Hitler has OCD

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I just wanted to address that I have had a lot of things going on lately, its been very stressful and my sleep has been getting worse and worse.

Some of you may also know that I haven't been fully healthy for a long time now but with the increase in traffic on the site I've been trying to put most of my time into it and helping it grow, that was the main point of the OCD project to increase the reach of curation onto newcomers and I have to admit I didn't check up on the 20 curators as well as I should have before inviting them. Some of them have felt like a huge let-down already and I will need some time to re-think this project over thus its on hold for the time being. Apologize for that.

Anyway, thought I'd try and bring in some humor to the whole situation and that was the point of this caption video. Please don't take it all too seriously.

On a brighter note, the last caption video I did was a success on r/ethtrader and netted me in a bunch of views on youtube and Steemians also seemed to really like them so thought I'd spend some more time in the future creating these.

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@acidyo I have already messaged you regarding this earlier. As funny as I found the video there is a sad and painful truth behind it. It's been a few days. Things happen, life happens. Some people should seriously get over themselves and embrace the spirit in which your endeavour was created, to bring newcomers to the forefront and give them a helping hand. This was after all why I applied to be chosen, to help others. I find it unbelievable that some people would send you links to their own posts! Did they not read your original post?

Mate, if it happens then great but if not don't worry. I am not impatiently tapping my fingers and suggest others go out there and try to help newcomers already, with or without delegation. This is the spirit of your project and of this community and this is what I will continue to do with #minnowsupport.

I hope your health improves.

@acidyo thanks for the video and the effort it took for the level of humor but it sucks to know this is what happened. Over the years from stress and health concerns of my own I came to realize some situations just aren't worth and the same of people. Even still, this isn't my story. I'm sure you'll continue forging ahead in doing what you think is best for you and your own legacy.

When I submitted for the spot I would have done it if for nothing because it blows to know so many people work their ass off on a posting from the heart and they have no one to interact with after doing so. The thing is I think some people forget a lot of people on this site are just looking for someone to listen to. Someone to listen to with an open mind is a better way as most social media platforms are shit. I hadn't been on Instagram or Facebook since being on here as for the most part it is like sitting in the room one on one with someone you know in a place of comfort.

Just as @gmuxx mentioned if it works that's all fine and well and if not due to compromise of your health and or what you'd envisioned that's fine as well.

I wish you all of the best in whatever the ailments you're battling may be.

No worries man. Lmk if I can help in any way. In the meantime, everyone, I hear there's decent benefits to be had even without deligation.

Any minnows reading, you can upvote posts that you expect to gain some steam (pun fiercely intended) Since HF19, even new accounts get decent rewards. All the best guys ^^

That's brilliant lol, hope you feel better soon!


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LOL, funny I just watched that last week, thanks for the good laugh. I hope you're feeling better. UpVoted.

The Hitler videos never get old.

My favourite one is the grammar video.

I literally just commented on your last post to make a Hitler reacts video and the next thing I see, there it is!! :D

P.S. Take care of your health man. I know laughter is the best medicine but some rest will go a long way too ;)


LOL haha what a coincidence! :D

But yeah there also weren't all too many samples to choose from on that site. :D


haha yeah, I saw that. Looking at the videos you've made, now I want to make one too!! Never done it before but what the heck....I will give it a shot :D


Doo it! :D

I need to find for some more non-english scenes that would do well for captions, haha!


will definitely do. I guess there are more sites that have more options.

BTW, in your video, this line floored me:
"Calm down, we might still get some delegation" ROFL LOL LMAO!!!


As I say very often: shit happens, remember that no project is worth of your health and try to start taking care of yourself so you can maybe not fulfill all your projects so fast, but you will have more time and quality of living to make more and bigger projects in the future.

On a side note, you should definitively keep doing these vids dude, they make me laugh AF!


Thanks, man! I agree with your views!

Sorry to hear you've had issues with your project, bud. That really sucks. Also, I'm not sure what's going on with your health but I wish you the best on that. I'm also having health issues right now, so I feel you on it.

Also, why does this hitler meme never fail to make me crack the hell up, hahaha. Thanks for giving me a laugh this late, bro!

Downfall was a seriously good movie! The score as Hitler began to lose hope and all the members of his elite staff did too captured everything perfectly. Even though it's in German, it's a fantastic piece of art that most should give a looksee if they're interested in history. Pretty accurate too, although no one knows exactly what Hitler did in his last moments.


