Weekend Freewrite

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Since we have had all the changes and my RC doesn't seem to be growing very fast - and I have no idea what 4 posts would do to it, We are going to do things differently this Saturday.

Single Prompt Option

For this option, please scroll to last week and use whichever prompt you like. There aren't many posts - it will be easy to find.

The Three Parter

For this one, you all have to be good and not try to peak to find the next prompt until you wrote your 5-minutes worth.

Prompt # 1

This nice property has over 150 different animals, including a Malaysian tiger. And the spiders...

Start writing


Prompt 2

She always thought that her kisses were the best.

start writing :)


Prompt 3

the buzzing drove him crazy

Happy Writing to you all. Hope this worked for you.

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Haha ...
I had to close my eyes and scroll to the end then back scroll so I could vote and resteem without cheating.
I hope to come back later and join in, but wanted to share in case I didn't get back in time.
I don't know much about forks, hard or otherwise. I know my voting was down and it has improved somewhat, but has not restored.
Many forks ago I woke to a significant jump in vote power, from a couple of cents to a couple of dollars. Now I'm sitting around 20 or 30 cents. I just keep Steeming on, a fork in the tracks does not appose my continued scrolling along. 🚧🚊🚶🔙🔜🚀🎢☔⛅🌞💃

Ok, I haven't scrolled down! My RC was 100% this morning. VP still crap (well less than I'd like it to be!)

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I scheduled the post and was at a conference all day - actually staying with improv. He told me that all RC was recharged for everyone.....
Now, we shall see how that all works :)

Yeah, I'm actually feeling a bit more positive about it. Perhaps (as discussed in the post I shared with Snook) the changes will encourage powering up and investment in steem rather than spending earnings on bots to make more money.

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I would like to see that. It probably encourages all active users to check their spelling and such before publishing since each edit costs us LOL
And like you, I really want this to work. We spend too much time on trying to get somewhere on this platform.

Hello... I didn't cheat! Here is my 3 prompt freewrite... https://steemit.com/weekendfreewrite/@felt.buzz/buzz-a-weekend-freewrite-pr6w1s0y

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Good job on not cheating LOL

LOL! You did it very well! Good work! :)

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I wrote on the prompts: quit, syrup, & chalk.

I'll upvote when I reach 90% plus voting mana. It's good to write again. I really missed it. 🙏

Hello Friend! Happy to return to my 5 minutes where I write and share my thoughts.

I can assure you that you have enough RC for the posts :) you have more than I do and it's replenishing super quick now!! :D Here is my weekend freewrite :)


So sooooo happy to see my feed flowing again!

You have 100% RC according to steemd!

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Also here's the power report using beempy through the terminal:


| Key                      | Value                    |
| Name (rep)               | mariannewest (62.67)     |
| Voting Power             | 86.67 %,                 |
| Vote Value               | 0.04 $                   |
| Last vote                | 69:27:29 ago             |
| Full in                  | 15:59:33                 |
| Steem Power              | 896.54 STEEM             |
| Balance                  | 311.918 STEEM, 2.996 SBD |
| Remaining RC             | 100.00 %                 |
| Remaining RC             | (1812 G RC of 1812 G RC) |
| Full in                  | 0:00:00                  |
| Est. RC for a comment    | 1.51 G RC                |
| Est. RC for a vote       | 0.31 G RC                |
| Est. RC for a transfer   | 0.12 G RC                |
| Comments with current RC | 1200 comments            |
| Votes with current RC    | 5805 votes               |
| Transfer with current RC | 14960 transfers          |

Thank you. I had scheduled the post in advance and was at a conference all day. found out that we all got recharged....


I would have posted the other day if only I had enough RC's to post. It cost over 20 a day or so ago. Today it cost my around 5 for the post. I wonder what it is going to be after this comment. 8-)


Some might like this site. --> steem.supply

Screenshot 29.png

Did anyone else notice that the comment are in alphabetical order by account name?

And I didn't cheat, or peep at the next prompt while doing this.

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