Fundition Update #4 – bigger, better, and more beautiful

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Greetings fellow Steemians and Steem developers! We have exciting news for all of you. There is not a better way to show our gratitude and appreciation for your support than by constantly moving forward and improving our work. There is joy in us while writing this and a humble pride for all that has been done.

We have a built-in need for progress

We have been working non-stop to bring you new features and updates. Luckily for you, we did an amazing job and would like to inform you about our API, UI/UX improvements, PayPal donations, and Daily Chest. We have some new team members too and a new project type you can create.

We divided the number of queries per 10 on average which drastically dropped our usage of Steemit.Api and the loading size of data. This benefits every user and the entire steem blockchain.


We are listening to you,
and responding to your needs.

During the last couple of months, we had many users that were confused by the change in the price of their donations or upvotes to projects. Fundition is now recording every donation and payout with its USD value. Donors and supporters (with upvote) will now see the real value that they brought to the founder.
Here is an example. In this image, you see the amount donated by the anonymous user. That amount is shown in USD and will not change until he makes another donation.


First, a user requests a project. If the project is older than 7 days we load it from the blockchain and calculate the upvote value and if the project got direct donations, we load them from our DB. We check if the project contains updates and if it does, we also check their date and if they are still active, the data will be fetched from steemit. The important part is the load from blockchain of only needed updates which makes the query lighter. Upvote values will be displayed at the date of the payout of the update.

Steemit is now our backup

Whatever happens to our servers, everything can be retrieved within hours with no loss of data.

Homepage with new info

Since the homepage is the first thing users see when coming to, it is important to us that the most important and valuable information is there. From now on, total weekly updates and raised funds since the creation of Fundition will also be presented.

Search Bar improved

Our search bar now allows you to search for your favorite projects by author. You no longer have to spend much time in searching for everything a certain author has done, just type his name and you will get instant results and see all the lovely projects that are waiting for your support.

Lazy Loading fixed

There was some lazy loading in the past but we have fixed it and now all the news and images are appearing when they should and are visible when they should be.

We have created a simple and user-friendly way to contact our help center. While browsing through, you can now start a chat conversation with us and get help no matter on what part of the site you are.

There is a blue discord icon in the lower right corner of each page on and when you click on it, a small chat window will appear like shown in this image. That chat will always be available to you.

When that window opens, go ahead and type your question. Our team members will be glad to help you with anything you need. Our help-center is ready for you and all your inquiries.

Probably the most important update this time is the implementation of PayPal donation system. This will make donations from non steemit users easier. We are proud to be on the blockchain but are aware that not all people are. Now, you can share projects with your friends who are not on the blockchain but would like to help and make a donation. This is not reserved only for them, of course. If you are a steemit user and have funds that you wish to transfer, you can do it too.

How does it work?

You make a donation to the fundition association, in return we send liquid STEEM to the founders wallet. Fees for Each transactions under 2500$ are 3.4% of donations + 0.25€. Here is an example of one donation:

Donation Amount 25,00 USD
PayPal Fee-1,28 USD
Net Amount 23,72 USD
SteemPrice 0.800370 USD

As you can see, with your donation of 25 USD, the founder will receive 23.72/0.800370 = 29.636 STEEM. Given that crypto fluctuates, the calculation was done with current prices and is subjected to change depending on the price of Steem but the fees before conversion stay the same.

Our golden chest stays the same. When you log into, you will see a golden chest in the upper right corner, next to your username. Simply click on it and reclaim sp/steem in your wallet on Steemit

The news is that our daily chest full of prizes will be waiting for you every day. The chest is full of steem and heart power and you have a chance to win some of it each 24 hours. It will pop up in your screen when you visit every day.
By clicking on the chest, the reward will be transferred to your account. Do not forget to come and claim it every day, it would be a shame that you miss on free prizes.

We are excited to tell you that from now on you can create a project that is AUTOMATICALLY RESET. We now have recursive projects too that will make it easier for founders to set the specific project once and have it repeated.

What is the difference?

When you choose Classic type, your project will be done in a normal style, like all projects have been up till now but when you choose Recursive and pick daily, weekly, monthly it will repeat itself on that chosen basis. Imagine you are an artist and need monthly support to continue working on your project until you finish it or you need help with funding your school fees or some other example where project and funding are continuous, this will make it easier for you.

With all this great news about improvements, we almost forgot to tell you about our new team members. Allow us to present you with two great additions to Fundition family, Petra and Camilo. Petra, whom you can find on steemit as @zen-art, is our new Editorial Director and Camilo whom you can find as @camiloferrua is our new designer. We are aware that people are visual beings so we picked the best of the best to make sure that the first thing people see in Fundition amazes them in every way. Fundition family is proud of its every member and loves them dearly. We cannot wait for you to meet these two new ones and love them too.

We are what we are because of you and we will remain working on creating a better future today. A better future for all of us. As always, we are open for your suggestions and valuable feedback and will help with whatever we can, whenever we can. Together, we will achieve greatness and move forward with constant improvement.

Until our next big update,
Donate and spread the love!
Your Fundition team.

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hola y muy bien el contenido ?pero como puedo hacer las donaciones ?quiero hacer una pero me da error porfa :)


Hello @proassasins, puedes unirte a nosotros en nuestra discordia para que podamos ayudarte. :)

  • Saludos Goyard del equipo de Fundition

Hii bro please help me to grow my steemit profile.


thanks very much for the info! really help full!!