Prepared for his one way trip to Argentina ?..Whoops. it wasn't his "last moments", you're right, no one really knows


No one may know, except for maybe the russians. But who's even sure that's his real skull fragment? ;p

Sorry to hear about your health despite that, you are doing a great job on here

Hey, bud. Is everything going alright? Haven't seen you around in a few days, and apparently I got used to seeing you post and chatting every night, because it feels weird not seeing you around here for a few days really, lol. Hope you're doing okay!


Hey man, thanks for asking. Doing okay, slowly getting healthy again.
Been caught up in some drama over the project and a lot of accusations and stuff going around, hoping to get back to posting some time soon.

Are you feeling better?


Hey, I'm glad you're feeling more healthy, bud. Your health should come before everything else :)

And, are you serious, lol? I'm assuming the people you brought in for that curation project who weren't doing a great job are being shitty about being removed and it put on hiatus? Sorry you're having to deal with that crap, man. Sounds like a headache.

And, I'm not doing any worse really, lol. I've been feeling okay so far today! Though I think I need to get my heart checked out by a cardiologist. I think I have arrhythmia, which isn't a life threatening condition or anything, but it's still feels unpleasant. Gonna go speak to my doctor about it soon as well as getting some bloodwork done for other stuff. Thank you for asking though, man!

Sad to hear you're not doing so well. I hope you manage to take some down time to recharge yourself and feel better soon!


Thanks! Yeah its starting to feel like I'm about to burn out a bit.


Well if that's how you feel now, best to take a step back for a while. If you burn yourself out completely, it'll take you a lot longer to get back on your feet. Give yourself a few days to relax! I'm sure everything will still be there when you return :-)

Come on @acidyo
When i read the heading of the post i was like HAH🙄🤔 he had OCD and i didn't know it ..lol because am the fan of hitler ..and then i kept reading and smiled literally @acidyo.
Thank you very much as i had a bad day and i was not in a good mood after reading all this it all turned over and i kept smiling then.
And bro take care of yourself everything can be achieved lately you are doing a wonderful job keep going and you deserve the growth you have at @steemit plateform.

If u want to have a look at my profile do it at @naseerbhat do upvote and follow me if u like the content
Thank you

Der Untergang is such an amazing movie, I wonder how many people have seen this clip and have no idea how good it is?

I too am feeling the sleep deprivation. It's getting busy around here in every way: new accounts, daily posters, alexa rank.

Make sure to take care of yourself FIRST, everything else will work out in its own time. We cant have an awesome platform if you arent here for it dude

Well placed steemit shoutout! I really liked that video, so send them! I never really seen what happened with the curators, but that sucks... You will figure something better out yo!


Thanks yo! :)

Since you gave me a good laugh tonight bro, I whipped this up using my sick MS Paint skills for you before I go to bed. I fully expect you to use it for your new profile pic. Enjoy, @acidyo

Feel better soon, dude. Everything will be good, don't stress over putting your project on hold.


The Mew-fuhrer strikes again!

It's sad to hear it turned out like this.. I was quiet surprised too that so many of the chosen curators just tried to promote their own stuff. that wasn't the idea of the project.. Hope you'll find a way to deal with it..

ps: I already build something to help finding promising stuff easier..

It always happens, remember that no project is worth of your health take care of yourself so you can fulfill all your projects so fast, but you will have more time and quality of living to make more and bigger projects in the future.

On a side note, you should definitively keep doing these vids dude, they are always very very funny videos.

I hope you will feel better soon!
A smile and a good laugh can make such a big difference.

I knew there was something wrong with Hitler but no one believed me. :)))

This is absolutely Hilarious. It never gets old. "Hitler reacts" seems to work with everything like Guile's theme in Street Fighter 2. lol +1

Sorry about the project not going too good!! Always good to inject a little humour and look on the bright side :) laughter is the best medicine :)

Haha, this was hilarious man. Great post :D

Thanks acidyo. I don't know the details of your health but you may want to hit the bong to help calm down and sleep better.
Peace and happiness from Vietnam!

I - am - on - the - floor.....

Oh mew loard.... Give it all to @aggroed and watch the Steemitverse wobble. You are both gems.

I gotta give @venuspcs a shout out too, those extra 500 sp have helped me carry my torch further :)

@steemitqa and I had a conversation about greed several weeks ago. Then that happened. It is painful to watch.

