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Why else would you capture a wild armadillo?

Well, actually, I just did it for fun. Armadillos are one of four creatures that can carry leprosy, along with sloths, chimpanzees, and humans... Kind of makes you want to avoid crowds, huh? Anyway, here's some photos of me post-capture taken by a six year old.


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Awwww, I'll bet you scared the heck out of the little guy!

I've loved armadillos since living in Florida, and they really are extremely nearsighted, as I had one walk up to me in Florida until it was less than three feet from me.

I'd been reading that they were moving north, but didn't see one near us until last year, but now I see them constantly as road kill. Sad.

But the first live one I've seen in Tennessee was on our street, about three properties north, who ran into the brush as I drove past.

Good that you got to show it to your six-year-old, but please, in future, don't hold them hanging by their tail.

It's just not nice. Golden Rule and all that.

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Okay.... no more tail hanging!

Thanks, @papa-pepper, I appreciate it, and no doubt so will any armadillos you encounter in the future.

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haha! howdy sir papa-pepper! I had no idea about the leprosy, wow! I thought that disease died out centuries ago. Did the armadillo roll up in a ball when you approached him? lol..that's a classic cover shot!

They always seem to run when I approach them on foot.... a ball would be much easier to catch (think baseball) LOL

Then, after capture.... they poop and pee everywhere... Gues it scares the cr*p out of them.

lol! But they are easy to catch because they are very slow runners I assume!

I think that they are rather quick actually.... ever try?

No sir I'd love to though, if I ever get close enough to one I'll try to catch him!

Yeah, I have read that they carry that disease..... how do you prevent from getting it when handling those critters?

Wash your hands afterward. It really is that simple.

A little like handling turtles, which carry salmonella: if you wash your hands after handling them, you won't get it.

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Makes sense @crescendoofpeace I just read that most of us are immune to it... but armadillos do carry the disease that causes Hansen's disease (aka Leprosy). Human to human transmission of the disease is not quite understood by science yet, so it might not be as simple as washing one's hands though.

I was speaking specifically to handling armadillos, as I have a number of friends in wildlife rehabilitation, and have some experience in it myself.

As you say, most humans are immune, and most of it comes down to keeping your immune system healthy.

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You are on target here. Wash up. Good advice for anyone, after handling any wild animal. Just looked it up in Merk Manuals (sorry, I'm a compulsive researcher), if you want some more definitive information.

I can relate, I'm a compulsive researcher myself. ;-)

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Well, I guess for starters they shouldn't be eaten.

A lot of people do eat them in some areas of the world.... we don't

They're fascinating creatures, to be sure. Holding them up by the tail like that just for a photo? Not fun and probably terrifying for it. :( I'd prefer a crappy long range pic and a happier armadillo.

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