I think this is a fantastic crowdfunding platform setup you guys are developing! What I'm a little worried about are the "chest prizes" feature - What's implemented to safeguard against fraudulent accounts that are created just to harvest such rewards? As a project manager myself (more or less, no real title here!) it's definitely something I've got to consider when implementing loyalty reward-type systems... Nonetheless, it's a fantastic idea, and I can't wait to see what's next!


Hello @chibera thank you for supporting our efforts. :)

  • Greetings Goyard from the Fundition team

Helpful article.


thanks so much for the info. it's really help full post


Excelente contenido.

Hi there, @fundition!

We'd just thought that we would like to remind you that we mentioned you in our most recent blog post mentioning how we recognise your loving and charitable work! More so, how we are upvoting all of your content with the aim of finacnailly supporting you, as it is in line with our mission statement

We thought that it would be important to let you know that we are supporting you, hoping that we could improve our relationship together!

Let us know what you think!




Hello @charitycurator, thank you very much for your support.
With pleasure we can discuss it on the discord if you want > discord

  • Greetings Goyard from the Fundition team

Sure, that sounds good.

We thought that it would be important to let you know that we are supporting you!

If you would like to support us further, read this blog post here!



Great updates for fundition team!
Congrats, this post is feature on my news show (in Chinese :D) for today.


Hello @joythewanderer, we appreciate your support! Thanks for the interest you have given to our platform! :)

  • Greetings Goyard from the Fundition team

Together we build a better tomorrow.

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Hello @coretan.aksara, I agree with you entirely!

  • Greetings Goyard from the Fundition team

Thank you for everything you do !
This is through you that a lot of Steem projects have funds to be developed !

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Hello @vlemon, thank you for your feedback! We will continue our efforts to achieve the goal of projects.

  • Greetings Goyard from the Fundition team

Wow! That was great!!! Amazing... More power guys!!! Congrats @zen-art! (^_^)


Hello @Kennyroy, thank you for your interest to our platform, we are doing our best to improve it every day and give you the best experience possible!

  • Greetings Goyard from the Fundition team

Please to meet you @goyard...

Awesome update. Hopefully I can get back to some of my projects that I posted on there. sheepish laugh


Hello @bflanagin, thank you for the interest you have in our platform, we are pleased to learn that your experience has improved with this new update!

  • Greetings Goyard from the Fundition team

Great update! Sounds like you have made some major changes that will benefit the community greatly. This is a great way for communities to raise the money they need and help the blockchain at the same time! Way to go!


Hello @socent, thank you for your feedbacks and your summary about that is absolutely right, that is what we aim to achieve!

  • Greetings Goyard from the Fundition team

So many updates and great news. Having an embedded chat on the website is a nice touch. However, there may be a temporary issue as an error occurred. I like the idea of recursive projects since it allows people to join without a specific goal or with dynamic goals.


Hello @espoem, thank you for your feedback.
Yes, you've heard that, the founders will have now a better facility to achieve their goal with these choices. :)

  • Greetings Goyard from the Fundition team

I'm hosting Dapps of Steem tomorrow at 11am EST. HOpefully someone from your crew can make it.


Hello @aggored, we have heard the news and @free999enigma from our associates will be present tomorrow.
We are looking forward to discover the rest of this good news!

  • Greetings Goyard from the Fundition team

Wonderful! The update looks pretty great and will contribute greatly to steem development.

Kudos to the team!


Hello @liltom002, thank you for your feedback, we are very pleased, we are doing our best to bring you the most efficient platform available.

  • Greetings Goyard from the Fundition team

Thanks @fundition!!!

I'm very happy to be part of this incredible project and the excellent team that makes it up. I hope that my contribution continue help to keep it going and improve it more and more.

i have a problem, i need money just 30dollars to buy food for my daughter pleaaase guys

How am I just now hearing about Fundition? I look forward to Following your blog, and keeping updated on developments. More than that I am going to find a way to participate in Fundition, and/or support the projects found there! This is a really great project - kudos

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Hello @aejackson, I thank you very much for all your support, your support in commentary helps already and contributes greatly to making our platform known to the public so that they can participate and contribute to the progress, but if you want to help more, we can discuss it on our discord our team will be at your disposal!

  • Greetings Goyard from the Fundition team

Great update ! I love this


Hello @alihanay, thank you for your feedback, we love you too! :D

  • Greetings Goyard from the Fundition team

Great information. I really appreciate that. Lots of love for the post


Hello @glyph1, thank you for your feedback.

  • Greetings Goyard from the Fundition team

Great concept for crowdfunding.


Hello @vbarrey12 ! Glad that you like! If you need any informations you can join Fundition discord server here
See you over there!
Burak Akdogan from the Fundition team.

ooh!we need really like this post....thank you

Awesome crowdfunding platform and I am going to find a way to participate in Fundition, & support the projects, it's a extraordinary thinking due to my opinion keep going chibera. it will be very interesting to see what will happen next.


Hello @anil556 ! Awesome! The projects on are waiting for your support! If you have a project yourself but need a little bit of guiding for the project proposal we have a Founder support team to help you, you can reach the team here
See you there!
-Miemie from the Fundition team



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thanks very much for the info! really help full!!
Plzz support guys follow & up vote me..🙏

Wowwww that was great guys amazing work @fundition

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Awesome updates. Thanks for sharing.

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Excellent effort @ fundition.

Woo;it is a good thought for all user and to develop for steemains.I like so much and love it.It is the best one in future thing and good luck to all.Thank you.


Hello @uthantzin ! Glad that you like! If you need any informations you can join Fundition discord server here
See you over there!
-Miemie from the Fundition team.

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you are one of my favorite author at steemit keep doing your work

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Appreciate the updates. Thanks for sharing.

Are fundition powering down???

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