Feel better soon.

Seems to me like you are putting a great deal of effort into this platform. it shouldn't be at the expense of your health. I hope you manage to feel better and sleep better as soon as possible. Unfortunately greed is a common human condition which is hard to suppress. Best of luck on your future endeavors and congrats on your great meme videos. The one with Dimitri, a classic as well, I enjoyed quite a bit...saw one with powering up Steem with him also.



If you have a link to it feel free to drop it by. :D


Was looking for it now but I can't seem to be able to find it... the search goes on! It was something like the reporter was asking him if he plans on powering down and he was laughing and saying like he is only powering up no matter what.


The most important thing is health, take care of your health and be healthy. Nothing is more valuable than health. If it does, then everything else will be done.

Again as good as the last one :)
If these carry on from you this will need it's own tag.

Men lose their health to raise money, then lose their money to regain health. Go rest. The projects work better when we are relieved, and the overloads will decrease, and you will achieve greater success.
Think better about what is a priority in your life today !!!
Success in your projects.

Dimitri resurfaced again, LOL I still can't stop laughing how you put the subtitles, rofl. Wish we have some Filipino whale currators like you, you look for the interests/welfares of the minnows, good job on that. btw, that health thing goin' on..don't over do it so much, try to get some time to relax, cheers!

Hah. Well played. I've seen this video meme'd multiple times for other subjects. Sorry to hear that the curating project is having difficulties. I try and search through Streemit on my own looking for solid posts as it is. If you need more candidates for your OCD project, let me know.

Your health is more important than anything. Take care of your health first. Steemit will always be here when you feel better. Do you first, then everything. Feel better, keep your chin up.

Ha, now I see. It's all clear to me now. You have heard all those theories about Hitler not dying in WW 2 but escaping and being still alive?


  1. You have said you can speak German.

  2. You have said you haven't spoken German for some years. Most likely because you had to escape from Germany.

  3. Also, you told at some point, some german tourists have been surprised when you have spoken German to them in Finland.

Why would they be surprised unless.. you are actually Hitler.

You have been exposed!

Health is the most important..Your efforts are applaudable, but they will not reach full potential if you're in a state of constant zapped energy.

Take a break and rejuvenate your body and mind..then come back and carry on unleashing your @acidyo force here :)

First @acidyo I wish you a quick recovery and commend you on the job you are doing here for the success of all.
Steemit is growing and thus more work to be done hence why we understand and wish you and your team more strength and good health.
Haha, what a funny video, thanks and keep steeming.

Namaste my friend. Appreciate all that you do, the universe has your back. Keep doing great things and if you need any help I am here.

Dimitri was the man. I used it in some meeting and stiffed up gusy there liked it :)))

Don't quit the project. People are people, some will dissapoint you, some that you don't give a dime on them will surprise you in the most beautiful way.
Hope your illness can be treated and you can fully recover.

If I can be of any assistance let me know, would gladly help, even if I'm a minnow now.

Hey brother a little late on this post been moving, but thanks for the update and I hope you don't put too much weight on your shoulders, I am new here but can tell that you are trying to help and save Steemit and doing a lot for the community - the healthier you are the healthier you can be for others and you gotta make sure you prioritize that 'cause without your health STEEM ain't worth much. You probably heard this a million time... SALUTE!

OMG man you are so hilarious.

lol why'd you make yourself Hitler? lol

But dude, I hope the project works itself out. You're a smart guy and I'm sure you'll get it :D

It was the Beta version, I´m sure when you polish the details it will come with more strength. If I can help you with something let me know. I hope the sleep gets better mate. Been messaging you on the chat but I know you are busy with all the projects but I am still committed to OCD 100%, the trail already has another person on board to help curate; it is going slow but the mexico community is highly expecting us to start the real deal :D

Have out for burnout syndrome my friend :(

Funny video, thanks! Steem on!

Hitler's nickname is acidyo LMAO, very creative. And laughter is the ultimate healer by the way. Stay well!

Hi @acidyo - I'm sorry there is no other way to contact you about this other than through a comment. I'm trying to start a contest for people that promo the Steemit network. I'd love your support if you think the contest will work. If not, no worries. Maybe I'll run it once a week? https://steemit.com/steemit/@trevorlyman/daily-facebook-bomb-mass-promotion-steem-giveaway

I knew this was bound to happen.

