Freewrite Favorites! Volume #36

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I start with @shanedustin. He is a great writer and in crook"Chapter 7" it is Matt Stone we meet.
Who is Matt Stone? Just a rich guy who loves to chase, buy and dump women? A married guy who needs to know women still do find him attractive or is he some kind of pervert sniffing at their (red) scarfs?
One thing is for sure he has a lot to hide and he is as scared as hell his wife will find out and he will bring shame over his family! ~ @wakeupkitty




I'm glad I waited on suggesting my favorite #freewrite this week as I just found a fun one that had me on pins and needles. @mr-neil wrote about a football game that was tied 1-1 with 20 minutes left. Evidently the football games are tyed to the National Lottery and if there are 8 ties in a day, the lottery pays big dividends (Prompt of the day). You'll have the read the rest of his story to find out what happened. I'm not a story spoiler. 😁 ~ @wonderwop




Oh this one is brutal - but well written - beautifully written! How did I not see it last month?? I'd have nominated it for the Weekly Favorites, resteemed, all that.
This reminds me of Vikings on Netflix: Most of his captured brothers had been sacrificed many moons ago to whatever gods these barbarians believed in. He barely understood their tongue, let alone their crazy talk of the obscure god that demanded such folly... I've read a history of the real-life Vikings, and archeologists confirm human sacrifices on the Isle of Man, and who knows how many other places. HOW can people come to believe murder is a sacrifice that will appease their gods?????? Gaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!
Splendid story, brutal, and all too believable.
I know now who would be my ideal co-author. @marie-jay is not squeamish about torturing her protagonist! And what great plotting. You have really grown and developed your writing skills. You know how book critics say "This is an an author to watch"? You are on your way to great things! Keep writing!!!! ~ @carolkean


has a captivating voice, a fantastic imagination, rich archetypal themes and classic storytelling. This piece is her most polished and professional yet, and it's such a gem, I would publish it in an anthology or e-zine, in a heartbeat! WELL DONE!



It is his weekendfreewrite story and I will never, ever forget this one! Life can be full of surprises and full of shit, especially if you are left behind in a cold, nearly empty room with a bowl with some kind of porridge and a bucket full of .... What exactly is hiding in that bucket?
What would you do if someone asks for your help? A person that never really existed, only you knew as you were still a little kid? ~ @wakeupkitty




Well, I just had to look in the bushwhacked prompt post to see what people thought of it besides me. Most of us were perplexed!
I like @deemarshall's freewrite for relating it to her cat (after she looked it up!)
"I'd heard the word somewhere but that's all."
Hahahaha! I would like @mariannewest to write a post about how she found this word. Does she flip pages in a dictionary and point randomly?
Anyway, here's is my choice for a short but sweet take on our prompt for the day :) ~ @fitinfun




I recomend a freewrite by @carolkean bushwhacked. Now I know some of you were able to pull that one off but something in my brain went blank. Carol had me sitting on the edge of my seat through her story as she provided great description and I really felt that I was there. Her skill really comes through in a five-minute freewrite and the ending left me going wait....what.... who's going to win??!! Check her out! @wandrnrose7




The Weekend FreeWrite Prompts, as usual, threw the curveballs and @byn caught each beautifully. This story has you on the edge. You can feel the terror but it is nothing compared to when you find out what's actually going on and how it's about to end. When you realise, the things you heard may be nowhere close to what you are about to experience. When you find out, no one is going to save you and you may be lost in the darkest part of hell forever... ~ @kaerpediem



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Always a privilege to be nominated for this. Thank you

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Thank you for the kind words and the nomination, @wandrnrose7!! I'm off now to read all these other freewrites. Thanks everyone at @freewritehouse for making this community so fun to be a part of!

Thanks for the nomination. The freewritehouse is awesome.

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Some fine #freewrites again this week. Great job. 👏