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Salute Funditians,

As you know, we are making different activities and want to reward you, with our gamification initiative, in the form of monthly contest that will last until the end of August. As mentioned in the Fundition Magtivities - the current activity of this month is to have a selfie or it can be a normal picture, in public whereby you have to draw a heart somewhere or to make a creative heart somehow, creatively, so that you end up with a unique photo. We hope it will be one of a kind, because soon we will use this for promotion of our Heart Token, that will be an SMT. For the participation you will be rewarded with an upvote from us.

Participation rules:

- Use two tags on the Steemit post consisting "fundition" and "oneheart"
- Resteem this post so the others can see
- Write down a short description about the photo in the post
- Comment your post to know that you participated
- Only one entry per person
- The image has to contain the "" text written on a paper, wall or whatever is handy for you and depends on your creativity you have a chance to get a bigger upvote. (Keep in mind we don't approve/support illegalities like writing with graffiti on public buildings or other things like that. Stay Creative and Clean)
- Add in your entry post the Participation rules and a link to the original contest post from Fundition

Also we would like to hear from you what kind of activities you would like to see in the near future, in the comment section, but this is up to you. Make sure you read our latest Magtivity, and follow our social media, because we are sharing posts daily that you may like.

Let this amazing journey start, and lets see some hearts and love around the globe with your photos.
Have fun doing it!

We want to see hearts all over!

See the page 22 on the First Edition of the Magtivity.


With Love,
Fundition Team.

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Take to part the contest

I will surely participate in this. I will find first where I can be able to draw some hearts here in our place.

what is the award!

This is very good Idea :) I like it :)

Nice idea :) i will surely participate to this contest ;)

Love the initiative and I would like to participate. Does it have to be a selfie or can we just take a normal picture? :)

Hey there dear @diffuseloop,
It is up to you, do it however you want, since you may know how is the best for you.
Fundition Team | Email : [email protected]

Join a community with heart based giving at its core

Will definitely join! Thank you.

@funditian Will try to click something unique

I really want fundition will hold more activities in the future. This kind of contest is also a good way to promote findition and get more visibility. I’m in. ^^

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