That is okay,

hey mate,please take out some time and take good care of yourself for a while,take some rest,get well soon man

20 curators seems like a lot to manage, why don't you cut the project in half? Also I'd be happy to give you some strange but useful health advice if you want to hear it.


Love to read it, go ahead sir

I like your vedio very much.

Sorry to hear you've had problems with your project.

i wish @acidyo will notice me someday... 🙏🙏🙏

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Consider yourself noticed! :p


OMG!!! @acidyo noticed me!! 😱
please follow me.. make my dream come true!!!😇


Already did. :)


thank you so much @acidyo for having my dream come true....
i have no words! 😘😘😘

This meme never gets old!

It was damn funny
You are still on the top of steemit and sharing posts with all of us
Thank You for sharing

hahaha, Why Hitler didn't shootout all of them?

I really liked that video :)

haha good stuff. Hitler never dissapoints

Lol @ Hitler OCD:) Sad to read your struggling with your health sir, I'm new here on Steemit, I'm a health coach and articles on health & performance is what I plan on using Steem for. Please check them out when they come. Have a great day

Omg Hitler has OCD ...

I wish you will recharge your health again man, get a fews time to rest, and do best project next .

This post remembers me about this adjustment related to SAP (as Enterprise Resource Planning system) implementation.
I'm working on this field and when we want to relax the atmosphere we put to our clients this video.
It works every time!

We want a dimitri video everey week!!!!

Say one thing to your heart : All is well
And trust me... With time everything will be better than it was in past... Happy steeming :)
I wish to see you here guiding steemers till eternity ;)

I guess I already saw like thousands of remixes of this Hitler's video but it always amuse me :)

get well soon!

Health above all man. Chillax.

OMG i loved this post so much. Also, please do not jeopardize your health over people who won't appreciate the effort.

Keep it up @acidyo ! I really enjoyed the Dimitri video a lot, found it hilarious.

Stay strong and we look forward for your content.

I had so much fun watching this! It was not good Steemit.Chat was out so long Great to see that you like to be the leader to tell all responsible people of. And through a scene from such a controversial movie (I think the movie was very good BTW). Great work! Love it!

its funny

take a break my friend , hope you get better!

Any health issue, find a decent acupuncturist, and get online for some herbs, foods, and pressure points that help :-)

Steemit chat isn't working for me. I can't see any messages in the OCD group


I seriously hope you are joking


It has been 5 minutes since the opened the page and all I can see is this

You still think I'm joking?


How about watching the video in which posts you are writing this in first?


I was a little busy so I didn't watch the video.
Will be doing it.


Holy hell!😂😂
I'm sorry mate. I should have watched the video.
Sorry for bothering you :p

I have a suggestion though. How about you open a discord server.

you made yourself hitler. thats amazing


Give us the delegation acidyoski or we're cut off your johnson. We're minnows. We believe in automatic upvotes from whales.


We should call those users for Piranhas.

This video never disappoints, every voice over on this one is marvelous :D This one is specially great. I am happy that I am the first one to actually like it on Youtube as well.

lol @ censored on reddit and twitter :)

Sorry to hear that the project isn't going as expected, you're definitely doing a great cause for the community! If you need any possible help that I could provide, please write me! :) best of luck to You!

If you are healthy , you can start any new beginning from the scratch. Do not sacrifice your health for the sake of the project. First be healthy and then make the world healthy.

LOL hahahaha @acidyo

This post is so hilarious, hahahahahahahahahaha. It's tearing up my stomach with laughter😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Get well soon man, I pray that all will be well for you soon!

PS: just found and followed you for this great piece

this was too funny man keep it up and hope you will become better soon mate.

hope everything will be fine man :) stay strong :)

Awesome video..thank for sharing @acidyo

Thanks for the positive mood - keep it up

hhahahaha nice upvoted thanks for nice post i have a funny post too please have aa look


That is one hell of a funny article, man. You made my day!))

Great ..but most of not agreed.

The main thing, take care of your health! The project can wait.

Hahaaha.. Awesome video

Well I'm not impatient though but hopeful for OCD!..

Dude health above all else! :)

I hope your feeling better soon, look after yourself and don't let this place get to you your health comes first

HAHAHA I LOVE THIS! Great humour. Take care of yourself and your health. :)

Haha the remakings of this movie are precious, but this one is really good.

Get well soon.

Focus on your health @acidyo, the site will still be here. :)