Update on Adam Kokesh in Jail

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We would like to thank everyone who participated in the call flood yesterday and let you know we have not been in contact with Adam since yesterday around noon. We have no reason to believe that he’s been harmed, and the phones were acting strange the previous two days- dropping calls and sending us to different prompts. Also there are large fires in the county that could be causing issues as well. Right now all we can do is wait, I’m afraid. Please stay tuned for more updates.



-Cody Adams (Outgoing Communications Director)


Thanks for the update; I posted something about an hour ago, requesting this and asking some other questions. https://steemit.com/adam/@steemir-app/adam-kokesh-update . Plus there is someone else who actually went out there yesterday and spoke to the Sheriff and has it all on video: https://steemit.com/adam/@disenthrall/4ckb74lk

No problem, thank you for the links!

Hope Adam is okay. What a shame. Do let me know when you finally contact him, please.

Keep strong Adam!!

Here's another you may want to resteem; looks like these 2 guys went out to the county cage to confront the criminals running the place: https://steemit.com/adam/@gavinseim/people-showing-up-at-the-jail-for-adam-kokesh

Seems like this article just got upvoted by bots not by anyone really watching; anyone really interested should watch this dtube video by : https://steemit.com/adam/@disenthrall/4ckb74lk This guy @disenthrall went out there and put the screws to that Sheriff.. not sure why his video hasn't gone viral yet... GO WATCH IT

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Hopefully he gets released.

Yes we hope so too!

Hope everything's all right, and as we all expect, I'm also worried.

I am sure it is!

yaah!We have no reason to believe that adamkokesh been harmed! we will wait?
we support you!

thx for updates

You would think that if they have fires to put out that they would let Adam go.

Complete bullshit. Very frustrating, that people in costumes can kidnap anyone they please for any reason and all the sheep do is talk. And yes I am a sheep too.

Thanks for the update. Is there anything else we can do to help Adam or y'alls campaign at this time?

I hope he gets out soon!

Keep up the fight!