Dan Larimer Video Interview on EpiCenter Today!! This is a REALLY good watch/listen, it is pretty in depth about his past, goals, crypto life etc. 73 mins.

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Dan Larimer by many accounts is a genius.
He has been in Crypto a long long time and is well known in the space as someone who helped launch 3 projects in the Top ~ 20 Crypto's these days:

-- Bitshares, then Steem/Steemit and now his EOS project.

His philosophies on securing Life, Liberty and Property for humanity are just great.

The more I learn about Dan, the more I like him.

This image graphic showing Dan connected to so many big projects he has been involved with!!! -- via HackerNoon.com

His accounts here on Steemit are @dan and @dantheman

I started calling him and @ned here our Steemit Dads since they created this and invited us all along.

This interview starts with how he got involved in Crypto and if you want to learn about some of what Crypto is all about, along with learning more about Dan who I promised myself this year I would do this --- this is a REALLY really good resource!!!!

The balance of the interview focuses on his new EOS project.

EOS – The Decentralized Operating System

-- EPISODE 197

-- AUG 23 2017

After Bitshares and Steemit, Dan Larimer’s latest project EOS has also gathered lots of attention.

Their record-setting crowdsale has already raised $300m and is continuing for another year. Dan joined us to discuss his journey in the industry, what connects the different projects, how EOS works and how the EOS crowdsale works.

Topics discussed in this episode:

-- A history of Dan’s previous projects Bitshares and Steemit

-- How Dan knows when the time has come to move to the next project

-- Why they describe EOS as a decentralized operating system

-- The EOS approach to scalability

-- Benefits and downsides of the EOS fee model

-- EOS’ Delegated Proof of Stake consensus

-- How EOS handles malicious validators

-- Addressing criticisms around EOS’s crowdsale terms and governance structure

Relevant Links:



EOS Consensus Presentation May 2017 - (YouTube)

Vitalik Buterin's EOS Criticisms:



Dan's Response to Vitalik:




Thanks for reading, have a nice day.

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BarryDutton Barry Dutton tweeted @ 24 Aug 2017 - 00:28 UTC

Huge #CryptoCurrency #Video Interview 2day w.@bytemaster7 #DanLarimer Learn more about him, @EOS_io $EOS #Blockchain

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I watched the whole video. Don't get me wrong I got lost many times when @dan explains eos. So now The eos we have now is an IOU erc20 token.
The real eos does not exist yet.
It is fundamental to get eos and wait for the true eos to come out and exchange it. So far Nobody knows the true value of eos, right ?


I think that sums it up pretty well, especially for those of us not really in the genius or developer-end of things.


I just want to eat lunch with Dan and hang out one afternoon and a life goal would be complete LOL



Dan is a genius...investing big in EOS its going to be a whole nother level...


I've been watching this video all week honestly -- the more I learn about @dan / @dantheman --- I am becoming convinced the guy is a clinical genius, honest to goodness.

Especially when you listen to his reasons over and over consistently about what got him started in this crypto space, how many years ago, and what he is trying to achieve for humanity.

@dantheman is the man when it comes to blockchains


Many people agree with that.

I have wondered more than once, if his genius is ahead of our time.

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wow I really want to see this one!
DOnt have the time right now but will make a note of it!
Thanks for sharing!


I do try and post timely useful stuff like this.... it is not much for me to ask @dan / @dantheman for a lunch and learn hangout, right??


You are welcome, thanks for commenting too!


Never hurts to ask!

Great interview with really good questions. It made me wonder about the longterm strength of Steem after hearing Dan talking about it.