Day 270: 5 Minute Freewrite: Monday-Prompt: delicate

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Day 270: 5 Minute Freewrite initiated by @mariannewest. Monday-Prompt: delicate

Thistle Whistle

I took one look and "Don't touch me!" was written all over it. Those prickly branches and leaves looked like they could do some serious damage. How ironic it was to find this menacing looking plant topped with a cup of cheery, lavender flowers. They whistled an invitation to those who wanted to dine. Many couldn't resist, even with the potential risk to do harm.

When the flowers turned to seed with delicate plumes attached, they drifted in the breeze of nature's exhale. And when nature held her breath, the seeds knew where to new thistles could grow; all with dual personalities.

Image Source: 100% my own.

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Even the strongest have delicate parts, expecially those who are made for "loving", like the flowers (the reproduction organs of the plant). tip!

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Oh, I love your comment. : ) And thanks so much for the tip Marco!

Nature is the best! Shitty weather around here;(

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