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31/10/18 - 03/11/18

In our Progress Reports we get the opportunity to share with you what's been going on here at the @charitycurator project! As with any charitable project, it is challenging to get the wheels turning and create a large impact to those with financial needs. However, we are optimistic about the potential that we can all produce, right here on the Steem Blockchain.


Our new banner has recieved some warm feedback, from the likes of @skramatters, @successforall and @mourningnoodles, being so kind and generous. We were contemplating between investing our money into STEEM or STEEM Power yet thought that the STEEM would be a better investment, what are your thoughts? Anyway, we have purchased 150 STEEM of our own through @blocktrades. and we are deciding to put that into promotion and exposure...

We have been again working hard at gaining exposore this week to get our mission more eyes and more attention. The healthy thing about Steemit is that the ecosystem is very intergrated so exposure can be gained in a natural and healthy way. The obstacle however is getting the wheels turning so that content can be seen on trending pages and hot pages so that the masses of Steemit are aware of the content. We are trying to acheive this in a organic way without too much outside spending on promoting posts and bots, although this is necessary at times. Reiterating what we mention in our previous post about helping us out at @charitycurator, here are some ways you can do it! Or scroll down for more info as well!

As mentioned in our mission statement we announced the stretching goal of having 2,500,000 STEEM POWER. This was not simply a number plucked out of the air, there was calculations behind it as to fulfill the goal of giving 100 people $10 worth of upvotes a day, thus raising them above the poverty line! We are a long way off, however we would like to thank our delegators and of course acknowledge if delegators would prefer anonymity.

We would like to thank our loyal followers, please take a look at their pages below!

@albert8887, @alphabot, @datmacro, @eveningart, @fastresteem, @freerangehuman, @iamindian,, @karchady, @littledisciples, @luppers, @marcusmalone, @modelcoinmc, @neelam121, @romanticankit, @samiullahsr, @sezenke, @skramatters, @sohailezaz, @steemwhalepower, @sutter, @thegreens, @voteme, @windermarin and @yoginiofoz.

We would like to thank some new followers, tags also below!

@gregorypatrick57, @ctime25, @primeradue25, @lorennys57, @glendys43, @minhaz00754, @albertico1925, @abhaya50443, @furqanhussain25, @beardedegghead43, @voxmortis58, @sadman8835, @ceeka-dacrafta32, @williammarin51, @cindyik25, @theonlyway56 and @electronicsworld.

Who are we up voting?

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Here is a list of the projects that we have identified as charitable causes and thus provide support to them:

  1. @steemitkidsworld
  2. @schoolforsdg4 (Run by @azizbd)
  3. @scholarsph (Run by @tagalogtrail)
  4. @thegreens (Run by @mr-greens)
  5. @adollaraday (Run by @pennsif)
  6. @papilloncharity (Run by Stephen (Zac) and Marian Smith)
  7. @littledisciples
  8. @dreamsoftheocean (Run by @surfermarly)
  9. @treeplanter
  10. @mhm-philippines (@daddywilliam)
  11. @lotusleaf (supported by @fundition)
  12. @ecodesigns
  13. @tarc
  14. @youarehope (Run by @sircork)
  15. @sc-v
  16. @sc-g
  17. @seekgod
  18. @steemchurch
  19. @sc-n
  20. @walkofhope (Run by @immarojas)
  21. @beyonddisability
  22. @steemarity
  23. @steemitmamas
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We are adding some new pages to the list! Here they are:

  1. @cindyik
  2. @gtpjfoodbank
  3. @steemitcharity
  4. @womenempowerment
  5. @FamilyProtection (Run by @canadian-coconut)
  6. @cooking4charity
  7. @globalfoodbook
  8. @gardenofeden


Our mission @charitycurator is "To Raise 100 People Above The Poverty Line On The STEEM Blockchain". This is done by giving them $10 worth of upvotes / day on content that they upload on Steemit.

If our mission resonates with you and would like to get on board and support, here's how you can help:


1. Upvote @charitycurator content:

Upvoting our content allow us to gain more STEEM Power. Having more SP allows us to work towards our goal of 2.5M SP and thus being able to give charitable content the financial help that they need.

Even better could be adding us to your auto-voter on @steemauto so you never miss upvoting content that we post!

2. ReSteem our posts!

With any project on the STEEM blockchain, exposure is paramount. More eyes on the work means more potential help that we can generate together here at @charitycurator. If you have supported the project and feel that you can do no more, perhaps someone else can who is following you. By ReSteem-ing our work allows those people to see our work as well and also become potential supporters in the future! We would massively appreciate this!

3. Delegate SP to @charitycurator

This is a very generous thing that you can do. We are aware that every little helps, therefore we accept all quantities of delegations. We are finding out how to get links below for you to click and seamlessly offer your SP to us :) Or, you can head directly to our page and delegate there!

4. Join the @charitycurator SteemAuto Curation Trail:

We ask that you join our Curation Trail so that we can make a greater impact, together! The Trail is simply named: @charitycurator.

Here is a quick overview of @steemauto if you aren't aware of it.

@mahdiyari built a project to provide automation of curation on Steemit, called @steemAuto. One of the base features on this platform is a 'Curation Trail'. What this does is essentially you can copy the up voting of another user, compiling many users together would thus form a curation trail. What I would like to bring to the table is our @charitycurator based curation trail, thus allowing many Steemit users to come together and upvote content from pages such as @sc-v and @sc-g

This is our favourite part, the @steemauto curation trail allows us to automate the curation so that we never miss out on an opportunity to help!

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Thank You!

Thanks for reading this report!

Feel free to comment below, let us know what you think!




upvoted and resteemed. Thank you so much for choosing me as one of the people you will support on your project. This is the first time. And, you were the first one to do so. Thank you so much. More power and kudos to the people behind this amazing initiative :)

Thank you so much for the support. You are welcome, you are more than deserving of our support! Yes, we are looking for more people to get behind our project and move it forward!



Thanks for bringing us to the spotlight @charitycurator and we really appreciate all your support! Its thanks to generosity like yours that we are able to improve the health and wellbeing of people and the planet. We really appreciate and keep doing the awesome job!

You are welcome, it's the least we could do!

We will continue to support you long into the future!



We are praying that instead of having $17.99 on your post upvotes, that you will soon have $307.99. Keep on with the good work my friend as all good things come with patience! Blessings!

Thank you, I hope so someday too!

I appreciate the words of encouragement!



Thank you very much for your support to @SchoolForSDG4. I really appreciate the effort. Will be nice to see if you check @WomenEmpowerment project as well if it can be listed to your list.

You are welcome!

If you read the report, @womenempowerment also recieved a mention!



Thanks a bunch @charitycurator! I and all of the members of Tagalogtrail were so glad that we are featured and supported by your group. Rest assured that we will live up to the expectations and more scholars to come from us in the next few months.

You are welcome!

We thought that it would be important to let you know that we are supporting you and we are confident that you will prosper!

If you would like to support us further, read this blog post here!



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