Freewrite: "If you have any thoughts, please let me know."

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"If you have any thoughts, please let me know," whispered Dr. Irina Kravosky to her patient, with a maternal voice that encompassed care, sadism, and reassurance all at once.  She was fond of Mrs. Daisy, and empathetic with her request to remove all thoughts of her ex husband from her brain.

Mrs. Daisy had gone through a hell of a divorce for the last two years.  It cost her a fortune to fight with her once love-of-her-life to decide who kept Fido and who got the silverware.  She was done with it, and she finally listened to her sister's advice about Dr. Kravosky.

"She is just the best surgeon out there at removing unpleasant thoughts.  It's like Lasik. She makes tiny incisions in your brain in the right spots to erase the ugly memories."

Mrs. Daisy put a lot of effort in trying to properly answer Dr. Irina's question. She searched long and hard, to see if she had any thought.  

"Well, that's a thought," she said to herself between her teeth.  But she did not dare say it out loud, because there was no other thought left in her.

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Get liberated and freewrite too!  Look up @mariannewest to see how her creative genius got half of us to write freely and on command for 5 minutes a day]

This post goes hand in hand with my previous one:

If you have any thoughts, please let me know.


hmm some kind of medical malpractice?

Hahaha! Maybe that would be a great case of being liberated by too much thinking!

you got me there. lol

I am certainly one of those that waste way too many brain cells on too much thinking. Not good. Hopefully I will find my Dr. Kravosky eventually.

I just hope that doctor will not take all your memories too. hehehe

If the end result is peace of mind, that would be very tempting.....

Oh, I love it!! did you submit it to the 300 word story? I hope so!!

Oh, just because you mentioned, I did. Thank you!!!

Ahh and would we, should we, take this path? Great job!

I am a subscriber of that path. And, thanks so much!!

You're very welcome.

Thanks for your submission. The skill required here to enter into the story-300words was to write a fiction story in under three words. It's pretty hard to get a start, a plot and an ending into the 300 words. I think you have those elements in this story. Well done!

Thank you so much for your comment! Very sweet of you!

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