Hello Steemit Today I'm Looking For Undervalued Blogs From New Users, Who Derserve more votes. Please post your blogs in the comments.steemCreated with Sketch.

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Good Morning Steemit.

I hope you are all doing well this weekend?

Today I am looking for some good quality blogs to help new users get there blogs to pay, If you have a good quality blog that is original and you are pretty new here then please post your blog below in the comments, If I feel your blog is of a good quality I will promote it :)

I know starting out on here is not easy and have been asked to find a few blogs that need some vote help. I will be searching to find some but as you can understand I can't catch everyone's blog. Get the most out of steemit by taking advantage of this service.

Please do not submit intro blogs and try to submit original subjects.

Lets all go to the moon together!

Thanks for looking and be sure to submit your best blogs guys. Happy steeming all<3

Post all links you would like promoted, This is a free service to help undervalued bloggers, dont miss out.

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Thanks Frankabelle :) I'm just reading now.


You are welcome

A noble cause @nocrypto4oldmen.
So I've max uppy & re-steemd to help out.


Hello :) send me a newer one, just that one is 11days old.

This is the kind of community involvement that keeps me here throughout the disengenous Steem chasing that so often pulls me out of the better joys of the Steemit experience. So many fine people here who genuinly contribute quality content from the heart.

I look forward to seeing some of these new people. I wish that I had posts of my own worth recommending. But there are so many others who do sush a better job. And someone needs to comment and encouraging others. I'm glad to make that small contribution😃

Cheers to all you lovely people!

Thank you!