Another 5 Funny And Weird Japanese TV Commercials I Found Today (Part 5)

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Hello, my fellow Steemers! Did you like my other previous posts 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 before? Today, I am going to share another top 5 weird and funny Japanese TV commercials I found today just for fun. The Japanese lead hectic and stressful lives so that is maybe why their product advertisements are kind of strange and wacky. Watching them is a great way to relieve stress!

I do not have to explain each one as the videos can pretty much explain for themselves.

Enjoy and don't forget to laugh!

1. Tommy Lee Jones in SoftBank commercial

2. Japanese sushi ad

3. Tommy Lee Jones as a Teacher in Japanese Coffee Ad

4. Rakunoh Mothers Milk Commercial

5. DaiHatsu Wake Mini Van Commercial Compilation

Video Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

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Yeap I like your previous post 1.2,3,4 ....your 5 no post is so funny I watch the video its really enjoyable....IMG_4766.PNG for sharing it [email protected]


I am glad that you like my posts about these commerrcials.

hahaha...very funny video...excellent post.
my dear friend @darthnava.
i like your post all time,thank you sharing your post,

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Nindot ni paliton daihatsu wake nila sir @darthnava enig taas sa price sbd kay dili palupig oi. Hahaha!


Lagi, igo kaayo akong wheelchair diha.


Hasta emu female dog og male cat sir naa sad kasudlan niana.

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Pati gani sexy nga uyab pwede!

hahah you again made a boring day fun day this was much needed :D


A day without something funny is boring indeed.

Lolz liked them buddy ;)

They do have great ideas that I have to say ;)

Dear @darthnava your post funny is a amazing..& great post..i like it thanks for sharing with us...


Thanks D



Excellent funny..U5drp8gBYEKRbzdf2ZB6jwZVJc1DmNR.gif

Nice post

Informative post. I gonna try to watch all

wonderful videos hahah fun is the way to go :)