Freewrite Over 20 Club Invite - My Showcase Post

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I’m so happy to be invited to join the Over 20 Club from @freewritehouse, #freewrite and @mariannewest. I have done more than 20 freewrites, so I am qualified!

I have been working on a project to do more training and coaching to help people on Canva, and just recently got all my freewrite posters in one file. Here they are if I found them all.

freewrite posters fitinfun.PNG

I started freewriting in October 2017 after Marianne bugged me several times. I originally did not want to do them at all and thought I had enough on my plate. I only did the first one because Marianne is my friend and I wanted to support her effort. I was so wrong to hesitate! I have gotten so much out of writing my freewrites.

Freewrite gives me:

  • a post I can do when I’m tired
  • a post I can do when I can’t think of anything to post
  • a post that makes me think outside my box
  • a post with a ready-made title - I love this feature!
  • a post I can do when I need to post but the post I am working on is taking too long
  • a post I can do quickly – from start to finish, with the poster – freewrite takes me less than 30 minutes
  • wonderful active steemians to be connected with who visit my posts, comment, and upvote
  • interesting, funny, heartwarming, and pulled from the heart writing of other freewriters – to read, and to compare with my own effort.

Freewrite has taught me:

  • how to focus
  • how to write quickly
  • how to free associate and come up with something to say on any crazy topic.

I looked backwards on my blog and chose posts with low payouts that I liked to present in this showcase. It was very interesting to read them this week and I definitely like some more than others.

Day 157 Before Midnight

freewrite Before midnight fitinfun.jpg

“Luckily for me and my odd timing, I live in Bangkok where I can always go out the door and get food or go shopping.”

This post is about my life in Bangkok when most people I communicate with are many hours behind my time.

Day 131 Solitude

freewrite solitude fitinfun.jpg

"One reason I love Thailand is because no one cares what I'm doing."

I discuss my solitary, nomadic life in this post.

Day 124 Snake

freewrite snake fitinfun.jpg

"If people call you a snake it is not a compliment."

I thought of all the definitions for the word “snake” and found none to be complimentary or positive. Boy, was I wrong! My commenters set me straight on this one.

Enjoying my Freewriting Adventure

I usually do a 1-3 freewrites each week and go back to visit the prompt post to see who else is writing about the topic. Watching the number of freewriters grow so fast has been wonderful. I have made a lot of friends at freewrite and I know I will meet new, talented steemers over there each time I visit. Freewrite has been a real bright spot for me on steemit and I am very grateful it is here.

before and after stomach poster fitinfun.jpg

Nothing at fitinfun would be possible if I still weighed 275 pounds. If you are ready to kick your excuses to the curb and be done with obesity, just ask me, and I will help to do this too.


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Feel the same about freewrite
Congratulations @fitforfun 😊

I am so glad that you joined the freewriters :) and that you did this post ❤️

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Nice showcase! I agree with your fantastic list of what freewrites give you. Those are more or less the same reasons for which I do it :)

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