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My wife was reading a book to my daughter about the olden days.

In particular, this book was about children working in various jobs instead of going to school etc. There was much talk of chimney sweeps and young boys being sent down the mines.

My daughter was aghast at the thought of children being used in such a way. After several weeks of the school holidays, I wasn't thinking it was that bad an idea.

My wife gave me a sidelong glance.

Daddy was forced to stop school when he was younger and got sent off to the Mill to work.

My daughter's eyes grew wide.

No Daddy, surely not?

I rolled my eyes at the good lady.

It wasn't quite like that lass. I didn't mind going and getting a job.

Daddy's family were so poor they had to drink tea out of their hands because they couldn't afford cups.

Said the good lady with a twinkle in her eye.



My daughter reeled back in horror.

No, Daddy, say it isn't true?!

It's not true darling. Mummy is teasing.

Daddy's family were so poor they had to make shoes out of paper mache.

Said the good lady quite smugly as if it indeed were true.

Even my daughter, at the grand age of five, looked sceptical at this one.

Daddy, is Mummy teasing? You didn't really have to wear shoes made of paper mache, did you?

No lass, they would have got soggy in the rain.



I looked sternly over at the good lady. She was giggling away at her inventive poor Daddy stories. It was funny but I did think I would have to remind her of the family pact.

Mummy, we are having fun and a bit of a laugh but remember, we do have a pact to always tell the truth to one another and your jokes are bordering on porky pies.

Even as I spoke, I winced at how old and fuddy-duddy I sounded.

The good lady nodded solemnly.

You are correct Daddy bear. Telling the truth within the family is one of the most important lessons we can teach as parents and it is the most respectful thing we can do for each other. I mean, it is a large part in establishing a trusting and respectful family dynamic isn't it, Daddy?

I stopped myself from rolling my eyes at the good lady who seemed to have suddenly become a Victorian wife.



Yes Mummy, that is correct.

I couldn't help but wink at my daughter.

The good lady took a big satisfied breath in.

So, little lady. Did Daddy tell you all about his exciting adventures on Friday night?

She asked my sweet smiling daughter, who, upon hearing the question, started leaping up and down with excitement.

Yes! Yes! Yes, he did!! He and his friends went out on an adventure to hunt bears, they eventually found some and had a massive fight with them but they were too powerful and Daddy and his friends had to run away. Daddy got hit on the head when escaping which was why he had such a sore head on Saturday and was a bit grumpy!

They all looked at me.

What was that about the truth Daddy?

Enquired the good lady sweetly.

I looked at the floor and cleared my throat.

Did I say bears the other day lass? I think I meant beers...


What about you? Have you been a bit over-imaginative when describing something to a child? Heck, even an adult?

Tell us your best tales in the comments. I will be there to listen!

Authored by: @meesterboom

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This is seriously some of the funniest stuff I have read here on steemit :-) I can't seriously stop laughing and I have to say that we need more of this!

Alright if I remember correctly, it was my aunts boy (my cousin). I my self was teenager but this kid was maybe 5-6. We had this horror story that was shared between the teenagers and older kids (I have a large extended family) and was told as joke amongst us. Obviously the small kids are kept out of the loop because............ well because its a horror story.

One of the older kids told my little cousin this story and it seriously freaked him out. When the adults got to know the situation, they started doing damage control and tried make this horror story as a mixture of movies and jokes so as to remove the kids fear. (The story involved police taking away pieces of nose, ears, tongue from civilians as a punishment......... gross, I know)

One of the sides our house was on a particularly busy street and I guess somebody who was standing outside heard the whole commotion inside our house. This stranger must have been particular nasty because he took the name of the kid from outside the window and then said - 'Keep you ear ready, its time' and then rn away.

I think my cousin never really got over it after that. I know that it was traumatizing and all but to my teen-aged youth it sounded so funny that I still feel guilty about it....

Ha, thanks mate! We do need more funny on Steemit!

That is a good one, in a not good way. I can understand it would be traumatising but at the same time I would have been like you and found it funny but felt bad!

Was a bit worried that my humor would be misjudged but thank god for small favors :-)
But dude this post was the funniest thingI have read here in while. LOL!!!

I rarely misjudge humour :OD

And cheers, you are too kind!

In particular, this book was about children working in various jobs instead of going to school etc.

My mom had to do the same. She actualy worked since she was 14 years old. Now she just retired this year after all those hardworking years. She is happy to be able to rest now.

Did I say bears the other day lass? I think I meant beers...

Something doesn’t add up in this story. Either you run from bear because it was so strong, or you run away from beer because it was too strong lol. Next time I’m going beer 🍻 hunting 😆.
There are too many stories where I got caught for not telling the truth, not that I lied, I just didn’t say anything. But the problem is, the truth always comes out in family, even if you don’t lie. One way or another.

I am glad your mum is getting to enjoy retirement now!

Yes, the story barely stood up too a five year olds scrutiny!

Hi, I'm new to your blog. I like what you write.

Some time ago I was in a conference where they showed us the amount of children working all over the world, I think they reach 2 million and do any kind of work. It's sad to see them work in this way.

I think this is more frequent in places where there is the Iraq war, Israel and all those places that have lived in war, the children have to go out to work, in addition to losing everything.

It is a terrible thing

@meesterboom, Good to go through from this post because, children always create an Fun essence for sure, and here first of all i want to talk about the subject related to the Child Workers. This is an darkest subject and it can shake us because these kind of activities literally kill the childhood of many and also children are kept out of the Basic Education which inturn push them into Darkness.

And in my opinion still at some places it happens, and these kind of activities should stop and in my opinion it's an Duty of everyone to stop if they found any children are made Child Workers. The point is, we are the change and we can bring the change for sure.

And literally children really showcase so much Enthusiasm towards the stories and tales specially from their parents, and while reading it, i was remembering my childhood and it always give pleasant feeling because we cannot access but while reading we can at least try to visualise it.

And most importantly, children should know the truth and yes, sometimes we have to change the channel and that means, we have to choose the way of telling technique in a way that children should get the message also the channel should not affect them because in many case people try to teach children harshly, and in these cases children can affect in an negative way.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Oh, man. I just hate when reality crashes an otherwise good story...

This just had me smiling and giggling all the way through. Terrific story and even better writing!

That's it, I'm off to look for bears!

Cheers @bigtom13! The funny thing about bears is that you never know when you will find them! :O)

very interesting story
I think this is more frequent in places where there is the Iraq war, Israel and all those places that have lived in war, the children have to go out to work, in addition to losing everything.

This story is very interesting, it deserves to be shared.

I believe so!

Loved it! So fun and cute at the same time!

hahahahaha awesome! oh the stories, that have been embellished to make them sound a lot better. The little fibs we tell, to make things more exciting. "I once caught a fish this big...." There is a story of me and one of my older brothers going on a wilderness survival trip. The more and more we tell it, the closer and closer we come to dying in it. hahaha, good times.

Hello! It is good to educate our children, tell them stories of the realities that other children live, so they are grateful for their lives, what they have and what they are. And even better if you talk to them and have fun.
How creative the story of the bear!!

Hahaha @misterbooms!!

Next time you may need to tutor a toddler "homophones/homonyms" before telling your fairytale stories!
Beer and Bear referred!!😄😄

Nevertheless, whether "Daddy and Mummy"believed it or not, the story revealled life of lack and want in most homes during the mediaeval era.

Interesting story