5 min Writing Prompt "Drive" #freewrite Serial Story ACT THREE Chapter Three

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They find the first of the three sisters at the break for the Eramosa, sitting cross legged on a patch of grass next to the river. As they approach her she looks up at them with an expression of depraved indifference.

"You should get out and drive," She hisses at them, "Don't you know that this is a highway, no river at all?"

She pulls back her hood to reveal the shorn stumps where her horns used to be. Simon recoils from the edge of the boat, but beside him the snake only laughs a sultry whisper.

"They are eating their own now…"

As they pass the woman, Simon looks on upriver, casting his mind to what awaits them. Here the surrounding woods have grown thicker, but he knows that before long these woods will give way to scrub grass, followed by vast stretches of desert. Desert and fire.

"Pave your way!" Cackles the abandoned sister, her voice lost in echoes across the river's softly undulating surface.


This has been the 3rd Chapter of ACT THREE for my ongoing #freewrite serial story.


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Written in five minutes from the writing prompts, "Drive" as part of the #freewrite exercise. Image is by me as well. You can view the prompt here. Be sure to take a spin on by to some of the other free writes. Thanks to @mariannewest for creating and managing this ever lengthening highway of morphemic destinations .

Writing and images by Greg McCann, the author of this post and owner of this Steemit Channel. To view more of my work, please visit www.fireawaymarmot.com.


It was crazy! I was sitting here taken hits from the pipe, writing some freewrites and BAM! I got hit with a hot potato! And it is really hot! So what I'm doing to get rid of it is grabbing a sling-shot, aiming, and OH! Not sorry you got hit. (love your story on Drive too!)


If you're wondering what it's all about, @freewritehouse started throwing a hot potato! Don't get caught with it or you'll have to clean up after the party.

Go read another freewrite and pass it on to that writer in the comments! Also, yes, I really read your freewrite. Here's the link to the contest announcement:https://steemit.com/freewrite/@freewritehouse/hot-potato-an-over-20-club-game

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