The Master Dog Demands a Cupcake [18 Photos]

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The Dude (and Dudette) Abides

If you don't know us, I don't blame you; we're the unseen. We are the underbelly of society, forced into the shadows. We are but humble servants. Many call us a family: one Master dog and two human servants. Although we aren't sure how, the Master dog has tricked and trained us to bring her food, walk her, tell her "Good girl!" after she deficates, pet her, clean her, and pay her medical bills.

the family
We fake our happiness for the Master.

One Look

She's a mental magician, an absolute mental giant and galactic con artist. We are embarrassed to admit in our latest form of folly, she convinced our cousin to buy her a gluten-free dog cupcake.

She conned us into taking her for a walk by the only dog cupcake factory that exists. With one look from the Master dog my cousin ran inside desperate for the cashier to take her money to give the Master the cupcake she desires.

This isn't new. The look always wins.

the look

Help Us!

In the criminal justice system, Master-dog based offenses are considered especially heinous. In Los Angeles , the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Special Victims Unit. We need their help. This is our story.


the stuff
The demanded

open it
She demands we open it.

open it!
Open it!

demands we take a try
We are forced to eat a small piece while she sniffs for poison.

give it to me
Give it to me, swine!

the face

those eyes
Those eyes...

no hands
Ruthless, she puts the icing face-down.

bits it whole
And then bites it whole!

where did it go?
Where did it go?

There it is!
"There it is!" she says playing peek-a-boo with our emotions.

sign of dominance
As a sign of dominance, she refuses to use her paws.




licks lips
Yet her hunger remains.


  • 9 lbs
  • Golden brown coat
  • Black tail
  • Strong shoulders and hind quarters
  • Amazing vertical
  • Has chosen to respond only by "Apple" or "Asshole" if said in the right tone

Send help soon...we are out of cupcakes.

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