5 min Writing Prompt "If you have any thoughts, please let me know" #freewrite

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After asking his first question, the reporter pointed his microphone at the rock. Actually, it wasn't the reporter's mic, but a special one that had been designed by the head researcher, Vaslov.

The reporter waited. No response from the rock. Vaslov grunted, "Try again. It takes time."

From behind the crowd of media and cameras, McMurray skulked in the shadows. He was the mathematician who had approved Vaslov's calculations. But now that they were all here trying to do this thing, he had to admit: he hadn't really known. Vaslov's version of mathematics had been beyond his understanding, and so he had just told everyone what they wanted to hear.

"If you have any thoughts, we'd really like to hear them." The reporter said, pointing the mic back at the rock.

Vaslov corrected him. "She doesn't understand the concept of 'we'. You have to phrase it in the singular."

The reporter looked at Vaslov and tried again. "If you have any thoughts, please let me know."

Still nothing. Slowly McMurray slipped away from the crowd and let himself out of the room.

After several more minutes everyone gave up. As they were packing their things Vaslov ranted and fumed.

"You fools! I tell you that rocks have thoughts!"

No one listened. And so shortly afterwards the room was empty, save for the rock: sitting there, still and silent.

Biding her time.

Written in five minutes from the writing prompt, "If you have any thoughts, please let me know" as part of the #freewrite exercise. Image is also by me. You can view the prompt here and check out the other entries; they're all really… quite… thoughtful (I'm tired today, cut me some slack). Thanks to @mariannewest for creating and running this daily entertainment of brain derangement .


I applaud your call to OriginalWorks! Now I'm off to question my rock collection.

Today I'm stepping in for Marianne.

Ever since I started getting clever with @OriginalWorks they've been slower on the draw and stingy with the upvotes. Pretty precious for a bot...

Hmm...it doesn't like you being cute? 😞 I remember seeing the original works is sleeping and that @OriginalWorks2 is now taking over, maybe that's why? I may be way off...

Gahh! It just burned me because of the prompt phrase!

Here's to hoping that your reply gets them to fix the glitch. What's really strange is, like you said, you didn't use that phrasing and others have, myself included and the bot worked fine for us. (Look at you finding a way that something is broken.) 😟

I did use the phrase in my story, but ironically I wasn't trying to be the author of that part - because it was provided by the contest. Semantics and bots; but thanks for being supportive. I probably explained things in confused manner, too.

Ha! I just reread what I typed after reading your comment and realized that I should check my comments better before posting them, sorry about that. You explained yourself fine. I am a dingbat. I simply should have said that I agree. Sheesh.

Hey @OriginalWorks , how do you like this story? If you have any thoughts, please let me know.

Cute! Trying to come up with some thought for you.
... not yet....

The @OriginalWorks bot has upvoted and checked this post!
Some similarity seems to be present here:
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The similarity is the prompt phrase for the freewrite:" if you have any thoughts, please let me know", which is ironically the only part that I didn't write. Because it's the prompt. That's what I get for being cute with it on my call out.

I like it! I liked the name Vaslov. I also tend to use those kind of names, as I did on my freewrite today.


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