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Haha about to say 3 bathrooms for 800k what a dreadful house with a bunch off odd signs outside of it! Then I read “commercial building” lol.

I’ve had some family members in real estate before. They did whatever it took to sell a homes. Clean toilets, wash floors form pets leaving a messing, wash windows, watch someone’s kids while someone ran out for r hour to go to the “bank” Drive 3 hours during a blizzard in a car with no heat. The hustle was real with those family folks they wanted that sale. They would have never allowed that to happen.

What thee heckkkkk :]

Yes I had to !!!.. I think you needed it if this is your business!!?... or not? Ahaa ")

Awww now that was nice :] ... thank you!!!.. you never know when you can expect me ... I pop in and out , lurking!... at any time !

I dunno @barrydutton. The picture may be accurate.😆

I once got my business cards done here back when I used business cards.

I hope he fixed it before his client saw. :(

I really enjoyed your post, thank you for sharing with us. Enjoy the vote!

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Thanks for guidance @barrydutton next time i will care, and will try to give proper comments.