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In 1717, Francois-Marie Arouet was arrested for writing a satirical poem about the king of France and religion titled, La Henriade. He was promptly imprisoned in the Bastille. Upon his release from this prison he said, “I thank your royal highness for providing me with food, but I hope you will not hereafter trouble yourself with my lodging.” (Ancient and Modern Freethinkers, Bradlaugh)This man went on to rename himself Voltaire. His literary works are celebrated to this day as masterpieces. Not only is he loved for those works but also for his wit and comments on the politics and religion of his time. Voltaire is credited for helping to influence the French people to rebel against their oppressive monarchy.

During the American attack on Ticongaroga, an important victory in the American Revolution, Ethan Allen was quoted saying, “Come out of there you damned British sons of whores,” as he and his Green Mountain Boys captured the fort. He later went on to become one of the most successful generals of the American Revolution. (Nature’s God, The Heretical Origins of the American Republic, Stewart) He was described by Herman Melville as, “a wild beast; but a royal sort… His spirit was essentially Western, and herein is the peculiar American tradition.” Allen also stripped naked at a trial when the British hauled him in for his activities. He was also the founder of Vermont.

In American culture, we hold rebellion and revolution in high regard. Our culture loves those who speak their mind and push back at control. This is easily exemplified in music. Our musical heroes are Elvis, Jim Morrison of The Doors, Hank Williams Jr., Marilyn Manson, Axel Rose of Guns N’ Roses, Madonna, 2-Pac, Kurt Cobain of Nirvana, and Lady Gaga. The list goes on and on. We want our heroes to be edgy and controversial.

This is no less true in politics. Donald Trump based his campaign on attacking the establishment. As we have seen, this was all just campaign rhetoric, as libertarian leaning GOP Rep. Justin Amash Tweeted early last year- “It didn’t take long to drain @realDonaldTrump. No shame, Mr. President. Almost everyone succumbs to the D.C. Establishment.” We all knew Trump was fake, but he had to play up a rebellious nature to get votes.

Most politicians run on being “an outsider.” Bernie Sanders ran as a rebel. Even John McCain called himself “a maverick.” Time and time again, politicians claim to stand for those traditional American qualities of rebellion, revolution, and individualism. In many cases this is nothing but theatre designed to get votes.

I have seen a few exceptions that have held office, Ron Paul, and Thomas Massie of Kentucky in the GOP, or Dennis Kucinich, a Democrat. Of course, there are many people running for office in the Libertarian Party seeking a real shift in politics. They are seeking renewed focus on individual liberty and returning the power back to the people.


One of those people is Adam Kokesh. Adam is cut in the mold of Voltaire, and Ethan Allen. He, today, is in jail because of unjust laws and unethical policemen. Just like Voltaire, his response to this is wit and refusal to submit to the yolk of slavery. He stands and says NO! in the face of oppression. Boldly, he refuses to submit. Like Ethan Allen, he has taken the fight for freedom to the authority and takes action to make change for the liberty of us all.

It certainly cannot be said that he is faking it, like so many other contemporary politicians. As a media personality and activist, his entire life is broadcast on Youtube, Dtube, podcasts, and many other outlets. We have seen him dance at the Jefferson Memorial, and load a shotgun on the National Mall. We have seen him put a mic in the face of political figures and ask those questions they do not want to answer.

I have seen many people attacking Adam for just these qualities. They say we need to vet our candidates, or that he is too extreme. Many who sit behind their keyboards while he is out there taking action question him. I have heard thousands of times how the Libertarian Party needs someone to standout. If I hear, “we need someone who can attract millenials,” from some of these people less than a minute from saying Adam is too “edgy,” I think my head will explode. They say we need this or that throw away that cannot win in the GOP. If they cannot win in the GOP and are not Libertarian, why the hell do we want them?

So, is Adam edgy or dangerous? YES! Thank God! He is dangerous to those who are stripping away natural rights. He is absolutely edgy, and controversial. I certainly prefer “edgy” to “boring”. I love Gary Johnson, but I could have taken a nap through his entire candidacy. He was not able to break double digits against Trump, and Hillary.

Adam is the real deal. It has been said that I am following him. That is, obviously, a silly statement. If you read or watch anything he has done, he consistently pushes everyone to think for themselves and be an individual. So we, as Libertarians, need to stand for what we say we do. We need to be rebels like those founding fathers so many of us quote and feel inspired by. We need revolutionaries for our time. There are many, but I know of only one asking the Libertarian Party to Localize Government. His name is Adam Kokesh, and again, for the record he is EDGY.

-Marcus Pulis (Press Secretary)


"I love Gary Johnson, but I could have taken a nap through his entire candidacy" - same!

edgy >>> boring

This post was UBER edgy for me... $6.66 worth of upvotes! Devilish.

