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If you are like me and many others who know very little about the detailed mechanisms of blockchain tech (and related FinTech), but want the general overview of what is happening, so you can then determine for yourself, how it impacts your life, research it further, and if you want to invest in it?

Consider how influential Amazon and eBay became.
Remember how those corporate startups snowballed into powerhouses (with banks' seed money of course)...

Another important consideration:
eBay and Amazon both restrict some emerging markets (maybe? India, Russia, China ...) from participating in online exchanges and international commerce because they require citizens to have a bank account, credit cards or other external forms of payment before they can be used.
In other words, even as BRICS and the G20 attempts to sugar coat the problem of the globalists' power status with inclusiveness and multipolar policies, the cashless-digital-economy is being methodically implemented worldwide where all citizens must have a bank account.

IMAGINE bypassing all of that with blockchain tech and cryptocurrencies!

I can imagine power players like HSBC, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Bank for International Settlements, U.S. Treasury Department, Federal Reserve, et al. are using borders, and trade agreements for their own gains in their globalization agenda - of course this is my speculation, mine only.
But if you are a free thinker that want REAL FREE TRADE and not the fake globalists' version that emerges from central planers, secret meetings and secret deals, then only to be rammed down the citizens throat without public readings, public scrutiny, public input, and without voters agreement in public referendums, what would you speculate?

What are the creative entrepreneurs in emerging markets to do, what tech will they seek?

Yeah, blockchain and cryptocurrencies looks to me to be a worldwide trending phenomena!
Simultaneously it is being funded by... ?

Can you imagine a lot of businesses and entrepreneurs in foreign lands wanting to launch these technologies?
If a large segment of the people on earth don’t have access to almost instant digital financial services, should that disqualify them from participating with or creating their versions of online markets? Should it restrict them from blockchain tech and cryptocurrencies?
Look at India's demonetization policy - I smell rotten fish... doesn't it smell a lil' bit fishy to you?

If you are a globalist or oligarch your solution may easily be to restrict the world to the monopoly monetary system and transition into a cashless digital economy, with cryptocurrencies as the gateway-drug...

The above are not popular ideas (not even by alt media) these are some of my considerations after I thought about this 21st century FinTech trend and asked what is BitBay?
Even though I don't think blockchain tech is a solution or the world's savior tech, it is none-the-less a current worldwide phenomena that I am watching.
My speculations are separate from my conclusions - conclusions must be based on facts.
I trust you are aware of this distinction and my commitment to keep them separate and clearly identified.

I have made no conclusions about cryptocurrencies.
However, I do consider what role(s) central banks had and continue to have in engineering civilization for the 21st century...
Written by @ronmamita

If you have an Internet connection, you can use BitBay to buy and sell products directly with people from anywhere in the world.

BitBay is a free software program that provides the security you need to protect all of your online transactions, especially at places like Craigslist, Hoobly and eBay Classifieds. It removes any centralized services from online transactions and allows buyers to interact directly with sellers safely and securely.
BitBay takes power away from the mega-corporations like Amazon and eBay that are reaping huge profits by taking a percentage of every transaction and hands all the power back to you, the consumer. It simply allows two parties to engage in trade without having to rely upon a “pay-to-play” centralized network that has questionable security and integrity.

...For more details click:

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Why Go Beyond eBay and Amazon?

We have a good international sales volume through eBay and Amazon, but only in those countries where eBay and Amazon are strong. They are by no means the top ecommerce sites in every country. In China, for example, eBay and Amazon are very small. In France the market is fragmented: CDiscount, Priceminister and others are big players up alongside Amazon and eBay (we tried Priceminister and it didn’t really work for us – but that’s another story).

So if you sell internationally only through Amazon and eBay, there will be many countries that you cannot access to their full potential.

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Great post, I recently found out about bitbay, it is very cool indeed.


Thanks for the upvote and comment!

Damn globalists..I believe in crypto for this very same purpose
Imma check this out, thank you ✌


I know it makes you sick to the stomach, to imagine they are so deviously far ahead with hands in your blockchain wallet!

The federal reserve has a cryptocurrency test, as do China and others...
I posted about the central banks' preparations to implement blockchain tech for national cryptocurrencies - banksters are master financial wizards they have considered engineering the digital economy into existence for a long time and the evidence shows this.

Let me know if you can't find my post about central banks issuing cryptocurrencies.

Thank you so much for showing interest in BitBay! I am a member of the core team and like to follow up on any attention we receive, we very much appreciate the shout out.

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Again, thanks for the press! We're scaling up and aim to greatly increase brand awareness in the second half of 2017.