flower etc".

To be fair, I think it's fine for people to post whatever they want on here and let the community decide whether it's good or not. But the thing that is really bringing the site down is that I feel really hard pressed to find good content on Steemit when I am trying to; even with a very optimistic attitude.

The boosted crap posts completely clog the feeds of every single tag. I mean, I don't even mind if someone pays a few bucks to boost their not so interesting post. I've tried it out. But they've clogged every single feed with complete rubbish making it a real task to dig through to the real gold.

I think the concept of Steemit is awesome and I hope that it can survive through this weird stage and evolve into something great. I suppose it is a new experiment, so time will tell how things turn out!


Good people far outweigh good content. Look for those people. So many are fixated on content and not realizing interesting people make interesting content. Some of the artists and photographers can get away with posting their work and only their work, but if they're not around to be interesting in the comment section after the show, people won't be encouraged to support that individual. There are thousands of vlogs in this world. Some people like vlogs. They won't like every vlog though. They'll only like the person doing it and what they bring to the table. That's the nature of this business and many seem to be forgetting that, focusing only on posts rather than people. Those boosting posts and not putting much effort into the post or sticking around to comment later are only telling us more about them than they'd probably want us to know, which is why they typically fail.


Ah sorry it took me 10 days to respond, I just saw your response and wanted to 100% it. I totally agree with you and have been starting to really get it since I last commented on here.

I've been developing relationships with people on Steemit which is making my opinion of the project evolve. I also went through and cleaned up my following list to only include people who I either really like, or those who really interact with the community. Thanks for your thoughts, my friend.

This is the best rant I have read in a long time... follows... Yes, me love you long time and I have resteemed because the truth is something that never lurks on these timelines often... It is lacking.

I think my fear of being flagged as I swim in the murky redfishes' zone is the only reason I stopped consuming what's trending here. Someone comes up with a shitty post and propels it to a place where most people who join this community run to draw inspiration probably on 'how to be a successful Steemian' then assumes the shit they find there is what Steemit is all about. Inspired, they too start posting crap or commenting crap.

People should be serious of what they post regardless of this being "just another social media". This one has the capability to change millions of lives if we just let it... and invest in each other, not those in command of the trending page. My two cents :)


You're right about that. Those people boosting posts need to holding themselves to a higher standard; setting a good example... but so many fail at it. They're just trying to milk some money out of the place and don't really care. The unfortunate truth.

I agree with you about the potential of this place. We just need to be careful and avoid those who think they can just take it all for granted. Respect is earned, not bought and paid for.

I've had one of these guys beg me on chat to remove my flag that cost him a few cents on a $700 post. I refused. The bigger problem is most are scared to flag the regular offenders who can really retaliate. The smaller fish can be put off if they lose most of their vote buying stake.


Was his name Mr. Javed? LOL! That's who was hounding me in chat as well. "Please, sir" "Pretty please"...

Retaliatory flags should be outlawed. I think steemcleaners looked into cases like that in the past. Not sure if they're doing it now. A downvote should be just as easy as an upvote. Why do I not receive retaliatory upvotes? LOL!


That was him. It's hard to outlaw anything here. Those with power can abuse it

Quite a lot of comments containing shit and poops to this definitely non-shit post :) What a weird balance!


A good healthy balanced shit post. Keeping regular, I guess!

Hahah, i love this shit staff
If you haven't published a shit post of your own yet, you should try it, for it feels really good.

Though i fear being flagged


Shit posting isn't against the rules. You won't get flagged for that. It's just ridiculous and pointless to promote something like that to the front page.

Leon deserves to trend I say!


That's the best idea I've heard all day!


I know I'm late to this party but I would 100% upvote Leon. I can't stop scrolling back up to him and getting a chuckle.

Sadly I only have the first qualification for me too be eligible but I shall get the other 3. Then who knows.

Great job @nonameslefttouse, Maybe we could start a curation bot that goes around enlightening the shit posters. We could use our combined delegations to downvote the winners of your shit post award. I would delegate to that.

That two hundred bucks you got on a shitpost comment should have been on this post. I actually choked with laughter.

I saw a post the other day that was entitled "What are you doing today?" With one sentence as the post "I have to pick up my grandparents mail. They are out of town." I thought of you, although I think you have to make a new piece of art called Shitpost of the year award' for that one. It's okay though, it went from thirty bucks to zero after bernie flagged the shit out of it. Then the mighty bs made his own post called That scammy fuck tried to steal my schtick!
With this bit of enlightenment as the body:
What a piece of shit! Anyone else and I wouldn't care, but that greedy fuck is a BAD STEEMIAN!

Well at least bs's one liners make me laugh!

Hey nonames, all week I've been trying to comment on your posts, but struggled. I caught this one in the morning and see you're still frustrated with the trending page. Anyway, I dedicated this post to you, and yes, it's also a submission for your Shit Post of the Day Award. Please consider? lol

Stay sane... whatever that means to you. ;)

oh you're gonna love this NN (love to hate I mean)...... see comment:


That shit burned my eyes @dj123. LOL!


bwahahah....... my deepest yet partially insincerely apologies, it did seem kinda funny when i wrote it, i think that dude was taking me seriously :P

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