FullTimeGeek's Daily Bot Report 2018-08-12 (last 24hrs) — Steemit

FullTimeGeek's Daily Bot Report 2018-08-12 (last 24hrs)

in fulltimegeek •  4 months ago

img by @allseeingewe

The "daily" bot reports are back! My bots have been configured to only UPVOTE for the past few days ... let's hope it stays that way.





Who are the BLESSED?

They are content creators that do one, or more, of the following:

  • Engage their audience and community
  • Care about the well being of Steem
  • Produce quality content

Who are the HEALED?

They are free thinkers that have been censored/flagged for their opinions.

Who are the CONDEMNED?

They are one, or more, of the following:

  • Reward Pool Rapist (Selfishly upvotes)
  • Flags opinions to destroy reputation or rewards
  • Doesn't care for Steem or community

Report Start Time: 2018-08-11 14:00:00 EDT
Report End Time : 2018-08-12 14:00:00 EDT

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I can't thank you enough @fulltimegeek for everything you do for myself and everyone else on here. Thank you again you are one in a million.

The best Steemian!

Thank you very much for your support @fulltimegeek!

Your constant support and engagement is inspiring. You have helped to grow on this platform and I will never forget that!

I want to say thank you for all the support, you have help immensely with the growth of my account and SP, and I very much do appreciate that. Even when you are busy fighting you still have time to see the people trying to be a part of steemit, and help people out. I do consider myself blessed by you, to be included among such as the likes of tarazkp, abh12345, lynncoyle1, and all the others in your list.

Happy to see the bots back! As always, thank you for your support to us fishes, small and big.

Surprisingly, I received an upvote from H on my last post. I’ve also seen him upvoting individuals on your bot list. I believe he is trying to show community support in his own way. It starts with small steps. Despite differences in opinions, perhaps there could occur an overlap where we all try to ‘support the community’ for the greater good of STEEM.


I have also noticed this and it's great to see!


Definitely agree! Ahem Asher, slacking on the curation league post? 😉 I might have dropped out completely this round. Trying to soak in as much summer fun with the family as possible before the brutal winter cold. Will check in later!


haha :)

Yes, working on it now!


Thanks for putting it together. 🙂


My pleasure!

I actually fell asleep on the beach this afternoon, ahhh :)


I did see your seaview picture yesterday. So envious! About to take my kiddo to play in the pool. He’s scared and happy at the same time. Glad you took time to soak in the sun.


I saw this too, and in fact, he upvoted my last post, much to my pleasant surprise :)


Silver lining :)

Thank you for your generous sponsorship of my continuing, Short form, Science Fiction work, through my Cryptographic Novel, found exclusively here on the STEEM Blockchain. Highest regards and SteemON Bruv!

TRIGGERED Warning: Some people FAIL to see the humor in things ; )


Thank you so much for your 'steemlove'! 😍

Also, I LOVE your robot meme! 🤖

I know you've only found me recently... but we (me and the hubs @chrisroberts) have been creating an old time radio show (episodic) called 🚀SPACE CARRIE'S ADVENTURES IN SPACE 🚀. There's a wonderfully snarky robot named Henry who begins and ends everything in "Beep Boop". That is the correct way for robots to speak. None of this "Boop Beep" or "Beep Beep" business. 🤖 So, thank you for your acknowledgment on that. 😎

Full disclosure: Steem Monsters has been sucking up a lot of our time and we haven't done a new Space Carrie in over a month! But! We are working on it now.

Imma link to the most recent one (over month old 😏 ). It has all the links to the previous ones. They start out rough and less than 10 minutes... And by the time you get to the last one, it's over 20 and much better editing and acting qualities throughout.

I'm not asking for anything here, but thought you may enjoy the radio shorts. I do. Most do that find them. But no pressure. 😘

🚀Space Carrie's Adventures In Space!🚀- Episode 7

Thanks again for all your support (to me and the entire community)!

Thank you kindly good sir. :-)

Thank you so much for a massive amount of support over the last few days it is very much appreciated, especially at these times when support is hard to come by. I recognize a lot of deserving names on that list I am sure are grateful also.

I am so grateful to you for choosing me out of so many deserving steemians. I'm humbled to be included on this list of yours :) Thank you!

Happy Sunday @fulltimegeek :)

Feeling most blessed indeed! Thanks for everything, @fulltimegeek!

BL3$5 BOTS h4V3 H4X0r3d +EH butTeRphlY EPHf3ct f0r m0re h4PpYs!

Thank you @fulltimegeek!

Keep fighting the good fight!

FTG thank you so much for spreading your support to so many people, it made my day to see I was included in the blessed list and I bet the same can be said about a lot of other users.

I am very thankful!