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Today Patrick visits the cage Adam Kokesh is currently being held captive in for victim-less crimes. Wise county Sheriff Lane Akin gets set straight on victim-less crimes.

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Nice good reporting. Hopefully we will be free someday!!

Wow, excellent interview. You were lucky to get him to come up to you, otherwise we would have missed a great insight into the morality of the law enforcement. Of course he hadn't bargained on being asked such pertinent questions, lol. I frequently wonder how people justify the evils they commit and how they can sleep at night. Unquestioning obedience is his job, a great candidate for automation. I don't think he's a good person, just look at the shifty eyes when he was pushing that $6000 bribe. He's in the racket and he knows it. He would also enforce slavery, he indirectly said that when he stated he enforces the laws because they're laws. Congratulations Patrick on exposing the hypocrisy. I hope your video goes viral. Upovoted and resteemed and followed!

" shifty eyes when he was pushing that $6000 bribe" ... he was even eye-balling the camera, saying that was worth $6000.. what a crook; like some mugger on the street... "give me your watch, and I'll let him go"

haha, very true, that was so obvious!!

Thank you for the kind words. You could tell he had never thought about such things before. I enjoyed popping his ethical cherry on camera for everyone. lol

I protested on Texas page on FB and rated 1 star! Total injustice!

It's such a disgrace when a quest for freedom, and peaceful activism is met with such sinister behavior. The Mafia looks like a bunch of Kindergarten kiddies compared to those that rule over us. A great interview, thanks for posting.

Just wanted to give Adam credit for getting me to join Steem. I had been following him on youtube for years. I look forward to learning more about this platform. Adam's recomendation carried alot of weight in my decision. Thanks!

Ballsiest video I have seen so far... AWESOME questions... not sure why your video has not gone viral yet... awesome content, great questions... you had him run away, he wouldn't answer... he knew the answer! Wicked cool man!

Great video Patrick. Thank you, i wish you all the best on your journey bro.

Thank you sir.

We need to get the next president out of jail! Fuck the government. :D

"But it was law..." Nicely played.

Please watch my very short video on law. I would like to clear up some confusion surrounding this issue. Thanks in advance!

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Great work Patrick! Although Bitcoin is useless for donations now, it would take $20 in fees for anyone to donate to that address; you may want to create a Bitcoin Cash address and get rid of that Bitcoin address, for people that want to donate a few dollars; nobody is going to want a $20 fee on their donation

BCH Addy: 1JHUq93aobLBunhXc2G5d2yeXVSRTymvUD

Thank you. Great point. I'll get a new address up shortly.

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He struck me as just another indoctrinated drone; he just avoided answering anything uncomfortable; and when then he diverted saying that he "never would have had to enforce slavery because it wasn't the law", which wasn't true, and it wasn't even wasn't even the question... the question was that if slavery was law would he enforce it... he couldn't answer, although he actually did answer in his own head, he just was too much of a coward to admit it.

Agreed. A coward who wanted to intimidate, that was the only reason I can see for him coming to Patrick. Boy did he ever meet his match! A bully eager to trample those who can't defend themselves but running with tail between his legs when confronted.

And when Patrick said "I'm running for NOT Governor", the "sheriff" didn't even hear him, he thought he said "running for governor"... because it didn't even compute, he couldn't process it! ROFL So funny how he goes off into this diatribe about "that in this system there are different parts... the judge, etc" .. what difference that make? LOL.. in the mafia there are different parts too, there are the henchmen, the dons, the capo, the crews, etc..

LOL. It will take some time for people to catch up to the NOT, some never will. I guess Adam didn't educate him about the Not president yet. My guess would be, he'd never have the courage to talk to Adam.