Another 5 Funny And Weird Japanese TV Commercials I Found Today (Part 4)

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Hello, my fellow Steemers! Did you like my other previous posts 1, 2, 3, and 4 before? Today, I am going to share another top 5 weird and funny Japanese TV commercials I found today just for fun. The Japanese lead hectic and stressful lives so that is maybe why their product advertisements are kind of strange and wacky. Watching them is a great way to relieve stress!

I do not have to explain each one as the videos can pretty much explain for themselves.

Enjoy and don't forget to laugh!

1. Japanese Nissin Seafood Milk Commercial

2. Another Gyunyu Milk TV commercial

3. Mint Candy Commercial

4. DaiHatsu Wake Mini Van

5. Shizuoka Broadcasting

Video Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

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Those were really funny and the japanese really have a different way how to make commercial ideas.

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great way to start my day,hehe
i'll go with the bad lion from gyunyu milk:-)
thank you sir

  ·  last year (edited)

😀😀😀😀😀, this is hilarious and interesting... This videos you share often makes me laugh, can't stop laughing... Happy Sunday to you.

hahah the last video was really amazing had a great time and a lot of laugh as well

Haha, so funny indeed friend and i really enjoy watching these funny Japanese commercials can't stop laughing after watching Gyunyu Milk and Nissin Seafood Milk Commercial, thanks for sharing some nice amusement with us friend, Stay blessed

hahah this is so funny and interesting who come up with these ideas

wow......beautiful funny video..

i love your post all time..thank you for sharing with dear friend @darthnava..

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Hi dear @darthnava..
How are you?..
I am new your blog..
Dear your funny is a amazing..thanks for sharing with us


Thanks D

the videos oh man these are superb to enjoy :) wonderful and funny commercials

Excellent video...DQmPsPQLwrRkgj2NCJhX9NGAsUEEmaHKyRvDpxWPaaj5nUq.gif

hahah again so many tvc damn these are so hilarious

Shizuoka Broadcasting this looks so funny for me.

Well liked them buddy !

  ·  last year (edited)

wow,good funny video.i am enjoying your video of funny.thanks alots of your good post..@darthnava

Really wonderful and beautiful ideas
Distinctive advertisements denote an ancient civilization and respect
I wish you a happy weekend


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nice comedy

They are good. Hehe. Nice creativity.

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