Poetry Digest - Eleventh Edition

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Poetry Digest - Eleventh Edition

Welcome back to the freewrite Poetry Digest brought to you by @wandrnrose7.

We are officially experiencing Summer here in Pennsylvania. I don't know of this is true of many of our readers as not everyone experiences the four Seasons, however, I believe climate plays a big role in our creative muse. I tend to react to Spring very differently than Summer, and Fall more than winter brings different poetic muse than Winter. Just like the environmental changes effect mood, the seasons of our souls can inspire very different poetry from our hearts.

In Celebration of Summer here, we are adding an additional poetic muse. You may pair it with the daily word prompt found here:

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Or use it alone. Please link your Summer poems in the comments so we can read and enjoy. They can be about the environment or your emotional journey. Let the beauty of freewriting guide your muse!

Please continue to share your freewrite poetry with the #freewritepoetrydigest tag. Check in regularly for our next Freewrite Poetry Digest!

Here are some of our favorite selections.

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@jyezie creates a simple and beautiful poem and shares lovely images inspired by the prompt herbs. Welcome to the digest!

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@whatisnew brings us both delightful poetry and educational information in this poem about the catapillar inspired by the weekend single prompt freewrite option. (This poem is past payout. Please upvote a newer poem to reward the author)

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Please welcome Spanish freewriter @kkarenmp to the digest. Her poem inspired by herbs is hauntingly beautiful and written in both Spanish and English.

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Please welcome another one of our Spanish freewriters to the digest, @darruiz. This beautiful poem was crafted using the prompt wood.

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Here is the English translation from Google Translate.




you emerge from the tree

more beautiful.

With you man

transform your environment

turning everything.


if you get wet

you deform


if you burn

you will be coal

Or ash

that returns to earth.


you are the splinter

that sticks

like the nail in your skin.



In your arms

The son of God died.

Wood you gave me:






and what to believe.

I hope you enjoyed these poems. If the poem is past payout, please find a recent post to share a vote and comment to support these lovely poets!

A vote on an expired post does go back to the reward pool and has no benefit to you or the author.

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Please tag us with #freewritepoetrydigest so we can find your work!! And if you see a piece of freewrite poetry of a fellow freewriter which really speaks to you, leave us a link in the comments.

Happy poetic writing!

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Thank you very much for the honor of reading my poem translated into English. What a privilege. Thank you for this initiative to inspire us to write every day.


Thank you for writing!!!

These are great selections. Thanks for pointing them out to us. Congratulations 👏 to all the writers.


Thank you for being a faithful reader and poetry digest supporter, @wonderwop!

Thank you so much! What an honor! : )


We are so proud and happy that you are one of the freewriters!!


Aw, what a beautiful thing to say! Thank you! I am happy to be writing and very proud to be a part of this amazing, talented, loving community. Hugs!