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A Favorite Freewrite Poem

Recommend Freewrite Poetry is back as a weekly event at the Freewrite House.

So many of you are gifted poets and sometimes, we don’t find all the wonderful poems. As always, all of us together are going to be so much better. We see more poems and all of us have different tastes and opinions. We like to hear them!

We extended the time for this contest and you now have three days to find a Freewrite Poem and participate. Please, help us find the talented Freewrite Poets out there so we can feature them.

Win, Win, Win!!!

You Tell Us about your favorite Freewrite Poem for a Chance to Win Memberships in Steem Basic Income.

This week’s sponsors are

The Freewrite House - But it could be you!

We are open and willing to accept sponsorship for any of our contests!


  • 1 SBI unit

  • 2 x 100% upvote from the Freewrite House

Winners are chosen by random drawing.

  • We want to make it super easy for you. Your task is to tell us in the comment section about one - or more- freewrite poems of others you have read in the last week you really liked.
  • Not your own!!
  • Please make sure to search beyond the #freewritepoetry and #freewritepoetrydigest tags. Not all poets use them and we want to find them all!!!
  • Check the comment section of the Daily Prompt @mariannewest and you will find many.

Please make sure that the poem you recommend was inspired by a freewrite!

Remember the comment must be at least 50 words long - no upper limit!

In an ideal world, you also give that person a nice upvote - but we are not going to check on that.

Basically, to be entered into the drawing, all you need to do is tell us about a Freewrite poem you really liked and why.

The Rules

This is what you have to do for your chance to win:

  • Find a Freewrite Poem
  • Leave us a comment as specified above
  • The comment must have at least 50 words
  • We will let you know if your comment is accepted and give you a number.

Here are a couple of free word count tools:

At 8 PM Pacific time the Saturday after the publishing of this post, we will close the contest and draw the winner through a random number generator.

The winner will be announced and sponsored soon after.

Finding a Freewrite Poem

If you are not familiar with the daily freewrite prompt and the many wonderful writers who produce the most amazing 5-minute (or sometimes much longer) Freewrites, go to @mariannewest and look for the prompt. The graphics look like this


In the comments, you find lots of links to all kind of Freewrites and Freewrite poems. We are asking the poets to use the #freewritepoetry or #freewritepoetrydigest but not all do. Search high and low for those wonderful poems.

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I think @d00k13 had as much fun writing his poem as he did making his cookies. The cookies he makes have a fun design but no cookie cutter is needed. I have never made these cookies but I have eaten them, and they are delicious. Read his fun poem to find out what kind of cookies he makes.


Ahaha that I did!

Thanks for the entry my friend 💪

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My pleasure! : )

Wow..... Steemzuela Ventest - Fables from Venezuela - English and Spanish! That sounds so good... We must write, think and learn about Venezuela's situation.... The next country may be yours...

Greetings from Venezuela ♥


You said it!! Should be coming very soon....


I wait anxiously for that new space of expression... For now, I invite you all to read some post about Venezuela in my blog

I have been running around helter skelter as usual with unexpected surprises that life brings, not always pleasant. The last couple of days maybe a little extra than the usual. Then I told myself, today I must read some FreeWrites and I came across this poem from and Bam, it was almost like a fragment of my thoughts.I loved the message but what I loved more was the prompt that brought it on. Oh yes... give me some of that!! Thank you for putting a smile on my face @wakeupkitty :D


You are welcome, glad I was able too. Needed one myself too

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I found a first ever #freewrite poem from @owasco tonight on the prompt take care. She did an excellent job on these verses as she described why we need to take care of ourselves, because nobody can do that better than yourself. She wants us to be happy and healthy, this is a must read. 👍👍

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I really enjoyed by @tobetada! It had just enough of a children's rhyming feel, ala Shel Silverstein, to evoke that sense of childhood that was its subject matter, but plenty of gravitas to tell us that it is a poem about being a child, not a poem for children.