If only I had been earlier and possibly seen $4.20... Let's hope for $420! :D

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When I first heard that Trump was not liked by the MSM, I was thinking that if they really did not like him then I should vote for this guy. However, I was never really convinced that they really resented him. Now with Adam being arrested hours after announcing his run for president shows that TPTB really do fear him. And for me anyways shows that this is the guy I should stand behind and vote for. BTW, I am proud to say that I did not cast a vote in this last presidential election (thanks to a Larken Rose comment or video that I saw the day before the election). You can say that I voted for "nobody for president"

Thanks! In 2020, by voting for me, you will actually be able to vote for no one to be President. BTW, it's also telling that despite massive online coverage, we've had a complete blackout with national MSM.

I know I have been following. Adam, keep up the good work and I am glad to see you out of that situation. My prayers are with you.

Cody Wilson and Adam Kokesh
Edgy AF and should do a collaboration
Adam frees the people and Cody arms them!

I love Cody! We are already working together on this campaign and he is helping with our operation in Texas.

That's Awesome! Thanks for replying; keep up the good work!

Thank You Marcus Pulis, Press Secretary! Very well written and very true. Yes, Adam is a Leader, he is NOT a Ruler and doesn't want to rule anyone. He walks the walk and he talks the talk. He is not doing this for money for those claiming he used bail money for other things. I know after he watched Cliven Bundy spend 700 days or so in jail, he felt guilty for taking a plea agreement for the event in Freedom Plaza. The system is broken not just in Texas. Government is #OUTOFCONTROL and a worldwide epidemic. Government is the problem and B.A.R. Attorney's which all Judges belong to the BAR. They write all the "laws" and use LEO's (police officers) to "Enforce" their laws. It is the largest gang in the world. I think Adam is a great representative of the Libertarian Party. He has a great campaign team and this Texan is beside him all the way because he is #EDGY! #Freedom4All #FreeAdamTexas

cant imagine I only knew Voltaire for his views on politics and religion, not knowing he actually changed his name, ddnt even know he was arrested.. Thanks for the enlightenment

Did Adam get out of jail yet? How long can they hold him without charging him? Why don't you just bail him out?

I believe he is still in jail. He has enough bail money to get out using a bondsman, but then that money is gone forever. I believe he is refusing to pay the extortion fee and is remaining in jail as a form of protest.

Currently the US kidnaps you until you pay extortion fees called "bail". If you are too poor to pay the bail, you can be stuck in jail awaiting trial for months. This goes against the concept of innocent until proven guilty, and it highly favors imprisoning poor people longer than rich people.

He got charged with possession of weed and a control substance, which can also mean weed if he had it in any other form besides flower, like oil or wax or whatever it maybe.

I forgot what his bail was but it’s pretty high for the charges he received and if you watched his video being pulled over you can tell something was up with them(cops). I wish him the best and I hope he or his wife post an update on the situation soon. Also it would be dope if you or any outside factor paid for his bail I know that that would help me out if I was in his situation even if I wanted help or not.

How much is his bail? I will post it for 0% interest if I can afford it.

60,000 or close to that.

Adam Kokesh is the kind of person who rips off his donors by telling them he will use their money for one thing, and then using it for another.


I flagged this comment which is the first time I have ever flagged a post or a comment. This comment is untrue.

My comment is true, and the proof is in the link included in my comment, which you clearly did not bother to read or evaluate before flagging. I have firsthand experience dealing with Adam's bs, and I am far from the only one.

I am not a petty person so I will not flag your comment.

I read your article. First of all you're welcome for my view. It obvious that you are keeping track of traffic coming into your post. And your post, full of assumptions, was hard to read and take serious, as you are clearly distasteful.

Your whole post is petty. Maybe you’re not a petty person, but your post is. You write as if you have made some sort of breakthrough or have a scandal to report, but in reality you just have a bunch of open ended statements. I can go on, but I will not as I am not petty( see how it works).

As for you, my friend, I hope you get all the misplaced attention you seek in your post and in your life.

My post is full of documented facts about the financial malfeasance and recklessness of one Adam Kokesh.

Adam's father, Charles Kokesh, personally contacted me to request that I write an article exposing the malfeasance of Adam's employees.

I simply went beyond his request and, out of fairness to everyone involved and a great respect for the truth, documented everything about the entire situation.

Your ad hominem only discredits you.

If you think exposing the truth about someone who rips off their donors is petty, then I don't think there is any point in communicating with you further.

Integrity matters. Honesty matters. Values matter.

Especially for a person who wants to be president of the united states.

You are a known liar and you have no credibility. You promised legal support and abandoned me when I was in jail. Go away you pathetic worm!



Excellent. It does not take a genius to speak the TRUTH but I fear, these days, it takes one to decipher it. PEACE LOVE and FREEDOM brother. BE LOVE BE TRUE FOR THAT IS YOU.

They're complaining about Adam being edgy!? Good Gawd, the #1 brag point for the alt-right is that they're edgy. It can't be denied that their kind of "edgy" did vault them up from a small fringe to where they are in the Current Year.

You can disagree with the other guy's politics, even despise his positions, but neither need stop you from learning how he grabbed his mindshare.

appreciated sir. thanks

Great stuff

Great piece Marcus!

Nice history and hope to be seen him as front leader.