It is 11:57 p.m. after the most excrucitating day that I've had in a very long time. I just wanted to collapse on the floor and sleep in front of the fireplace..... but HOW could I let this day go by without celebrating BETA MONKEE DAY!!!!

and what do Monkees do? They RISE TO THE OCCASION! SO... here I am! Celebrating my Monkees and this awesome day in history for us! woo hoooooo!

I have so many things to share - but my brain is about to shut down for the night and there isn't much that I can do to stop it this time! hehehe So all the things on my list to share will have to wait! But I simply cannot wait to share! I hope that you'll be as excited as I am to watch this project grow and change over time. I have a feeling it's going to be a very special one!

This is my first update on the app in 3 whole days because I have been doing so many behind the scenes things, the "front of the house" things have suffered a bit! But hopefully tomorrow everything will be on track and back to normal! I think I might even get out 2 updates! hehehe

Monkees - I'm SO proud of you!!!! You're already doing a fantastic job!! Keep up the great work - we are gonna have SO much fun this month and you are AWESOME helpers!!!! See you on the morrow, me treasure huntin' Monkees!
-Monkee Capt'n Dreemie



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Happy Monkee Dayyyy!!!! I am so so glad that the launch was a success, now you can have time to rest a bit.... Looking forward to seeing all the amazing things the Monkees (and of course you) are gonna acomplish.

Do have a good night rest, Dreemie... Spending you a big hug and tons of love...

Posted using Partiko Android

You have arrived! Now is the season of our discontent! We'll sleep when we're dead!! [Insert motivational quote here]!!!

Posted using Partiko Android

So far your Monkee business has grown exponentially, get a little rest so that you can swing through the trees with your whole squadron!!! Heeheehee!

I hope you are sleeping right now
Sleep well Capt'n :D

You have to sleep now Monkee Capt'n Dreemie the group needs you,
Good luck on you new Path!

Exciting news! Hooray!

Posted using Partiko iOS

Congratulations on launching this beta test season of @spunkeemonkee. I’m so excited for you I’m doing the funky monkey 🐒

Yay!!! I dropped in on one if the monkees! Wow .... What a productive day for him.

I am so excited for the SpunkeeMonkee family, especially YOU!

Rest well McDreemie xxx

Get lots of sleep and have tons of fun with the monkees :)

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