How many Minnow upvotes are needed to make 1000SBD?

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In order to start the analysis the data required is:

  • The Number of accounts [635,350];
  • The total steem power[187,907,664]
  • Average Minnow SBD [785]
  • Percent of Steem Power held by Minnows
  • Before I do the calculation lets see if all the minnows conbined can even make 1000SBD

    TotalMinnowSteemPower =(.87/100) 187,907,664

    NOPE it is impossible!!

    How many minnow account are required assuming that there is enough of them?

    To get 1000 SBD the amount of steem power required is around 2.5 Million . However, if every minnow did upvote with the over estimated value of 785 then the calculation goes as follows.

    2,500,000/785= 3185

    Some insight

    Voting power might seem unfair but I think it's justified. The whales are taking a risk by holding steem since although it's not a shit coin it is still volatile. It is unfair demand free money, the amount of work required from minnows is much more though. This is because there is no risk when you post, minnows don't have to worry about what the price of steem is every morning. That is not to say that sometimes a good post goes unrecognized. It happens very often when you are the bottom. I've seen some of my posts get 3 or 4 upvotes and then spike because a whale upvoted it. So What the numbers tell me is that it is more important to make the whales interested in your post. This requires originality, so the whole upvote for upvote or daily pictures won't work. Think of a whale upvote more like a sponsorship which requires original and high quality content. However, to contradict myself, sometimes the social aspect of Steemit is more important than the 0.02SBD you'll receive. Even if it a bad post there is a place for it on steemit, just no upvotes haha.

    End of Rant.

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